Canucks Depth Chart Takes Blow

I just read the article about how the Vancouver Canucks are pretty much the same team, but I think otherwise.

Of all the seasons in the past couple years, I think this team is the most different.
Although the defense is the same, the goaltending has changed with the addition of backup goaltender Alex Auld.

The key forwards have stayed the same but the depth that the Canucks had took a big hit this year.

Sanderson, Rucinsky, Lindgren, Kavanaugh, Reid, Pronger, Arvedsson, Blouin, Neilson, Eakins, Jokela, Obsut, Varlamov and possibly Keane and Fedorov have all left the organization for either retirement, another organization or europe. The losses of a lot of these players is a big blow to the depth of the Canucks and especially the minor league program that the Canucks had going.

New comers Heerma, DiPenta, Minard, Burrows, Flaherty, Goren, and Aitken will have to battle for spots on the farm team and possibly final spots on the Canucks roster.

Players such as King, Kesler, and Bouck have possibly all earned themselves a one-way ticket to Vancouver if there is a season due to the losses of Sanderson, Rucinksy, Arvedsson and Keane.

Although the core is the same, the depth and surrounding players are very different and will have to bring in some hope to the Manitoba Moose after the losses of key players.

Not only have the Moose lost a lot of star players but it is the Canucks loss too.


6 Responses to Canucks Depth Chart Takes Blow

  1. Darkhorse says:

    The Canucks are a disgrace. They are a team full of thugs with a thug for a coach. They never play fair. They mug and thug their way around the rink. Then, when they get the least bit slighted by the refs, they whine all over the place to say how unfair they get treated. That team has no goaltending and one line of players who choke come playoff time. Naslund is great in season but a choker when it counts. Bertuzzi is Bertuzzi…just a big dumb animal who can’t control himself. The twins….hahahahahahaha. Who do they really have? NOBODY!!!!!!! The only good thing that happened to the Canucks this season was the loss of Burke. He was an idiot.

  2. freshprince says:



    you obviousyl don’t know much abuot hockey, so i don’t think people care much about your opinion

  3. DarkPhoenix says:

    Darkhorse is a biased American and a biased Colorado fan. Don’t bother listening to him.

  4. Westcoastexpress says:

    Are you still crying about the Av’s losing the Northwest crown to the Canucks? You should be.

  5. Westcoastexpress says:

    I still think that the ‘Nucks have essentially the same roster as last season. Of all the players that you mentioned, only Keane played the whole season with the team. Arvedson was hurt, as was Lindgren. Rucinsky and Sanderson only played for the team from the deadline on, the other players were minor leaguers who only saw limited time with the big club if any at all. All these players are depth players and as such are easy to replace as the signings of the seven minor leaguers proves. The Moose weren’t very good last season and revamping their line up can only be a good thing. The Canucks lack of legitimate NHL prospects really shows when you look at the roster of the Moose. The ‘Nucks need to get some quality prospects or they will be in trouble in next few years.

  6. freshprince says:

    haha thanx for warning me!

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