Colaiacovo Not Ready for Maurice!

Carlo Colaiacovo was forced to leave practice today; the first day of training camp.Much-a-do-about-ANYTHING is the norm in Toronto but today saw an interesting development with the Toronto Maple Leafs under the new Regime of Paul Maurice.

It has been the hub-bub as of late that Maurice will be running a shorter practice with a much higher tempo to get the leafs up to speed in the new NHL, after showcasing how slow they are last year.

This up tempo practice seemingly proved to much for Colaiacovo, who was witnessed leaving the practice with dizzyness, and flu like symptoms, and very pale.

While it is the hope of leaf fans that it is just the flu, Colaiacovo could still be suffering from Post-Concussion-Syndrome. He interviewed yesterday on TSn saying he was fine and ready to go, but as many leafs are finding out today in training camp that maybe they have a ways to go yet.

If Colaiacovo is still suffering from the concussion he received in January 2006 while playing Ottawa, then he may be questionable for the start of the season, and find himself out of the running for a spot on the leafs 5-6 defense positions, and a return to the marlies, at least for the early part of the season.

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  1. The-President says:

    trade him while he still has value.

    Trade him to NJ for Paul Martin


    2nd rounder

    for Martin

  2. Alozo07 says:

    NO NO NO NO NO! that would be getting rid of a second rounder and not getting much in return, and if we traded him i would rather trade him for a forward we have enough decent call ups on defence to keep us steady for the season i.e Kronwall, White, Harrison, Bell.

  3. The-President says:

    are you responding to me, a 2nd rounder for martin would be awesome, in my opinion, martin is better then Coliacovo and gill.

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    coli and a seond rounder is too much for martin. the leafs don’t need more depth at any position.

  5. 92-93 says:

    forget that, go after Jack Johnson! hehehe

    according to Eklund: “. Jack Johnson is going to get traded. The Hurricanes are calling around and quite a few teams are seriously interested. The Hurricanes are looking for a 3-4 dman and a first line forward. Teams that are interested include Pittsburgh, Toronto, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Boston, the New York Rangers and Detroit. Of course all 30 teams are interested, but these are just the teams that I have heard about.”

    What could the leafs offer? well, the Canes would probably want younger players who are more inexpensive but are potential stars.

    I would offer Coliacovo, Tucker, and maybe a 2nd or 3rd rounder for Johnson (since Tucker isn’t considered a first line forward for most teams).

    the Leafs probably won’t see Johnson in their uniform until 2007-2008, but they would have so much depth on D that JFJ could be confident in trading Gill at the deadline for whatever and one or two of their younger D-guys (pick from Kronvall, Bell, White, Woz, Harrison) in a package for Zherdev.

  6. 92-93 says:

    ok, so i am dreaming, but here is a pretty neat scenario that could occur over the course of the next year:

    In September/October:

    To Toronto: Johnson

    To Carolina: Coliacovo, Tucker, 2nd rounder

    by the trade deadline in March, trade Gill and Tellqvist for mid-round draft picks (which would kind of make up for the 2nd rouder they gave up for Johnson and, more importantly, would free up $2.6 million in cap space – in addition to the $2.5 million by trading Tucker and Coliacovo.

    In the offseason, pick up the option on Sundin and resign O’Neill IF he hits 30 goals this year and Peca IF he performs well. Let go of Belak, please. Resign Antropov for 1 to 1.5 million for 1 or 2 years, resign Aubin for league minimum (and I think the Leafs have to resign/qualify Steen and Poni too).

    If the Zherdev situation still hasn’t been resolved, the Leafs, after resigning Antropov, should make the following trade:

    To Toronto: Zherdev

    To Columbus: Antropov, Suglobov, Bell, 1st round pick in 2007 draft

    The Leafs would lose their picks for the first two rounds in the 2007 draft but would have Johnson and Zherdev. Moreover, they would have 2 extra picks in the middle rounds as well, which they could combine and trade for a pick in the 2nd round.

