Cherry: If Phaneuf beats Prust, Leafs win

Some issues can’t wait until Saturday night.

Passionate about an incident that occurred during the Montreal Canadiens 5-2 thrashing of the Toronto Maple Leafs Wednesday night at Air Canada Centre, Don Cherry called in to Hockey Central at Noon Thursday adamant that Leafs defenceman Dion Phaneuf should have fought Montreal Canadiens tough guy Brandon Prust when challenged.

“Dion runs around and bangs and smashes and looks for trouble,” Cherry said. “I knew they were going to lose when he didn’t answer the bell.”

Cherry, a former scrapper himself, maintained that Phaneuf doesn’t have to fight every night but there is a time to stand up, and Phaneuf missed that chance.

“There is a time when you have to answer the bell. When he turned (Prust) down and made him look ridiculed, they went to the bench and Prust was laughing on the bench,” the Coach’s Corner analyst went on. “You cannot go after the lightweights; (Phaneuf) goes after the lightweights when he fights.

“Once in a while you have to drop the gloves with a tough guy.”