Canucks goalie situation + Cooke Situation

The Canucks have an interesting situation going into the start of training camp. The have a fan favourite and world class agitator who is threatening at holding out. They have an absolute dogfight for the 6th spot on defence and they have three goalies, all who will want to play in the NHL. I think it is time we break this down.1. Matt Cooke:

Matt Cooke is the last remaining section of the Canucks core to sign and over on the west coast there is a constant battle about what he is worth. Most people seem to think he is worth less than 1M (these tend to be the same people who thought Ohlund would only take 1M). The middle group, where I belong, believe he should be in the 1-1.5 range. Cooke’s agent has been on the record saying he believes Cooke could earn upwards of 2 million dollars if he was on the open market. His agent has also said that if they had offered to make Cooke the fourth highest paid forward (currently Trevor Linden at $1.52M) then Cooke would be signed. With the majority of people not thinking he is worth that many trade rumours have popped up. According to many and various sources, the following has been offered by Cooke to other teams. Keep in mind, Vancouver has three 2nd round picks next year.


Cooke + 2nd round pick


Tom Poti

Apparently the Canucks brass is huge on Poti. Weird, because nobody else seems to be. If you are under performing so badly that even the rangers want to get rid of you then there is something wrong.


Cooke + 2nd round pick



With all of Arnason chemistry with Tuuomo Ruutu I don’t see this happening. Vancouver would love this deal though. Maybe if they sent the other Ruutu in that deal as well for a low pick.


Cooke + 2nd round pick


Brendan Witt

Don’t see this happening. Looking at the Canucks D-man depth this year I am extremely happy, probably because I am REALLY big on Steve McCarthy. I have huge hopes for this kid. Maybe Allen and Cooke. That deal I like (not an Allen fan).

2. The Defensive Dogfight:

The top five for the Canucks are already arguably set and, if training camp is any show for the future, will look something like this:

Jovanovski Allen

Ohlund ???

Salo McCarthy

It’s that sixth spot which is in contention, and there is a huge fight going on for it in training camp right now. Currently Jason Doig, formerly of the Washington Capitals, is occupying that spot and playing like an absolute monster. (No, the Canucks have not signed Doig yet, but he was invited to training camp). However though, Sven Butenschon and Nolan Baumgartner are also fighting hard for it and stand a chance. Kevin Bieksa was originally pencilled in there by all the fans but he, I believe, sprained his ankle and hasn’t made it to camp. Also Kiril Koltsov has said if he doesn’t get it he will be playing in Russia. I’ll drive him to the airport if he wants (moody bloody Russians). If training camp is any showing for the future though Doig will be signed and placed in that spot with Butenschon and Baumgartner as possible call ups.

3. Three NHL goalies, only two spots:

Dan Cloutier will be the number one goalie come October 5th. I would like to keep this post away from Cloutier bashers who don’t look at the numbers or the facts. During the season I personally believe the only better goalie there is out there is Martin Brodeur and possibly Roberto Luongo. Just look at the numbers. It’s the post season where the doubts are. Now later on, depending on how people play that could change around. The battle is for the back up goalie spot between Brent Johnson and Alex Auld. If training camp is showing anything, Johnson may be a hug steal. He has been solid and is so far expected to be the backup. Problem being that he is on a two way contract while Auld is only on a one way. If Auld gets sent to the minors he has to clear wavers and I would bet money on him not lasting a day on waivers. To add to this, Nonis has gone on record with the following quote: “Auld will play in the NHL this season, and there is a good chance he will play with us.” To me this sounds like “Make the team or be shipped off.” Also with how Johnson has been stopping the puck in training camp and showing off his lightning quick glove hand he could push Cloutier especially hard for the starting spot.

Just a few very long winded notes.