    In any case, the roster heading into the 2007-08 season:





    [call ups: Westrum, Tlusty/Earl, Foster, Battaglia]

    The average age of these forward lines is remarkably young. The only veterans consist of Sundin (36 next year), Peca (35 next year), O’Neill (32 next year), and Kilger (31 next year). Everyone else is young, fast, and smart.




    [Call-ups: Kronvall, Wozniewski, Oreskovic, Harrington]



    [call-up: Pogge]

  7. The-President says:

    Well I figured we would be a little more realistic with Paul Martin, which by the way is a damn good player, better then Coliacovo, and a 2nd rounder. Martin is well suited for the fast paced NHL, and hes still young.

    But if you want to go for Johnson instead, which their is a very slim chance of that happening. Lets throw in Ladd too, instead of Zherdev.



    1st rounder

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    you’ve given away our top 2 draft picks, and 3 quality plyers for Martin and Zhederev (2 guys who are a pain in the A$$ to resign)

  9. The-President says:

    I don’t want Zherdev did you see what I wrote, I said either Paul MArtin for Cliacovo, and a 2nd rounder,


    forget the MArtin trade, and



    1st rounder




  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    not worth it for the leafs, 1st rounders are good to keep, don’t throw them away so quickly

  11. Aetherial says:

    It really all comes down to what other teams are willing to offer.

    If Colaiacovo is even *suspected* to be less than 100%, this deal has no hope. In fact, even his injury-riddled past alone may make this not worthwhile.

    I somehow don’t see the Leafs getting this guy, but it would be good if they could, since they aren’t winning this year or next, or next, or next…

  12. 92-93 says:

    and right now that is certainly the case. Coliacovo is damaged goods but i am hoping he increases his value this year.

  13. 92-93 says:

    not worth it for the LEAFS??!!

    no no no. not worth it for Carolina!

    that is their two big prospects. no WAY they are going to make that move. Kubina is untradeable at 5 million a year – forget about getting rid of him. he might as well have a ‘no movement clause.’

    Stajan is a sound two-way centre and in the future will have much more value.

    I dont care about trading away our first rounder if it means its going to help us get a kid like Johnson or Ladd.

    But i know Rutherford is a nice guy, but even he is not nice enough to the leafs to make this deal.

  14. TML51 says:


    The first “casualty” of the Maurice regime? It should be remembered that Colaiacovo is suffereing from post concussion syndrome, and he probably isn’t up to his conditioning from last year, as this syndrome usually tends to stop you from working out, etc.

    Should be interesting to watch. I don’t think he is tradeable at this point, as he’d be viewed as “damaged goods”.

  15. 92-93 says:

    Hey, anyone see the highlights to the Blue and White game?

    All I can say about Tlusty is … WOW.

    This kid has skills and patience too.

  16. 92-93 says:

    Ok, onto the roster for this season and training camp (got my tickets to see the Sens and Leafs here in Ottawa – booya). The key battles are on D and for the back-up role. its clear that Pogge will be the starter for the Marlies and one of Aubin and Tellqvist will be his back-up. Raycroft is the #1 guy for the Leafs for NOW. So …

    Issue 1: Tellqvist vs. Aubin

    Here’s the thing, it appears that 80 percent of Leaf fans have written off Telly and favour Aubin. but let me make this clear: Tellqvist bombed (along with THE REST OF THE TEAM) in just 2 games in Montrreal. the rest of the games he played last year were SOLID GAMES. Aubin came in and played solid in the last 12 games too. But the way some fans are talking, Aubin is a lock for the back-up position. but i think Aubin is a lock for something else – i think he will be the guy who is traded or picked up through waivers at some point this year. the Leafs brass are more committed to Telly for better or for worse.

    but right now, honestly, whoever plays better in the exhibition games gets the back-up role with the Leafs. Aubin will get that spot to begin with, but that WILL CHANGE as the season progresses.

    Issue 2: Which two young D-guys are with the Leafs?

