Changes coming after trouncing in San Jose

John Down

Jed Ortmeyer got his first goal in 28 games, Scott Nichol his first in 27, Rob Blake his first in 17, Manny Malhotra in 12 . . .

And on it went for the San Jose Sharks on Monday night as they fattened up on the Calgary Flames while setting a franchise record of having eight different players score during that 9-1 victory.

This was the sort of breakout game the Flames had hoped for, a game where players like Nigel Dawes, Eric Nystrom, Jarome Iginla and Daymond Langkow would break out of prolonged goal-scoring slumps.

No one could have seen this thrashing coming. No one. It’s not like the Flames had been kicked around in their previous four losses. Far from it, in fact. Outside of last week’s game against Nashville, they’d outplayed Pittsburgh and Colorado but ran into hot goaltenders.

Sunday at Anaheim, they’d scored four goals and unleashed 19 shots in the third period to reluctantly bow to the Anaheim Ducks.

But Monday. Wow. What a dud of a performance against one of the top teams in the league, against a team they’ve actually enjoyed some success against.

You can’t say they didn’t quit because that wouldn’t be fair. But they certainly do much right, either. Outside of a couple of early power-plays in the second period, they offered up very little offensively and simply fell apart defensively when the Sharks broke out.

The performance left coach Brent Sutter stuck for a description of what had transpired. He’s used the words casual, failure to engage and disappointing among others following certain losses this season but he was tongue-tied after this one.

He’d start a sentence, pause . . . start another sentence, pause . . .

He did get some things out but he really seemed to be dumfounded that his team could throw such a stinker and was truly stuck for an explanation.

It wasn’t just one player, it was an entire team.

Some sort of change is coming, of that you can be sure. In fact, you have to wonder if one or two players haven’t played their way onto the trade winds.

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  1. reinjosh says:

    i am almost completely for moving Phaneuf now
    i wonder what sutter has up his sleeves
    please say he wont sit still

  2. pezzz123 says:

    The more I'm thinking about it, the more I'm against moving Phaneuf. Moving forward, HE will be the core of this team. Not Iginla, not Regehr, not Kiprusoff. This team's gonna be Phaneuf', Bouwmeester', Giordano' and Bourque. Give them the lockeroom. Get the old leadership out. Bring the new one in.

    Here's my plan (for this summer) :

    Trade Iginla and Sarich to Florida for Horton, Stillman, Ellerby and a 1rst rounder.

    Trade Regehr to Washington for a 1rst rounder.

    Trade Kiprusoff, Boyd and a 2nd rounder to Nashville for Suter, Erat and the rights to Rinne.

    Resign Jokinen, 2 years, 7.5 million.
    Resign Bourque, 4 years, 16 million.
    Resign Rinne, 2 years, 6 million
    Resign Nystrom, 3 years, 3.75 million
    Resign Prust, 2 years, 1.6 million
    Resign Johnson, 2 years, 1.5 million

    Sign a 6th d-man (Brian Pothier, for example), for 2 years at 1 or 2 million per year.

    Dump McElhinney for whatever you can get. Same for Dawes.

    Let Conroy (probably retirement), McGrattan and Lundmark (unfortunatly) go.

    Split the net between Rinne and Irving.

    Stillman – Jokinen – Horton
    Erat – Langkow – Bourque
    Glencross – Backlund – Moss
    Nystrom – Prust – Sjostrom

    Bouwmeester – Giordano
    Phaneuf – Suter
    Pardy – Pothier


  3. albertateams says:

    Yeah I'm not against moving Phaneuf if the deal was right two years ago it was almost unthinkable. I think Oli is gone before the deadline he just never meshed will with JI. I don't know what Oli would bring back in return though probably not much. The only players that should feel safe right now are Kipper, JI, Jay-bo, and Robin anybody else could get moved for the right price.

  4. zackman13 says:

    are you serious? you could get wayy more for regeihr, but the other proposals are interesting, but not quite spot on . pretty good though, i like the preds-flames one not bad at all.

