Carboneau seat is red hot

…But I think the coach who is on the hottest seat right now is Montreal’s Guy Carbonneau. The Canadiens are fading quickly after a fast start and now look like a playoff bubble team at best. That doesn’t sit well with the locals, who aren’t all sold on the sophomore coach. The job might be the toughest in hockey and offers little slack even when the team is winning.

Wes Goldstein

If you read that story that is post on the CBS sportsline website, you’ll learn that Carboneau could be fire if Habs don’t win really soon.

I don’t know what is the credibility of this web site, but I don’t believe that news 1 second.
I know Montreal Canadians aren’t the hottest team right know, but I think that we’re not far from a good team. Look at the standing, 5th in the conference, that isn’t bad at all.

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  1. Habs_pm says:

    Fire Carbo? Why?

    Look what he has to work with!

    I think hes doing a great job with the young players and is giving Carey Price a chance to be #1 in Montreal. You could only point the finger at the coach so many times.

    Although I hate the fact that he plays his 4 lines constantly.


    2:30 left in a hockey game and they are on the PK.

    He sends out Max Lapierre as his center?…..How bout sending your vets like Koivu!

    But whatever time will tell what will happen to Montreal!

  2. habsrock99 says:

    Fading quickly? What the hell is CBS smoking? Sure they hit a rough skid but Ottawa lost 7 straight and I don't see anyone saying they're "fading quickly". The Habs are 3-1-1 in their last 5. If anything, if Carbo does get fired it'll be because of his constant mistake making, something I'm not going to go in depth on at this time. The Habs are going good right now and do sit 5th in the East and if the play-offs started right now, this would be the highest seed the Habs have had in a very long time. I don't know about anyone else but I think I'd consider a 5th place finish in the East a success, especially considering how close everyone is in the East.

  3. yarfangor says:

    how bout instead of pinning the tail on carbonneau u point the finger at gainey and have him do something >.<

  4. Habs38 says:

    We have to be patient with this yound talented team………it's not the time to fire Crab or Gainey. This 2 guys understand the problem and he's 2 good friend but Gainey know that Carb can not jump on the ice to show how to Win….

  5. habsoverserver says:

    carbo is not on the hot seat.  end of story.

  6. habs25 says:

    It won't happen because Carbo and Gainey are best friends since they played together in Montreal and reunited in Dallas.

  7. Pronger44 says:

    Yeah firing Carbo's gonna help in what way? With the team this guy has to coach, can you really blame him for the 22 players he has to work with, where only half of them if that seem to show up to play lately the last month and a half. I love it how coaches always take the fall for over-paid, underachieving players that show no desire to taste the Cup. Honestly, what the hell else can Carbs do when all you have is about 5 of your forwards, and 3 of your defenceman actually showing up to play and mediocre goalie in Huet and a future star in Price. I don't think Carbo's the problem at all, I think the team needs a little more toughening up more then anything. If I here one more thing about how Carbo's bad at coaching, Carbo's gotta go, I'm just gonna snap. Carbo's done nothing but give players opportunities, some have managed to stay on, some have not, ex. Niinama, Samsonov. What Carbo's shown me is he's the only one out there seeming to care each and every game, and if only a few more players could show that fire and passion, maybe this team wouldn't be in such a slump all the time, Carbo ain't the one playing 60 minutes of hockey and o.t. if necessary, it's the 22 players on this team that are out there winning us games, and losing us games, so what I'm trying to explain is how can some people blame this guy, when the talent hes working with seems to underachieve so much.

  8. the_next_agent says:

    Sure there are in 5th place with 40pts but the Flyers are in 13th with 36 pts.  With the Canadians going downhill, with a few bad games they could wind up in the basement of the Eastern Conference.   I say trade Ryder first and see what happens, but if things don't start getting better, than fire him.

  9. jpmac says:

    I can see where you are coming from, but you can also look at it from the point of view that they are only three points behind NJ for the second most points in the league.  I don't think many people expected the Habs to do much this year.  I think if you can justify firing Carbo at this point, then John Paddock should be the only one who is safe.

  10. wingsfan13 says:

    carb may be on the hot seat but he is definetly not closest one to being fired next.  i think crawford is the most likely to be given the pink slip.  first he recommended cloutier which was a retarded move to begin with.  and now he can't motivate his team enough to win some games.  he has enough talent on this team.  nagy, cammallari, kopitar, handzus, o' sullivan makes for decent forward crops.  this defense should be tops with who they have workin the blueline:  stuart, blake, johnson, visnovsky, modry, preissing.  labarbera gives up a plethora of juicy rebounds, but he does make a lot of very good saves.  crawford's system obviously isn't working with this team and in the league.  the defense is horrible and shouldn't someone be working with the goalie on his rebound control?  not too mention crawford was always a dirty prick of a coach.

  11. hab_a_holic says:

    Hello !?!? This is Montreal every coach in every era at any moment in time is on the hot seat whether they are in first place or last the coach will still be criticized for not doing enough duh! 

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