Coachs v.s NHL on Proposed Rule Changes

A couple days ago the Toronto Sun reported that during some meetings at the NHL draft a conflict between the NHL coachs and the League itself started.

The coaches want several changes made to the game to speed the game up and increase goal scoring. There are four proposed changes

First they want to shrink the goalies equipment (length of the pads and the width of the chest and shoulder pads) as well as start to strickly monator and regulate the size of the equipment. They also want to ban the ……….creative equipment that goalies like Giguire have started to use.

Second they want to limit the goaltenders freedom to play the puck (making defemen have to commit to playing the puck more). The suggested rule changes included having goalies required to have one foot in the crease at all times and allowing players to hit the goalies when/if the left the crease.

Third, the coaches also want the nets moved back one or two feet towards the boards. The nets were moved out a few years ago, it was believed that moving the nets otu would allow skilled players to use that room behind the net to make more and better wrap around goals as well as quarterback players better. However this hasn’t worked and the coaches believe that if that space is reduced then players will dump the puck in less becuase they will be unable to cycle the puck as well as they do now.

Fourth the coaches want to see the return of the tag-up rule, which allows attackers to come out of the zone after the puck crosses the blue line. This rule would lead to fewer play stopages which makes setting up the trap much harder.

The Mr. Bettman has said that “the game is perfect the way is it” but he did sit in on the coachs meetings when the possible rule changes were discussed. It was reported that these changes will be considered by the NHL during the off season, however the likely hood of the rules being changed is unknown.

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  1. Hockey_Fan says:

    I would like these changes. I would like the crossbar raised too.

  2. brewstar03 says:

    Low-scoring games is not that big of a problem that we need to raise the crossbar. Think about if they changed things like that in other sports…

    Basketball- Making the rims wider. More shots would go in, making it easier for the so-so to bad players to score.

    Baseball- Using aluminum bats or bringing the fences in even closer than they are right now. Homeruns would be very easy to come by.

    Football- Shortening the field by 20-30 yards. Anyone can figure that out.

    … And there you have it. Raising the crossbar would ruin the history of the game, all for more goals (a considerable amount that is). Just like chaning those things in the other sports would change and mess up their history also.


  3. habs_for_the_cup says:

    move the nets back where they were and you will have more space in the neutral zone for the fast players to get their speed and create more scoring opportunities in teh offensivc zone……..

  4. mikster says:


  5. sluggo says:

    I would only consider raising the cross bar if they can’t (because of protests by the goalies) shrink the equipment.

    But how would raising the cross bar change the history of the game? Hockey has gone through many different rule changes over the years – from 6-on-6 to 5-on-5, moving the net out, stoping the tag-out, having the players wear helmets etc…… Making the nets bigger wouldn’t ruin the history of the game at all.

  6. cwthrash says:

    Except for the rule about limiting goalies freedom to play the puck, the other three would be good for the game.

    I knew it was a bad idea when they got rid of the tag-up rule in the first place. I look for this rule and the monitoring of goalie equipment to be implemented for next year. Of course I could never predict what these guys will do, but those two rules seem too logical not to merit inclusion. Even the collective “braintrust” of the league can’t ignore such an easy call. But it wouldn’t surprise me if those rules get left out; nothing surprises me anymore with the crew running the league now.

  7. FlyersGoCupCrazy says:

    I STILL say that they should concentrate on calling the rules they already have (interference) before adding new ones (or changing old ones). The game is fine, don’t screw with it. Call it the way it’s supposed to be called, and it will be fine. Also, contract a couple teams (why do we have two in Florida anyway!?!?!?) so the remaining ones will have more talent, and won’t be forced to play trap hockey (and will also be better equipped to beat those that do). I also think the players need more personality. The league needs more players like Brett Hull and Jeromy Roenick. Guys that actually have something to say, instead of just “if we keep playing our game, we’ll have success.” And for God’s sake, LET THEM FIGHT!!!!

  8. sluggo says:

    I like limiting the goalies movement out of hte crease. It would make it harder for teams to play the trap since one or both Defense men would need to commit to playing the puck when it’s dumped in. I would go with allowing players to hit the goalie if they step out of the crease, it would still allow goalies to play the puck once in a while, but would really cut down on it since the goaleis wouldn’t want to risk being knocked down leaving the net open.

  9. sluggo says:

    The game isn’t fine the way it is. People used to watch hockey because it was a fast moving, exciting, high scoring game. However now its become soccer on ice. Just look at the last game of the finals this year. The first period was great, exciting fast moving hockey. However once the devils got hte lead they started playing the trap and the game became painful to watch.

    I also don’t think having more skilled players would make that much of a difference. Look at the Ducks – Kariya, Sykoria, Oats, Rucchin, Thomas and they still played the trap. I do think they need to call the obstruction penalities more like they did at the start of the season, but the changes the coachs want to make would only help make the game that much faster and more exciting.

  10. cwthrash says:

    That rule does have some merit. My concern with it is how it could be worded to convey the message to goalies, and how it would be enforced on the ice.

    It just looks like it would be a very tough rule to hold up.

    But if anything can be done to slow the trap or get rid of it, then I’m all for it.

  11. aaron says:

    Ok, first every fan on this site was bitching when the refs were calling 20 penalties a game, and it did nothing to increase scoring anyway.

    Second, players are still going to play the trap if you go back to the Original Six. Its the most effective way to win. A good trapping team will beat a good run and gun team 9 times out of 10.

    Third, your personality thing’s fine, as long as it doesn’t turn into the NBA. One thing I like about the NHL is that most players are mild mannered and mellow all the time. I hate dumbsh*ts like Yashin, Lindros, and other headcases who are always in the headlines.

    Fourth, LET THEM FUCKING FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. aaron says:

    I think fair game part will be enough to keep the goalie in the crease. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen players flying in at full speed only to pull up and veer away from the puck b/c the goalie had possession of it. That’s just not right.

  13. swedishvoice says:


  14. devfanman4 says:

    I agree with all these suggested rule changes. I’m not so sure about keeping goalies in the crease, but if they were fair game when they came out, that would be pretty cool. I’ve always been a fan of tag up offisides.

  15. mikster says:

    ja god sa pass du samtycke med jag.

  16. cwthrash says:

    Goalies should be protected to an extent because they are concentrating soley on stopping the puck. But I agree, if they come out of the crease to play the puck, they are fair game.

    If a rule like this were put in, they just need to keep it in their head to watch out. I’d like to see it actually. Only thing I can see as a big problem is that more than a few players would try to take a big run at a goalie in this position. Refs would really need to pay attention to see what is a normal check or if the player is trying to take out the goalie. Hard to make that distinction after so many years of treating goalies with kid gloves. But it has potential.

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