Colaiacovo Not Ready for Maurice!

Carlo Colaiacovo was forced to leave practice today; the first day of training camp.Much-a-do-about-ANYTHING is the norm in Toronto but today saw an interesting development with the Toronto Maple Leafs under the new Regime of Paul Maurice.

It has been the hub-bub as of late that Maurice will be running a shorter practice with a much higher tempo to get the leafs up to speed in the new NHL, after showcasing how slow they are last year.

This up tempo practice seemingly proved to much for Colaiacovo, who was witnessed leaving the practice with dizzyness, and flu like symptoms, and very pale.

While it is the hope of leaf fans that it is just the flu, Colaiacovo could still be suffering from Post-Concussion-Syndrome. He interviewed yesterday on TSn saying he was fine and ready to go, but as many leafs are finding out today in training camp that maybe they have a ways to go yet.

If Colaiacovo is still suffering from the concussion he received in January 2006 while playing Ottawa, then he may be questionable for the start of the season, and find himself out of the running for a spot on the leafs 5-6 defense positions, and a return to the marlies, at least for the early part of the season.