Changes needed

first move: fire john *****in furgason (jfj) he has not produced any star talent and has overpaid for some of the crap that wear a leaf uniform.
second move. Gotta move McCabe some way…i know he has a no movement clause but if u tell a player ur not wanted here anymore he’ll probably waive it…what u can get is a whole different story..
3rd move gill he does not block shots, hit, move the puck and gets caught in the offensive soon….as he did today when the flyers scored the first goal.
4th move stajan…he’s young has some value so we could get something for him….there is no room for him on the leaf roster….sundin, wellwood, peca and pohl….and i would not switch anyone one of those guys for stajan..

Needed…..grit, shot blockers, smarter defensive players and a winger or two

here is what i would do….

first look to acquire horton…young star player who is unhappy in florida

trade: stajan,white, McCabe (might not be possible but we can try) 1st pik, 2nd pik an young player(eral, williams..etc not tulsty or kuliemin)for horton, bouemester and van ryan (salary high)…van ryan is being overpaid a bit so its somethin that could work for mcCabe if we sweetin the deal a bit…I know this deal would be tough to make but the point i am makin is we need to make a BIG change and acquire some super stars if it means givin up our young players….we can fill the holes left by those players with good free agents who would not cost a lot…but aquiring a super star will force us to spend 6-7mill on one player. to get something good u gotta give up something worth value…McCabe an’t….but we can try….deal does not have to look exactly like this but along these lines.

trade kronwall, gill and steen for jason smith and torres an high pik……yes i know steen is young an has potential but so does torres an he has more grit, toughness and can score 15+ goals aswell and smith is a cheap, shot blocking rock at the backend……

trade van ryan late pik for boyton…..boyton had a rough season but he is a number one D man his value has dropped and he is still only 28….an would provide the leadership that we lost when sevhla an yuskevich brought…..

trade Kilger young player( know he has done a good job but battaglia an deverouex provide the same for a cheaper price) for jamel mayers

hartnell tough left winger for 2-3mill a season
cujo – mill
peca – 1.5-2mill
poni an antropov – 1.2-1.3
horton – 3.5

Line ups

Hartnell – 2.5 Sundin 4.5 Horton 3.5
Poni – 1.2 wellwood – .9 Antropov -1.3
Torres- 1 peca – 1.5 tucker 3
Battaglia – .6 Pohl .45 Mayers .9 (i think)

Kaberla- 4.25 Kubina 5
Boumester 4 (sign long term) Boyton 2.9
Carlo – .9 Smith 1.9

Raycroft 2
Cujo 1

= 43.3 mill add 1mill for for subs Deveruex, pilar or waznoski

45 mill rounded up

Gives the leafs 2mill to play with might lose mill dependin on what happens with sundin situation but still this team will fight, scrap, score, block shots and play with heart…..i know we got players tied up so moving them could be hard but its still do able…..look at lou in jersey up against the cap and managed to move waste and that no one would want….creativity is needed for that a new GM is needed because jfj has failed