Chelios back for One More Year!


Chris Chelios will be back for another NHL season, as the 44-year-old defenceman has signed a one-year contract with the Detroit Red Wings.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the deal will pay him $850,000 next season.

Chelios will be entering his 22nd NHL campaign in 2006-07 and his seventh full season in Detroit.

In 1,476 career games, he has 182 goals and 925 points.

Chelios was a member of the Montreal Canadiens’ Stanley Cup winning team in 1986 and became the first American-born player to win the Norris Trophy as the league’s best defenseman in the 1989-90.

He won two more Norris Trophies during while in Chicago and led the team in points during the 1995-96 season.

Chelios helped Detroit win the Stanley Cup in 2002.

A great pickup for the Wings as he is like the energizer bunny, keeps going and going. This will keep the leadership in Detroit for the young defense coming up and he will be great to help mold them.

For this much Chelios may slide to the #5 slot, depending on his legs in the fall.

As for those who think this is bad, tell me one good reason as he was one the the better players vs the Oil and can still hang and get nasty with the big boys! Lebda and Lilja were the slow and out of position d-men.

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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:


    He looks like that guy in 8 men out, the White Sox movie, and he is from Chicago too!

  2. muckies says:

    What a Legend.

    Probably nobody in the history on the NHL has *****talked as many players as Chris Chelios. He has chirped at so many players in 3 legendary uniforms he is for sure a Legend of the game.

    There’ll never be another Chris Chelios. He’ll probably play next year too.

    One of the select players with a Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup Ring. I wish I was Chris Chelios.

  3. JannettyTheRocker says:

    It’s good to see Chris Chelios back for another year in Detroit. He is still playing fantastically, and would be an asset to any team………….

    On a side note, I predict that Martin Biron will end up in Detroit.

  4. Freeze says:

    Chelly’s a good depth defenseman. Now sign Stevie Y, pick up a real starting goaltender, trade Lilja + for a real defenseman, and find a big, fast, grinding winger or 2. They might have a chance.

  5. zdeno_duchesne says:

    ugh, when is fruit-leather chelios gonna hang em up?

    i’m tired of looking at his hideous mug.

  6. dcz28 says:

    I agree with everything you said…Lilja really needs to go or at least play a lot less then he did this season. Amazing that Lidstrom put up such good numbers and was a plus in (+/-) while having to play and cover for Lilja at the same time.

  7. Gretzkin says:

    He’s the perfect fit for the new NHL, and he’ll gladly help the Wings win the Presidents Trophy, and then lead them to an easy 1st round exit in the next playoffs.

    Go to bed Chelios, you’re over, and so are your Wings.


  8. Marky2Fresh says:

    lol jeez this dude was old when I was a kid.

    I remember people saying he was old and going to retire when I was 12, now I’m 20 and he’s still around.

  9. Radio says:

    Man. He’s the Warren Moon of the NHL.

  10. the_word says:

    Great, with Sean Avery gone, I wondered who would be the biggest embrassment to the NHLPA.

  11. my_sphincter says:

    It’s pretty bad when I start agreeing with 92-93…

    But you must be an idiot! Chelios is a solid defenseman and a bargain for $850,000.

    GOlf OIL GOlf!!!

  12. tacitus says:

    Chelios was slow from the games i watched in the playoffs. Edmonton was skating around him which caused him to take a few obstruction penelties.

  13. tacitus says:

    I wouldnt mind seeing Biron in the Wings uniform. I dont blame Legace for that 1st round loss thou so i wouldnt be upset if they kept Legace starter Osgood backup. They say that Jimmy Howard is ready for back up duty also.

  14. tacitus says:

    See Lilja is alot younger then Chelios and they both play for cheap. Id rather they kept the younger slow cheap player. Either way ur not gonna get no defenceman whos great for Lilja. I mean i wish we could grab Pheneuf for Lilja but i doubt Calgary will go for it. Fact is there isnt that many decent guys out there for the same price.

    Legace is as good a starter as most. Unless ur getting Brodeur, Luongo, or kipper, or turco ur stuck with a second teir goalie like 90% of the league.

    on a side note


    JUNE 25TH


  15. tacitus says:

    Funny Oiler fans finally have a good year and they get to talk some trash. Thats ur trash talk for 15 years of crap Oiler years. I wish i knew ur frustration but i dont cuz the wings keep on being a contender. The last 3 times the wings lost was to the conference champs, Edmonton, Calgary, Anaheim. I think the wings had 5 presidents trophies atleast and 3 cups in that time. Don’t get me wrong thou i said from playoff day 1 that i would rather play dallas then edmonton just cuz to me Edmonton has a fast depth team. But i also am happy knowing going into that last game, the wings, out shot, out hit, out face offed, had a better PK and PP. So ya ur goalie won that for you not ur entire team.

