Caps to scratch Gonchar tonight?


Sources have told TSN there is an ”excellent chance” Gonchar will be scratched from tonight’s Washington Capital lineup as they play the Florida Panthers in Sunrise, Fla.

The official reason for his expected absence is likely to be the ”flu” but whatever explanation is given, it’s going to fuel rumours that the Capitals are on the verge of trading the offensive defenceman, perhaps imminently.

But it is more likely that the Caps are simply protecting a valuable asset. Gonchar is coming off a separated shoulder and is logging big minutes on a depleted Washington lineup where he’s the focal point for opposing checkers. And while it’s not likely Gonchar actually has the flu, there is no question the trade speculation is taking a toll on the Russian rearguard.

Sources say he’s extremely fatigued and deeply affected by the uncertainty of his immediate future. Sources also suggest Gonchar’s night off was a mutual decision by the Caps and the defenceman, who feels as though he could use a break.

Toronto continues to be the team most favour to win the Gonchar sweepstakes, and the deal could be completed at any time, but there is no reason to believe it is imminent.

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  1. Dober says:

    Who gives a fuck!!!!

  2. Lint07 says:

    I know I know, who cares? is obviously just a name that has been picked like that for no reason, this site isn’t about trade rumors at all or else you obviously wouldn’t be here since you don’t care

    You’re on the wrong site, dude.

  3. Phluxed says:

    Hes apparently got a stomach flu. If the caps dont move him sometime this week, he is going to request a trade. If no one gets him soon, the price will drop, and hell be a leaf.

  4. Cyrax89 says:

    You for one, for taking the time to read this and respond to it.

  5. markjohnston says:

    if he doesn’t have the flu, then he’s a sissy.

    if he thinks THIS trade talk is bad, wait til he actually gets to toronto. he’ll be sick every game.

  6. bamboo says:

    According TSN he just has a case of the stomach flu. He went on record as saying he has had multiple shits and is afraid of stepping on the bench and getting cold sweats and growling while his bowels don’t have the force to withstand a bodycheck. he said he didn’t want to get hit along the boards and have his ass explode like a firecracker and the light-yellowish-brown thick fluid run down his socks and on to the ice where it would harden and people might injure themselves. Apparently insurance won’t cover that.

    He has also reported that he has gone for 13 seperate shits today and found the first one to hard at first and then an explosion of nuts and corn followed by 12 shits of a babyfood like substance to a virtual pissing out of his ass. This is in no way a cover for a possible trade to taking place today.

  7. MathieuBourlique says:

    I think the second half of that article is more interesting than the first!

    For everyone who is breathlessly anticipating the Gonchar trade to go down any minute now, consider this: Gonchar’s agent has not yet been contacted by any team about a new long term contract.

    And unless the team trading for Gonchar has a severe death wish, logic would strongly suggest that contact, and contract, must happen before any deal with the Washington Capitals is done.

    Think about it.

    If, as the reports suggest, the Toronto Maple Leafs are going to part with an NHL player, perhaps Nik Antropov, a top prospect, either Carlo Colaiacovo or Alexander Steen, and a first-round draft pick, the Leafs would need to be secure they’ve got Gonchar locked up for the forseeable future.

    Gonchar is a restricted free agent at the end of this season. A team could make him a qualifying offer of $3.65 million and if Gonchar accepted, which by the way is doubtful, his new team would have him for only one year. Two problems there. First, there may not be a season next year and, two, more importantly, Gonchar will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of next season.

    The more likely scenario is that Gonchar would reject a qualifying offer and elect to go to salary arbitration. Over the last five years, Gonchar has been the NHL’s highest scoring defenceman. In arbitration, it appears he would be virtually guaranteed to get at least $5 million to $6 million a year, and possibly more than that.

    But it would still only be a one-year contract because a salary arbitration award cannot cut into the player’s unrestricted free agency. So the same conundrum would exist – Gonchar would only be tied up for one season after this one, that is, if there is a season.

    Do you honestly think any team, especially the Maple Leafs, are going to deal three quality elements of their future for a player who can walk at the end of next season, and if there’s a year-long lockout, will be an expensive rental for only this year’s playoffs?

    That’s why logic says this deal isn’t really close to being done until the team acquiring Gonchar works out a multi-year contract extension. That hasn’t begun to happen yet. And the Washington Capitals won’t give permission for those all-important contract negotiations until they’re 100 per cent satisfied with the trade offer they’re getting.

  8. Mailman says:

    The Score has also reported that now before Gonchar can be traded, the teams have to talk to his agent about an immediate contract extention following the trade, or he will not be traded.

  9. greatlife15 says:

    lol thaz the funniest thing ive hear today!

  10. bagwhan says:

    thats too funnyonly men would laugh at that women dont get it

  11. greatlife15 says:

    I’m a leafs fan and i seriously hope they don’t do this trade. i rather wish they get brendan witt, he’ll be more of fit in because t.o. needs a defensive-minded defenseman. One reason why T.O is getting Gonchar is because if they get an injury bug again, he can play on the 3rd or 4th lines offensively. He would get time because Quinn believes that rolling lines is best.

  12. wec69 says:

    great response!! That should satisfy the media for a couple of minutes until the next bit of speculation comes along. Keep up the good work.

  13. Dober says:

    thats hilarious man, good stuff!!!!!

  14. Dober says:

    Listen fuck head I am a leafs fan and i do care if the leafs are about to spend a shit load on a guy who will do jack shit for the team. I’m just getting sick of all this Gonchar talk.

    I hope someone else picks up this cheese dick!!

  15. trademan says:

    boy it didnt take long for this guy to get suspended did it?

  16. shady_records says:

    Well it’s official, he isn’t on the ice-time sheet.

  17. hockeybandit says:

    toilet paper……………30 cents

    mop and pail………..$ 7.50

    bamboo’s comment……………….PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!

  18. Wills says:

    I swear to god I was laughing so hard my ribs hurt. That was a good one!

  19. Aetherial says:

    For a total asshole… that was pretty funny bamboo, I was laughing my ass off.

    babyfood-like substance!

  20. MNWinger39 says:

    Funny shit bro. Im putting this under my AIM profile

  21. Sepuku says:


  22. Sepuku says:

    It’s great the admins of HTR realize that you should stay on this site. I can only believe that you are one of the admins. Mikster must like you. I hope not too much. Keep up the good work and fuck the rangers. Thank god they will suck for many years to come.

  23. scratchyzednik says:

    that was as funny as the leafs getting pounded 4-0 by the Panthers….

  24. The_Eagle says:

    I love the leafs, but they would be dumb if they trade for Gonchar. The asking price for Gonchar is too steep for the leafs youth roster (lack thereof). Brendan Witt would be a better player to go after because he’s a stay at home defenseman or some other defenseman eg. Keith Carney. Only time will tell. Maybe JFJ will trade Trevor Kidd for a used puck bag lol… least you can get some use out of a puckbag.

  25. OilersRush says:

    This is odd but The Leafs website already has a Sergei Gonchar profile as him being a leaf.

    Saying Sergei Gonchar brings the offensive dimension that the Leafs are looking for.

    Talk about jumping the gun or is it?

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