Carboneau seat is red hot

…But I think the coach who is on the hottest seat right now is Montreal’s Guy Carbonneau. The Canadiens are fading quickly after a fast start and now look like a playoff bubble team at best. That doesn’t sit well with the locals, who aren’t all sold on the sophomore coach. The job might be the toughest in hockey and offers little slack even when the team is winning.

Wes Goldstein

If you read that story that is post on the CBS sportsline website, you’ll learn that Carboneau could be fire if Habs don’t win really soon.

I don’t know what is the credibility of this web site, but I don’t believe that news 1 second.
I know Montreal Canadians aren’t the hottest team right know, but I think that we’re not far from a good team. Look at the standing, 5th in the conference, that isn’t bad at all.