As of 12:30 today, the Vancouver Canucks have released their new jerseys.The jerseys feature the orca logo with the vintage blue and green colours. The shoulder patch is the original stick logo the canucks used back in the seventies. Below is the link to the jerseys.

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  1. kamullia says:

    I am all for teams putting the name of their city on their jersey, but I have to say both the redesigns of Tampa and Vancouver have gone for somewhat similar thin and deprived of style type fonts. I do not mean for them to go overboard a la Anaheim with their fonts, but a little bit of more style to it could not have hurt. Even just adding silhouette to the letters might have been better than having a font so plain.

  2. Mr_Canuck says:

    I'm as die hard of a fan as you can get, and they could have put anything up there and i thought i'd be happy.. but the word 'Vancouver' accross the top kills me.. i don't mind the 2 different color logo's for home and away ( a la calgary flames), i love the vintage colors.. i love the green stripe accross the bottom, i love the tweaked 'stick in a rink' on the logo ( they made it a more clear C ).. but the name.. just is too much.. i'm hoping after this year if there's negative reaction they'll just remove it..

    Someone else posted this in a canucks forum and don't wanna steal it, so shout out to whoever you were

    "no one looks at the jersey when you're holding the cup over your head"


  3. Oil-Life says:

    i likee em, there not like all the other jerseys that look that same as eachother, their unique and different, which is why i like emm.  and roberto hasnt looked better in any other jersey too!

  4. riseagainst says:

    could do without the Vancouver writting and the darks look kinda wierd with the ocra white.  Idunno don't really like'em but I when you watch a game you don't really see the logos to often but you do see the colours and I think the colours are pretty good.

  5. Notorious71 says:

    as much as i love the canucks
    i have to say IN MY OPINION the jersey is BUT UGLY!!!!!!!!

  6. tancred says:

    I don't think having Vancouver written across the top is so bad.  I don't even like the Canucks all that much, but of all the new jerseys that have been revealed so far, this is by far the best one.  Two big reasons for that:  1. they kept the horizontal stripes  2.  reminds me of the awesome Hartford Whaler jerseys.  

  7. Moose161 says:

    Just when I thought Tampa Bay was going to have the ugliest new uniforms, Vancouver completely out do themselves and create an even worse product. I know that they were going for the cross between the Retro Canuck uniforms and the present uniforms however, I think that Vancouver would have been better off sticking with just the classic Hockey Stick as their logo much like what Washington did with their new jerseys.  They should have scraped the whale.

  8. sv996 says:

    8-12 weeks and this is all they come up with? They should post up the other ideas of what the jerseys might have looked like other than this new one. I'm not impressed by it, love the colors but should have done away with the orca and the Vancouver name. They should have let the fans choose this one.

  9. bleedingblu says:

    ugliest jersey in the league.

  10. getzlaf15 says:

    They are good looking jerseys, but take the "VANCOUVER" of the top. Other than that I like the throwback colours.

  11. crazyamazin says:

    i like the colours, and the horizontal stripe, but i agree, the 'vancouver' part of it almost ruins the jersey.  i think they should have gone with that pic of john canuck with 'vancouver canucks' written around it… kinda similar to the 3rd minnisota jersey.  make that the home jersey, and the away jersey the old stick in rink.  two jerseys, two logos… any thoughts?

  12. eron says:

    While I agree that the VANCOUVER text was a bad idea, the uproar around the internet about it and the exaggerated negativity just goes to show how bad we need hockey around so we don't sound like whiny housewives.

    Until I see a real atrocity, like the Canadiens logo being changed or the Pittsburgh Penguins putting Sidney Crosby's face on their jersey, I'm going to just be happy that the Whalers colours are still in the NHL.  Love those shades of blue and green.

  13. leaflova says:

    Out of all the new jersey's in the NHL, I like this one the best. The blue green and white just look so nice together.

  14. Wings19 says:

    Of course he has. What about the team Canada jersey?

  15. GlenSather says:

    Bring back the black and gold of 1994 uniforms.  These jerseys look too much like old Hartford Whalers.  The whale on the jersey needs to go these are the Canucks not the Whalers.  Bad move by the Canucks.

  16. GlenSather says:

    Bring back the black and gold of 1994 uniforms.  These jerseys look too much like old Hartford Whalers.  The whale on the jersey needs to go these are the Canucks not the Whalers.  Bad move by the Canucks.

  17. canucklehawk says:

    Love them.  Will buy one.  Nuff said.

  18. modk09 says:

    its just a blatant cas grab at this point. what is that, 10? new unis in the past few years???

