Canucks Big Trade

Brian Burke announced on Vancouver radio this last week that he was working on a “big trade.” The rumors around town include:

To Van: Doan, Suchy

To Pho: Sopel, Chubarov, Pick

To Van: Anson Carter, Pick

To NYR: Cooke / Chubarov, Sopel

To Van: Parrish, Martinek

To NYI: Chubarov, Sopel, Pick

In my experience, when you trends like this… there might be something to it.

*NOTE* The Canucks have now locked up every RFA that they had to sign.

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  1. Donovan says:

    None of them look on the verge of happening. Still though it could happen.

  2. hockey_man_018 says:

    I dunno, I know that the Canucks would be prepared to move Chubarov and give up a pick, and I would love to see Carter come back to a Canadian team, but I dont think that they would be prepared to move Sopel, he’s too big a part of their blue line, and his hair is AWESOME!

  3. PlayballK says:

    The Phoenix Coyotes – Vancouver Canucks deal won’t go down. Shane Doan is the cornerstone of the Phoenix Coyotes. Doan is a major reason that the ‘Yotes brought in Tyson Nash.

  4. leafs2003champs says:

    you like sopel because of his hair????????

  5. bruinfan37 says:

    WOW. That just shows that some people don’t use logical thinking. Yes, he only wants Sopel to stay on the Canucks because of his hair

  6. tinshark says:

    Those qualify as big trades? The only one that seems “big” is the Ansen Carter trade, and I doubt that NYR would do that one.

  7. still_fly72 says:

    That’s true the only huge name I see on here that’s known by everyone in the league is Cater. It is a possibility but I wouldn’t like to see Matt Cooke leave town just yet. Trading away Chubarov wouldn’t be a loss as the gain of Carter is too positive.

  8. aaron says:

    I thought the Carter trade was the smallest of the 3, actually…and the Rangers should do that one, it would be a steal.

  9. tinshark says:

    Looking over the stats, those three all seem like, more or less, the same player. I personally thing Carter has the most goal scoring potential, but really that amounts to nothing more than a hunch. As for the players the Canucks would give up:


    I know nothing about really but he doesn’t seem like he’ll be top 6 forward anytime in the next 2 seasons (when most likely the team would be dismantled).


    I’ve always felt this guy was a much better fantasy defenseman than a real one. I would be happy to retract if many of you feel otherwise.


    While any of these would be a good trade for VAN, they would still need a playmaking center to feed him the puck. Thus, not a big trade.

  10. WildWing89 says:

    Doan is the main reason, but Gretz just doesn’t like the kid. Wayne has quite a bit of influence down in Arizona, and may move him.

  11. NYRules says:

    Do u have a stick up your ass or somethin? I guess you couldnt tell that it was a joke.

  12. leafs2003champs says:

    ok I have been watching hockey for about 4 years now and I know ALOT ABOUT THE GAME almost 2 much but I dont know alot about the nucks they are 1 team I dont watch partly because we dont get alot of nucks games out here So I dont exactly know how good Mr. Sopel is. He. could be very good or not so good I dont know because like I said we dont get alot of nucks games here so I dont get to watch them very much.

  13. TheMinister says:

    Brian Burke “big” …

  14. TheMinister says:

    You’re right that Chubarov isn’t top two line material, and won’t be for a while. He might be like Prospal and take a few years, though I doubt he’ll be that high scoring.

    Sopel is frustrating to watch because he only has one speed… slow. However, he reads the plays so well, and knows when to shoot, when to pass and when to hit. He gets by mostly from good hockey sense and a hard, accurate slapshot.

    I believe that the idea is that the Canucks are trying to add a 2nd line RW for the Sedin. I also guess the idea with the D-man is that the Nucks already have one defensively suspect risk taker and don’t need a second, thus making Sopel replacable.

  15. Malurous says:

    Check the stats on this one. He’s -15 or something on a top-flight team playing with a solid pair and with a great line.

    Judgement: he sucks. Big time.

  16. EMikey says:

    The Ranger will not trade Anson Carter, so that deal won’t be happening.

  17. Aetherial says:

    Did the canucks not just sign Chubarov?

    Of course I guess they could have done that as a prelude to a trade?

  18. canuckmike says:

    Ya, Burke announced that the Canucks have signed Chubarov. It’s right on the home page for I don’t think Burke will trade him now…

  19. Lapointefan says:

    The Isles have been trying to trade for a 1st line scorer since the trade deadline.They’ve talked to the Blues about Demitra and TB about Modin this summer.No way do they trade Parrish’s 25-30 goals to get d-man Sopel and a prospect.Defense is the strongest part of their team with Hamrlik,Jonsson,Aucoin,Niinimaa,Martinek and Cairns as their top 6.And they have a very talented group of forward prospects with Nilsson,Chernyk,Weinhandl,Hunter,Mapletoft,Tunik,Papineau so I doubt they aret after 23 yr old forward prospect Chubarov.I think the Canucks are overating Sopel’s trade value expecting him to bring back a 25 goal scorer.When Ohlund was injured,Sopel’s struggled badly.What did he go -17 without Ohlund last season?

