Cherry Must Go?

Well if you live in Canada I’m sure you’ve all heard about how the federal government is investigating on-air comments about francophones made by Don Cherry on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada. If you haven’t heard the comments made by Cherry, he was basically berating those who are calling for the mandatory use of protective visors by NHL players following a bunch of recent eye injuries. Cherry then went on to say that the only players who wear visors are “Europeans and French guys.” To add more fire to the mix, a columnist for The Gazette (a French Montreal paper), Jack Todd, wrote a column the next day claiming that Cherry was a “racist” and demanded a full apology.

Okay before I talk about the comments let’s talk about the point Cherry was trying to make. Years ago, Cherry was predicting that the increase use of visors, and the possibility of them becoming mandatory would only increase the number of high sticking injuries, because players would lose respect for each other, and would become irresponsible with their sticks. You can hate Cherry if you want, but you have to admit he was right on the money with that one. No one listened and now look at all the high stick incidents we’ve seen lately, the most recent coming last night when Foote high stick Yzerman with 1 sec left in the third period with the puck not even in reach of Yzerman’s stick. I know Foote didn’t do it on purpose but that was perfect example of a player being totally irresponsible with his stick.

As far as his comments go, I won’t say how I feel about the issue, but I will say that Cherry calls it like he sees it. Can we really punish Cherry for having a diverse view? Are TV broadcasters supposed to hide their real feelings, and just say what the government wants them to say? Maybe Cherry was wrong with what he said, but at least he said what was his view, not the governments view, or “the correct thing to say”. Cherry didn’t make that comment because he doesn’t like Europeans or French Canadians; he said it because that’s what he thinks. Maybe its true and maybe its not, I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Like it or not, Don Cherry is a cultural icon. Cherry and MacLean make up a great combination of hockey knowledge and comic relief. It would be a shame to see them taken off the air, because some Canadians can’t handle a diverse view that pokes a little bit of fun at a certain group. There are many dumb things I hate about Cherry (mainly the fact that he can’t pronounce any players name) but I always give him credit for saying how he really feels. I rather watch Cherry on a hockey show saying his real views no matter how dumb they are, then some robot broadcaster who is programmed to say “the correct thing”.

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  1. Jack_Laviolette says:

    You’re right, he’s the greatest hockey mind to ever bless this noble sport… lol

  2. edmontonrules says:

    Ya I figured that my opnion counted. I also figured that you are really pissed off about this. I bet you never even knew he was saying this stuff until it was blown out of proportion with the media.

  3. edmontonrules says:

    Just to get it straight who are Fleury, Yagr (wtf), and Bure? Are those the ones who don’t play in the NHL anymore, because they aren’t intelligent?

  4. LondonK says:

    Cherry is an idiot. He has probably said about 100 things that could have got him in serious trouble like this. The problem I have though is, what exactly did he say wrong with his “Europeans and French guys (wear visors)” comment. Prove him wrong. His example of the Montreal Canadians was exactly right. They are mostly french and european players and half of them, or more, wear visors. Look at the leafs (as I know them most) Reichel wears a visor, Renberg wears a visor, but you don’t see the others wearing them. His statement was absolutely correct. It came across bigotty but it was correct.

    And they are making it seem like Cherry just got on TV and is like this. Newsflash to the people who made the complaint, he has been there for ages acting the same way every year. Grow some thick skin and take Cherry for what he is, knowledgeable on hockey, loud, and comically stupid at how he views people. Yes he has a huge bias towards enlish, and mainly Canadian players, but so what. Is he honestly hurting anyone. Frankly that ICE series does more damage than Cherry’s idiotic rants.

  5. big_booty says:

    Did anyone else have the words “mulitple personality disorder” pop into their heads while reading this?

    Maybe it’s just me.

    Maybe it’s not.

    I mean, it’s obivous that his prescience is so keen that he can wrongly predict the sexuality of obviously more intelligent folk that he’s never met.

    Not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    Remind you all of anyone we might know?

