Columbus VS Minnesota & Views From a Blue Jacket Fan

The Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild are both expansion teams from 2 years ago. They have decided to take two different paths. Columbus is getting prepared for long run success while Minnesota is trying to become effective earlier.


Wild Jackets

Leader- Ronning Dineen

Skilled- Gaborik Klesla

D-Man- Kuba Klesla

Offensive Player- Gaborik Marshall

Defensive Player- Ronning Sillinger

Shot Blocker- Benysek Lachance

Toughness- Johnson Shelley

Faceoffs- Walz Sillinger

Speed- Gaborik Sanderson


Goal- Marc Denis will handle most of the load this year with the departure of Ron Tugnutt. Expect a career year.

Defense: With the maturity of Rosti Klesla and the aquisitions of Lachance and Richardson they should have a fairly solid core.

Offense: Columbus still needs a prolific goal scorer but will have to settle with Geoff Sanderson and Grant Marshall. Look for Doug Maclean to be active during the season.


Goal- Dwayne Roloson played very well for the Wild last year and should get the nod for the starter.

Defense- Filup Kuba was under-rated until becoming a Wild player. He has good offensive as well as defensive skills, he is the QB of the Wild’s powerplay.

Offense: The Minnesota are building differently then the Jackets, they wabt offense right away and have such with Gaborik, Brunette, Ronning and Kuba.

News and Views from a Jackets Fan

The Jackets have made several moves over the last few months that I believe will create a competitive team soon. Gone from the team are Brett Harkins, Robert Kron, and Deron Quint. All of these players were defensive liabilities and while a few, notably Timmander, were fan faves, the fact that they are gone is a plus for the Jackets. I think that the fact that management is willing to part with these players and their salaries is encouraging. The signing ofd Luke Richardson, Scott Lachance, and the maturing of Klesla will make the Jackets much better on the blue line and the drafting of Nash will help greatly in the scoring catagory. Watching Nash in development camp this week has only proven to me that Nash will indeed be a star in the NHL. It may not be this year, but it will be soon. The biggest question in my head is if Denis is ready to take over netminder duties from Tugnut. Two young goaltenders such as Denis and Pascal Leclaire may either make it or break it for the Jackets over the next few years. Will they make the playoffs this year. I hope they will but I have my doubts. However, I think they have the components to cause a ripple in the league in a year or two. Look how bad Ottawa was in their first few years.