CBA A Good Thing????

Has the CBA disagreement this season actually started the NHL’s metamorphosis into the league we all want and hope for?Because of the “looming” strike and possible year off, the resurgence of young, gifted offensive players that lack the years of AHL experience honing their defensive skills has begun. What was the last year that you can remember so many young, up and coming superstars, dominate the league? True that there is always a few young players that make impressions every year, but to the extent that it is happening this year?

The fear of no season, and the tightening of the purse strings has actually opened the game up offensively. Now I agree that more should probably be done, like having capable refs, but I believe that the CBA fiasco has actually sent the NHL game into a new era where defense is slowly losing its grip on the game.

When the top two goal scorers in the game are young kids (Nash and Kovalchuk) scoring BIG exciting goals, most of them doing so while undressing veteran D-men and adding much needed flare to the game, than I say who cares that they are both minus players? I don’t, in fact I think too much emphasis is put on the +/- stat during the regular season anyways. WE NEED FLARE.

Maybe the NHL should be in a state of disarray every year. Then we would have 7 of the top 20 point getters in the league 25 years old or younger, 4 of the top 10 goal scorers young kids, and an abundance of young, solid goaltenders not making 8 million a year. Where would Boston be without Ratcroft? Lynching Potvin in the streets by now. And just how much deeper would the financial hole in Pittsburg be without Fleury filling some seats? Young saviors in net around the league are plenty this season. Dipietro, Vokoun, Kiprusoff, Nurminen, and fine back-ups like Tellquvist, Huet, and Prusek.

And not all young kids are scoring or making saves this year, but are making impacts on their teams. Nothing proves this more than looking at the tight Calder race so far this year. Remember names like King, Hunter, Ryder, Bergeron, Staal, Stajan, and Pitkanen. All young impact players that are here to stay.

So in closing I welcome the financial fears of the CBA agreement. It has not only opened the door for our young stars of the future, it has begun a change in the way they play the game and more importantly the way we expect it to be played.

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  1. Tradedude says:

    I’ve always said that its a good thing. Everyone wants the best for the NHL right? Well, why are we trying to rush things before Sept.15 of 04? I don’t see no rush, every one is calling Bettman a fool for not getting this settle, so am I, but maybe he’s patient, maybe he knows what he’s doing.

    I don’t know about the other fans, but as a true hockey fan, I don’t mind missing a season or half a season of hockey just to make things better, if they take a year off, and do shit, then i’d be pissed, but until then we can’t judge anything.

    -im out-

  2. wieds says:

    For starters, goals are down from last year. Secondly most of Rick Nash’s goals are scored while he sits in front of the net and bangs in rebounds or on deflections. Thirdly plus/minus is a very important stat. What’s the point in scoring goals, if your allowing more to be scored on you while your on the ice, that leads to loses, which doesn’t sell seats at all.

    I do agree however that it is great to see the young stars taking over the NHL. It’s great to see Tanguay and Nash up there in scoring and I hope it continues.


  3. bender says:

    Ahh, your comment on FLARE reminded me of a wonderful little movie called “Office Space”.

    I was watching the NBA on TSN the other day, and Rod Black was interviewing David Stern. And the thing he was most happiest about the NBA was the financially stability throughout the majority of the teams to be able to give each franchise a shot a putting out a playoff type product.

    With the new CBA looming, it gives the NHL a chance to try and develop a similar situation. Which would be awesome if some of the rules can be tinkered with to open up the offense a little and then giving small market teams like Edmonton, Calgary and Pittsburgh a chance to compete on a year to year basis with the big boys. I’m with ya, the game could be improved greatly with the CBA.

    I don’t wanna have my grand kids talk about what great Dynasties…..Detroit, Colorado and New Jersey are when I’m 65 (I’m 26). I’d rather the league fold then have it keep going the way it is. WE may as well call it, Minnie MLB.