  5. honestabe says:

    Well, if you're gonna trade Iginla, the trade deadline would be the time and place to do it.  But Florida isn't the team to trade him to. Ideally, you'd be looking for a team that might be in a position to take a serious run at the cup, and Iginla would be able to put them over the top.  You'd be looking for a team with alot of prospect depth to maximize your return.    As stupid as this may seem, a team like Phoenix comes to mind.  They're in a playoff position right now, iginla would definately help them go further.  They're a young team, inginla would give them some leadership.  They're under new ownership that needs a marquis name to help sell tickets, Iginla gives them that.  Plus they have tons of young guys that are either not with the team or not contributing much.  Turris, Boedker, Mueller. Tikhonov. Mclean, Porter, Ekman-larsson.   Might be able to get 3 of the above for Iginla.

  6. FlamingHomer says:

    Trading this guy for that guy isn't going to make up the 8 goal differential from the Sharks game. The problem is the structure of the team. There is too much invested in the defense and not enough at forward. The most effective blueliner so far this year has been $900,000 Mark Giordano. We need 6 of him and put the rest of the money towards some scoring. Darryl Sutter has put together a very imbalanced team.

  7. reinjosh says:

    I would settle with Ekman-Larsson, Turris and Mueller.

  8. reinjosh says:

    Well Giordana and Bouwmeester have been the best two defenceman. Pardy and Kronwall have not been too bad either.
    I think its time to trade Phanuef. Get a good return and less salary back to use to invest in a forward. Its the best option.
    Say Phaneuf and Conroy to Boston for Krejci, Boston's first (or push for Toronto's first and settle with just Krejci and some conditional pick) and Wheeler. Probably too much going to Calgary but a Phaneuf and Chara pairing would be deadly and Boston needs a puck mover badly.
    or to New Jersey for Josefson, Tenedby and a pick (they stand to lose Martin and could use a guy on the defense to build around)
    or to Washington for Alzner, Della Rovera and Gustaffson (They would love a big, punishing dman to play with Green although his salary would be tough to fit)
    or to Buffalo for Ennis, Kassian and Lydman plus maybe a pick (would make a scary pairing with Myers and would give them a defense to fear in the East making them perennial contenders for a playoff spot, plus Kassian might have played his way out of favor with them)
    or to Dallas for Neal and a 1st (I love Neal lol, and they might want a guy to build around with Robidas also)

    I realize that the packages might differ and be weighted to one side or another but Im just thinking up stuff off the top of my head

  9. FlamingHomer says:

    Your suggestions would likely yield a better team than what we have now.

    I really think if they spent no more than $12 million on their defense (currently at $23 million) they could buy 2 very productive forward lines. Of course you would need a very good goalie as well.

    As good as J. Bo has been, I would rather have Cammalleri to be still here instead of him.

  10. reinjosh says:

    Not me
    Cammy takes away the scoring from Iggy and that makes him less of the Man on the team
    With J.Bo here, we can use Phaneuf to trade for forwards and cheap, young forwards at that.
    J.Bo I think was brought in to provide the team with the player to make the team into the League's best defense. That obviously hasn't happened. But I don't think that was the only reason for bringing in J.Bo.

    Sutter isn't stupid. Phaneuf is known to be a *****y guy, and I think he might have been getting on some of the other core guys nerves for a while now. Maybe the coaches have had problems with him. Maybe he started to realize that he might not work on this team. So he goes out and gets a guy to take his spot. J.Bo has done that. He has supplanted Phaneuf in the lineup and I think the time might be coming for Phanuef to be dealt for the greater good of the team.

    The time has come to trade him. He isn't working out on the team. He may even be dragging it down. Trade him before he hurts his value and get something of real value back. He still has a lot of potential but he might not reach it here. Keeping him will only hurt the team more. And I say this as a staunch Phaneuf supporter in the past. He is my favorite player but I think he needs to be trade.
    And its not like the team couldn't replace him. Hell, Giordano is showing the team he is a viable top r guy. Pardy is solid. And Sutter just kept getting more defensive depth. Losing Phaneuf might hurt a little but its not as is he couldn't be replaced. The benefits far out way the cons right now in my opinion.

  11. FlamingHomer says:

    I've been on the "Trade Phaneuf" bandwagon for years so no argument there. However, I do disagree with the Cammalleri take. For years, Iginla has been a streaky scorer and usually he's had linemates such as Conroy, Tanguay, Huselius etc. who would continue to set him up even though he had cooled off in scoring. This would lead to very little production on that line. When Cammelleri showed up, Jarome would be the set up guy during his drought so the line continued to produce. There was no longer an automatic move for the opposition to key on Jarome. I think it was a big mistake to not find a spot for Cammy. Tough to replace 39 goals.

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