  20. aaron says:

    Carter’s pretty inconsistant though. Doan’s definately the best overall player of the bunch, while I think Martinek’s a pretty good young d man, isn’t he? (or am I thinking of someone else?)

    Yeah, probably not a big trade. But I’d view the Doan trade as a bigger trade than the Carter one.

  21. frezz says:

    what about satan he seems more likely to be put in a canucks uniform he wants out of buffalo and buffalo would be more intrested in someone like sopel more then otherteams. here is my suggestion for a trade sopel and a 1st or 2nd round pick for satan then to replace sopel singe tverdovsky and we have a much improved canucks team. satan would cost the nucks about 4 million and i think its well worth it so burke should definatly go for him

  22. frezz says:

    that comment makes me think brian burke doesnt use the word big to often in fact i dont think he ever has used the word big since he became the gm of the nucks.. my point is the trades that have been suggested in this article arent big at all a big trade would be bringing in doan and carter both or carter and satan. we cant really say what burke is up to but im sure he will give us nucks fans a big suprise before the season starts. i wouldnt count out a threeway deal folks

  23. HonusJoglund41 says:

    this is the dumbest rumor ive ever heard. according to you this is how each team ends up.

    VAN: Doan, Suchy, Carter, Parrish, and Martinek

    NYI: Chubarov, Sopel

    NYR: Cooke

    and finally

    PHO: NOTHING????

    What kind of stupid rumor is this? It seems unlikely that Phoenix will give up Doan and Suchy for NOTHING.

  24. PYCCKNN says:

    those were three separate rumors, not one big one. the author wrote “the RUMORS around town are…”

  25. defenestrate says:

    Finally, some progress towards “getting those holes filled”…..

  26. great_one98 says:

    i never finished the “holes that need filling” article that had the nucks….

  27. TheMinister says:

    Check my User info and go back…

  28. TheMinister says:

    Did I mention that Canuck fans also want some fresh meat, and like to pull their goalie…?

  29. TheMinister says:

    Oh… you’re one of those +/- guys… he sucked for about 20 games. Has more good qualities than bad.

    But I appreciate you calling the Canucks a top-flight team… never heard THAT before. Cool.

  30. TheMinister says:

    Well, you pretty much need to have a player signed to trade him and get something of value back. When does having a contract make someone unlikely to be traded?

  31. TheMinister says:

    Man, you’re dumb… Trevor and Cory dumb…

  32. defenestrate says:

    Oh no, he didn’t…………………

  33. TheMinister says:


  34. TheMinister says:

    If you look at all of the trades that Burke has done, the biggest might be the McCabe deal. Just to put it in perspective.

    Of course, maybe he’ll sign Lemeiux… for 1.2Mil.

    Actually, a three-weay deal might be the best.

    Not really a fan of Carter, but he’d be better than what we have. Would rather have Doan, but as PlayballK said Doan is the most expensive and the best option, I think.

  35. TheMinister says:

    Ummm… he’s not an untouchable or anytrhing.

    Since when did the Rangers get predictable or logical…

  36. TheMinister says:

    Sounds good to me.

    Only thing is I think Buffalo would want more than one average player back in return. And it would have to be a player that can score… now. Not a lot of those on the Canucks to spare.

  37. TheMinister says:

    For anyone wanting to be sure that Spector is a complete and total dumbass… check this out…on the rumors page. He made the same obvious mistake that HonusJoglund41 did.

    Did I really need to put “or” between everyone? God…

  38. TheMinister says:

    And I even spelled rumours, “rumors” for our less literate friends to the south… in keeping in line with theme of the web page…

  39. Slavik says:

    i dont know wether i should laugh or cry

  40. tyeekiller says:

    It is hard to tell what what Brian Burke has up his sleeve. We have seen him dig in his heels on player signings if the deal does not seem to have enough bang for the buck. Last year with Cassels and this year with Whitney.

    We also know that this team has potential that has a small window of opportunity. The time to make a push is now, not later. There is also suppose to be some money available.

    What are we going to see?

    Look for little movement and a second or third line center at 3 Million at the most to appear.

    Arnott from Dallas will be the guy. Dallas needs some assurance on defence, Sweeney is not Hatcher. The Canucks want another big power forward and dallas is stuck with Turgeon. I say they will give Turgeon and Young another try. The canucks will give up Allen and picks, or Sopel straight up.

    There you have it.

  41. wayne2 says:

    If he doesnt like him,send him to Ottawa,he would fit perfectly for us.Bonk + Schastlevy/Hnidy?

  42. great_one98 says:

    Check my user info and get back to me…

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