  19. habsoverserver says:

    I like the retro style but I agree that there are too many team jerseys out there. 

  20. JuicemaN says:

    oh yay, yet another team with new uniforms.  The Canucks should've just made this their logo:

  21. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    I actually went to the Rally unveiling thinking i might grab a jersey.  I left without a jersey and a sour feeling inside.  The new jersey is SO UGLY.  How they could spend a million bucks on designing this is beyond me.  They shoulda just stuck with the retro jerseys. instead of copy and pasting the orca on the mid and paintshopping the colors of the orca.  Frickin ugly piece of shit. I checked forums on a bunch of other teams using the search word "Ugliest jersey in the NHL" and guess what came up?

  22. JuicemaN says:

    Nah, I'd say that title goes to the blue thrashers jersey.

  23. MR40 says:

    I find it strange that half of the people who commented think there the best jerseys in the NHL, and half think there the worst.

    Honestly I love them. Best jerseys in the entire NHL. The green and blue just looks so nice. This is the first Canucks jersey that really suits them. they are so original, but updated at the same time. Most teams in the NHL (teams with new jerseys) all have the same colors and same look, and they all look the same. All really cartoonish. These are the classic colors though. The logo is okay, and looks WAY better on these jerseys.

    These jerseys and the Capitals are by far the best. No one even comes close.

  24. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    Ok well…i love the colours. The logo looks like they washed it in too much bleach, it looks pale and washed out….

    I'm also not a fan of word marks, but this isn't as bad as I would've thought, but it makes the jersey too crowded.

    I like the Johnny Canuck/Logger Logo a lot…..should've gone with that.

  25. Hoondog2 says:

    The colours are cool, but the logo, and the Vancouver writing sucks.  They need a new basis behind their logo, something that speaks more for the name canucks.

  26. m2kmike says:

    I absolutely love them…… What's wrong with trying to be different?  Just because they don't look like every other jersey in the league, they suck????

    trust me, 5 games into the season, no one will care. Most of the complainers are NERDS from CDC who have locked themselves in their parents basement, and have been obsessing over these sweaters for 3 months.

    People are bi*ching that the whale does not represent vancouver all while praising the stick-in-rink logo.  THAT DAMN LOGO COULD BE USED BY ANY HOCKEY TEAM.  ITS A HOCKEY STICK IN A RINK. I like that logo, but a WHALE screams West Coast a hell of a lot more that a hockey stick in an ice rink.

  27. m2kmike says:

    oh and also…..

    what do people have against a company trying to make money.  cash grab??? 

    1)first off, no one has a gun to your head demanding you buy one of these.
    2)second, thats how companies work.  Their goal is to increase profits.
    3.third, as much as you think that the Canucks are literally YOUR team, its not…. Its Francesco Aqulini's and they PLAY in Vancouver.  you want different sweaters, go buy a team and get ENGLAND WINS or whoever to design your damn sweater.

  28. modk09 says:

    its called stability and no i dont think the canucks are MY TEAM. im barely even a fan of them and would only chear them as a canadian team. producing that many jerseys in such a short time is offensive because too many people spend a lot of money to support their team by wearing the colours and then the colours are changed. go to Detroit and see the sea of red and then go to vancouver where every fan will be wearing a different coloured jersey if this continues

    so yea, its a cahs grab

  29. MR40 says:

    i'm pretty sure there not the 3rd jerseys. There the same as the away jerseys, except they have more writting.

    I expected the 3rd jersey to look the same, except the main color in the jersey will be green.

  30. Lint07 says:

    Dude, how could you reply seriously to my post.

    I mean, check the pic.

  31. m2kmike says:

    Well…. if you wanna wear a road jersey…. the jersey is still white.
    And as far as the blue home jersey goes….. if you've been to a Canuck game in the last two or three seasons, you'd notice that more people wore the blue Vintage stick in rink logo than the old orca.  In that case YOU ALREADY HAVE THE TEAM COLORS.

    If you feel the need to buy the new ones, that's YOUR choice. 

    You said "producing that many jerseys in a short time frame is offensive"  we haven changed jerseys in over 10 years and we've had 4 logos in almost 40 years.  EVEN IF YOU FEEL THE NEED TO BUY EACH LOGO, THAT WOULD BE ONE EVERY TEN YEARS. 

    Do you think soccer fans b*tch as much as you guys are.  Soccer teams change their jerseys every two or three years. 



  32. m2kmike says:

    No man, that IS the third jersey.  How could you say that it isn't??? 😉

  33. MR40 says:

    It could have been true. crazier things happen.

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