  6. Lint07 says:

    Titans tried to make me (and all the french canadians members) go crazy with this for so long, back in the day. Unfortunately for him he realized I had thick skin and eventually decided to target Leaf_Expert… and the rest is history!

  7. Lint07 says:

    so it means that I am an exception. I always say that I’m a Canadian, even though I am “in fact” a Québec Native.

    Québec is part of Canada, like it or not. I don’t buy those separatists’ politics.

    I am a Québec native, french canadian, quebecker, whatever fits you… it’s all the same to me.

    Funny how those same “quebeckers” claiming they have nothing to do with Canada were SO proud of “their” country when we won the gold…?

    Politics & sports should never be mixed together.

  8. Lint07 says:

    dude, you’re so 3 years ago!

    quoting the exact same words of the guy you’re trying to impersonate doesen’t fool anyboby.

    Either change your style or ask Titans some tips…

  9. big_booty says:


    Philippe Bozon. St. Louis Blues.

    Look it up.

  10. Jack_Laviolette says:

    Of course, it’s not so bad. I’m pleasantly surprised to see that no so many people take this guy seriously. But still, I don’t like the kind of message/example he’s broadcasting when he makes such statements. Kids who grow up watching this guy every saturday night might develop this kind of facist attitude, and it makes for a grim future in the english/french duality in Canada.

    What pisses me off the most is that my taxes are contributing to this guy’s huge paycheck; I’d rather be taunted for free, it’s funnier that way. I just don’t think he should get political.

    I bet he has very entertaining things to say about one famous tit. Let’s hear it.

  11. Wills says:

    There was a backup goalie from France that played this year or last. I can’t remember which team though.

  12. big_booty says:

    Cristobal Huet, LA Kings.

    Forgot about him.

    That’s two, Jack.

  13. OldNord says:

    Some Quebeckers were on the team Marco.

    Lemieux, Brodeur, Gagné are those I can remember for now.

  14. BarryMelrosesMullet says:

    who who?

  15. Lint07 says:

    true. But they didn’t won the gold by themselves, the entire team did it.

  16. Destroyah says:

    Yes the game changes from year to year. But the instigator rule has been in effect for some time now. Are you going to tell me if Steve Yzerman was high sticked by Adam Foote in 1985-1989, that Foote would not have had to deal with Bob Probert and/or Joe Kocur???? I don’t remember any Red Wing going after Foote last week. And that would be because of the instigator rule. Respect amongst the players is not what it used to be, and whether it is because of the new sticks, less room on the ice because of the size of the players among other things, some players use this as an excuse to do “their dirty work”. I know Cherry’s views are not for everyone, but I really do believe he was right.

    As far as the new sticks, why wouldn’t one think they would become popular??? Look at golf, baseball with their equipment changes. If something is the “new thing”, word of mouth alone helps the progress.

  17. cwthrash says:

    Of course something like that would become popular. But not one of us could have possibly known five or ten years ago what these sticks would be like now. Maybe we could have guessed back then the sticks would be lighter and more powerful, but there is no way we could have known just how much. A couple years ago maybe we could have seen this coming, but certainly not a decade ago.

    I’m not gonna defend the instigator rule, I don’t think it helps either. But I still believe that most players respect their peers; you’re always gonna have some real cheap-shot artists, that will never change. Now back in the 70s, that is where you will find little respect amongst players. Since then I believe that there has been more and more respect each year (of course there will always be a year here or there where that respect dwindles).

    It’s ebb and flow, and unfortunately we are in a bad period right now. It’s happened before, and it certainly will again. But I just don’t think that the things we’ve seen constitutes a bigger lack of respect. Maybe frustration over factors inside the game and outside of it as well, but not an inherent dis-respect. These players have had to make more than a few adjustments with rule changes, equipment regulation, the list almost endless. A lot of change in a little time usually doesn’t work too well, and we’re seeing that now.

    That’s (part of) how I see it. I can understand why people think the respect is less, that’s just not how I view it. Too many other factors are playing into all this, to me the respect issue is not really close to the root of the overall problem. But I think we can both agree that there are problems that need to be fixed quickly. We are already disillusioned and confused enough.

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