    My picks – Bell or Coliacovo and Harrison. The only reason why I pick these guys is simple. Harrison has to pass through waivers and as much as the Leafs’ brass are poo-poo-ing the notion of waivers playing a role in who makes the team, i disagree. White and Kronvall, although they might be the two best kids to make the team (outside of Coliacovo), dont have to go through waivers and will start with the Marlies. However, both will make their mark with the Leafs later on the year (hence, how unnecessary the Gill signing was).

    Coliacovo is having health ‘issues’ and we do not know much about them. If it is concussion related, Bell will start. Harrison is one of my fav Leaf D-guys and I think he DESERVES to start with the Leafs, hopefully he plays well in the training camp.




    Issue 3: Who will make the club’s forward lines?

    This question is not as crucial to the Leafs right now. we know the veterans – Sundin, Tucker, Peca, Kilger, O’Neill. We know the big 5 youth movement from last few seasons – Steen, Wellwood, Stajan, Poni, Antropov. We also know that the Centres are pretty much set – Stajan, Sundin, Wellwood, Peca. We know that two spots are open on the wings.

    Suglobov, Pohl are the front-runners (one-way contracts) but what about Williams (my fav), Westrum, Battaglia?

    Even some of the long-shots look impressive – Tlusty, Earl, Foster.

    In particular, Tlusty seems to be an amazing prospect. He will probably start with the Marlies after initially being penciled in for the Soo Greyhounds. But this kid has some serious talent. Its just that he needs to develop physically so there is no way he is in the NHL this year. Maybe next year? He certainly has the skills, vision, and patience to be in the NHL now. Its too bad Sundin was a year or two younger – I could see the two of them click very well.

  17. 92-93 says:

    and another thing … back to the Tellqvist point i mentioned: there were a lot of things that sunk the leafs last year.

    1) injuries

    2) not a very good shootout team

    3) not playing the young guys enough and not holding guys accountable

    4) and yes, those two games in montreal … but …

    5) the biggest reason why the Leafs missed the playoffs is their slump in January and February, which began with a loss in Calgary on Jan. 6th and ended with a loss at home in late-Feb to the Caps on Feb 28th.

    Calgary Loss

    Edmonton Win (Telly was in net)

    Vancouver Loss

    Phoenix Loss (this one really hurt)

    Colorado Loss

    Minny Loss (Telly in net)

    Ottawa Loss (7-0)

    Ottawa Loss

    Buffalo Loss (Telly in net for 3rd period, 2 GAA)

    Montreal Loss in 4-on-4 OT (Telly in net)

    Florida Win

    TB Loss in SO

    Washington Loss

    NJ Win

    Atlanta Win (playing against Atl. last year was fun wasn’t it?)

    NYR Loss

    NYR Loss

    So at this point,

    Belfour’s record during this slump was 3-10-0-1

    Telly’s was 1-1-1-0

    The Leafs were eliminated from the playoffs after that Capitals loss. Mathematically – no. but in reality they were finished. their inconsistency had been displayed all season long and this 2-month period cemented it. But Telly’s our whipping boy right? Despite the fact that in March – with the exception of the 2 Montreal games – he was completely solid:

    Buffalo Loss (Telly in net)

    Ottawa Loss (Belfour in net)

    Montreal Win (Belfour in net – this is the game that somehow convinced JFJ that the Leafs were a contender, thus no deadline deals were necessary)

    NYI Loss in SO (Belfour’s last game)

    TB Win (Telly – stopped 29 of 30 shots)

    Boston Win in SO

    Buffalo Loss (Telly stopped 30 of 32 shots)

    NYR Loss (Telly stopped 19 of 24 shots but 3 of those goals were Jagr engineered on the PP)

    Carolina Win (Telly stopped 33 of 35 shots against the eventual Cup champs)

    Montreal Loss (Telly stopped 25 of 30 shots and had a bad first period – giving up 4 goals)

    Montreal Loss (Telly stopped 23 of 29 shots)

    Telly’s record after Belfour’s injury:

    3-4-0-0 (with 2 of those 4 losses in Buffalo and NYR, in which Telly played well but had no chance of winning).

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