  4. RangerSteve says:

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  5. habsoverserver says:

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  6. tsaler says:

    Leagues like the Russian Superleague, SM-Liiga, SEL, DEL, and the Czech & Slovak leagues are all catching up to the NHL in talent level as we see players immediately called up from those leagues and signed to NHL teams making equally immediate impact.

    With the potential CBA problems, it’s very possible that we could see the NHL turn into a Canadian and American league. That is if the new WHA doesn’t take over due to the lockout (anything is possible).

  7. Donovan says:

    Why don’t you just be Mike Bolton?

  8. the_expert_44 says:

    PEOPLE, pasi nurminen is not a youngster hes 28 i think. youngster i expect would be someone under 25

  9. shady_records says:

    Yeah it’s nice to see the top 4 draft picks in this year’s draft play and be one of the, if not the best performer of their respective teams such as

    Fleury in Pittsburgh

    Staal in Carolina

    Horton in Florida

    Zherdev in Columbus

    Excluding Fluery and Staal who have been the best players of their teams this year, Horton is a powerforward and powerforwards take time to develop, just look at Thachuk and Bertuzzi

    Also Zherdev who has 3 points in 4 games since coming from Russian one third into the season, him playing along with Nash since day 1 could of made him at the top of the leagues goalscorers next to Nash.

    It’s funny how the top 5 picks are so important to keep, they are like getting a Forsberg in a deal, the team’s next superstar.

  10. matteo says:

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  11. Lint07 says:

    unrelated comment, but I just saw the new Nike ad with Markus Naslund & Ilya Kovalchuk and I really enjoyed it.

    You can see it there:

  12. wingedim says:

    Zherdev has not been playing alongside Nash though. He’s been playing the 3rd line w/Malhotra and 2nd line Powerplay.

    If he’d been playing from day 1, I don’t think he’d be top line either. Possibly Second along side Sanderson.

  13. bruinexpert says:

    I celebrate his entire catalogue

  14. bruinexpert says:

    Zehrdev is SICK!!! 3 points in his 1st game, one of them getting called back…it was IN and i’m therefore counting it! then he got robbed on a breakaway…imagine a hat trick in your 1st NHL game! that’s like Lebron almost getting a triple double in his first, he was so close

  15. WeztCoazt1 says:

    What was this article all about? Totally off subject but to get back on to the subject of the CBA. If anything, the players & owners will probably settle on a Salary cap…maybe a soft one but at least their will be one in place with enough loop holes to appease everyone.

    Perhaps create a category called “Franchise Player” then you can designate someone from your roster that title & pay them top $$$ & the remainder of the team falls into the salary cap. I say a cap of $40mm is decent.

    The biggest worry is not the CBA though, my biggest fear is that the NHL will not get any National Coverage or any coverage for that matter in the U.S. That’s the biggest fear to me. If Bettman can’t find a major U.S. Network to carry games then the NHL is done. Cooked! The NHL needs to adopt what the NFL has, regional coverage but offer it like the CBC does & pick a night…say Sunday night for instance & show NHL games but regionally so that you can attract as many fans as possible.

    Another big thing is to contract the league to say 24 teams. Reduce the schedule to 74 games (Format as such:

    6 divisions – 4 teams/division

    play division team 6×3 = 18 games

    play conference team 4×8 = 32 games

    play out of conference teams 2×12 = 24

    It allows the players better rest, shorter sched. & more rest for the offseason. Hopefully this makes for more competitive hockey too as not so many borderline NHL players will be entering the league.

    If bettman can sign a lucrative tv contract, that may help appease the owners for loss of some regular season games.

    Thoughts anyone?

  16. FlyersGoCupCrazy says:

    Yes, top 5 picks are always superstars like Forsberg, they’re never flops like Alexander Daigle.

  17. bruinexpert says:

    last time i did not receive a piece

  18. bruinexpert says:

    Daigle may be a bad example these days

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