  16. tacitus says:

    actually biggest embarassment will be between, Domi, Tucker, Stajan, and Sundin

  17. tacitus says:

    actually biggest embarassment will be between, Domi, Tucker, Stajan, and Sundin

  18. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    I respect what Chelios has done in his career, but WHY??? Detroit is saying a 43 year old Chelios at 850 grand is better than breaking in a young defenseman at league minimum…..WHAT? Did the Wings realize they went out first round to the Oilers? Have they been watching the NHL playoffs so far? Young is in, and seems to be staying like that. Sorry Chelly, but times they are a changin’!

  19. the_word says:

    I didn’t realize that there was an echeo on this page. When have Domi, Tucker, Stajan and Sundin threaten to murder kill Gary Bettman or wore a Bettman sucks sticker on their helmet?

  20. the_word says:

    you win best post on this article.

  21. Marky2Fresh says:

    Reward plz

  22. Marky2Fresh says:

    The Wings are respectful enough to let the man choose when to finish and not force him out.

  23. the_word says:

    Oh, the bourgeouis Detriot fans, how they may flex their might. President trophies are meaningless and all Detriot did was buy Stanley Cups via free agency. The salary cap will clip the wings sooner than later.

  24. the_word says:

    Bet the wings would’ve like Cujo this year, ah well they blew it.

  25. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Dude, Father Time is forcing him out, not the Wings…..

  26. the_word says:

    Are you straight?

  27. dcz28 says:

    You obviously don’t know much about Detroit since their cups were won with good drafting and sound trades. Only for the cup in 2002 did Detroit make a big UFA splash with Hull and Robitaille although their best players that year were Yzerman, Lidstrom and Hasek and Lidstrom and Yzerman were drafted while Hasek was traded for so they didn’t buy the cup as you put it.

    Wings had no cap room this season while having to cut payroll in half from the previous capless NHL and still iced a good team…now depending on how much Lidstrom is going to get they might have a little more room to improve the team and be stronger next season. The salary cap is not going to clip the Wings as you put it…they have great people in the franchise who will keep this franchise a contender for years down the road.

    If you want to talk about a franchise that was and is clipped by the cap look no further than the Leafs since they don’t have a good GM running the team.

  28. dcz28 says:

    San Jose and the Ducks have young teams and one is gone and the other on the brink so having a bunch of young players would not have made a difference against the Oilers since this is the year that they will go to the finals like Calgary did the last playoffs and lose to Carolina or Buffalo.

  29. tacitus says:


    DX rules

    considering i made no reference to anything homosexual i have no clue where that came from on ur part

  30. tacitus says:

    hes just a goof looking to stip up some sort of internet fight. Thats what happens when kids in grade 6 get the parential controls lifted off the net nanny

  31. tacitus says:

    they are just embarassments in gerneral

  32. the_word says:

    Hasek, Joseph, Hatcher, Hull, Chelios, Schnedieur, Chris Osgood, Mike Vernon, Jason Woolley, Dan Cleary are few rental or UFAs that come to mind off the top of my head.

  33. the_word says:

    We’ll see the what the wings can do when they have trouble singning all their talent once star player’s contract is up. I mean they barely could fit Datzsuk under the cap.

    Even us kids in six grade can see the writting on the wall, but its ice to see your boyfriend stick up for you, very progressive.

  34. the_word says:

    DX is quite homo erotic.

  35. the_word says:

    Oh, I get it, cause they play for the leafs, and you don’t like the leafs, thats funny, good post, keep them coming.

  36. my_sphincter says:


    That’s funny

  37. my_sphincter says:

    The only big name UFAs that Detroit has picked up since 1993 are…

  38. Robitaille
  39. Hull
  40. Joseph
  41. Whitney
  42. Hatcher
  43. Cleary (450,000 – not exactly buying a star here)
  44. Osgood (doesn’t really count as he was coming back to Detroit for little $$$ and as a backup)
  45. I wouldn’t call that a really big list of UFAs (at least not over a 13 year span). And as for rental players, If a player stays on after being traded at the deadline to a team, they are not considered a rental. Hasek, Chelios, Schneider, Vernon and Woolley were all picked up in trades.

  • the_word says:

    its the same mentality as a UFA, pick up whoever you can at the deadline for next to nothing (trade some of those draft picks that you apparently build your team on) and then keep them.

    When the signed Cleary they paid much more than he was worth (neighborhood of 2 million per season), why? Cause they could, sign an mediocre RFA from Edmonton, anytime someone is available sign or trade for them, thats Detroits philosophy. IE Larry Murphy, Ray Whitney, Robert Lang (did they draft these guys too?)

    Not an option is this NHL though, bye bye Lidstrom (he wants 8/yr after the Richards deal and if they do sign him, thats it, no more rentals to bail them out), no longer can Detroit buy contenders.

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