Coachs v.s NHL on Proposed Rule Changes

A couple days ago the Toronto Sun reported that during some meetings at the NHL draft a conflict between the NHL coachs and the League itself started.

The coaches want several changes made to the game to speed the game up and increase goal scoring. There are four proposed changes

First they want to shrink the goalies equipment (length of the pads and the width of the chest and shoulder pads) as well as start to strickly monator and regulate the size of the equipment. They also want to ban the ……….creative equipment that goalies like Giguire have started to use.

Second they want to limit the goaltenders freedom to play the puck (making defemen have to commit to playing the puck more). The suggested rule changes included having goalies required to have one foot in the crease at all times and allowing players to hit the goalies when/if the left the crease.

Third, the coaches also want the nets moved back one or two feet towards the boards. The nets were moved out a few years ago, it was believed that moving the nets otu would allow skilled players to use that room behind the net to make more and better wrap around goals as well as quarterback players better. However this hasn’t worked and the coaches believe that if that space is reduced then players will dump the puck in less becuase they will be unable to cycle the puck as well as they do now.

Fourth the coaches want to see the return of the tag-up rule, which allows attackers to come out of the zone after the puck crosses the blue line. This rule would lead to fewer play stopages which makes setting up the trap much harder.

The Mr. Bettman has said that “the game is perfect the way is it” but he did sit in on the coachs meetings when the possible rule changes were discussed. It was reported that these changes will be considered by the NHL during the off season, however the likely hood of the rules being changed is unknown.