Chevy keeping steady trigger finger No rush to make deal, but always on lookout

Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff said Sunday he’s got a much better handle on his team than at the start of the NHL season, but he’s not done evaluating.

In other words, those impatient for changes to the Jets’ lineup will likely have to wait a while longer.

“We’re in the same situation as many teams,” Cheveldayoff said after 41 games have yielded a record of 20-16-5 for his team. “We’re always looking to see what’s available out there.

“We’re always having conversations but to the extent that someone’s ready to pull the trigger, those things really aren’t planned. They evolve.

“Sometimes the opportunities present themselves and you feel you have to act. But there haven’t been any of those come up yet. To say when and where, that’s hard to speculate.”

The rookie GM was eager to say that he has liked what he has seen in terms of his young team’s growth.

“Growth from both individuals and from team play,” he said. “There are tremendous positives in those areas. When you’re there daily, maybe you don’t see the growth as easily. But when you step away from the team, then come back and watch, you can see the different areas that the team has progressed in.

“We’re getting to know our own team, these people. After 41 games, you have a really good handle on the personalities of all the players, have a handle on their games and from a growth perspective, you get to see where some of these guys are going.

“And in the standings, we’re in the thick of things. We’d like to be higher. When you’re well in it, you’d like to be on top. And when you’re on top, you’re still looking to improve.”

As for the entire organization’s status halfway through the season, Cheveldayoff said the Jets have caught up in many areas after a frenzied summer that saw the franchise move from Atlanta in a very short time frame.