Coming closer, and closer!

Its two days before the trade deadline, and their has been only three major deals–> stillman, and commodore to ottawa for eaves, and corvo to carolina and modry to philadelphia for a 3rd round draft pick in 2008 going to l.a. and jim vandermeer to calgary for a 3rd round draft pick in 2009 going to philadelphia.

Their has been many trade rumors around the league and can only become bigger as the next two days surpass. Many names have been heard around rumor’s and some player’s include: sundin, jokinen, blake, mccabe, richards, hossa, campbell, boyle, tanguay, ryder, emery, marleau, jagr, murray, and many more.

Lot’s of teams would die to have these players on their team, but the problem is the majority of them have no trade clauses. Many players don’t like getting traded unless they wan’t out of somewhere or think its better for themselves, and the question is should the NHL keep no trade clauses within players.

The Leafs have 5 great players who are trade bate for this years trade dealine, but all have no trade clauses, thats the problem. The players are as followed: sundin, mccabe, kaberle, kubina, and tucker. What makes me wonder is which of these players would waive their no trade clauses. We all know now that Kaberle doesn’t wan’t to leave Toronto, he made it loud, and clear. Their was a deal on the table between the philadelphia flyers ans the leafs that would bring jeff carter, and a 1st round draft pick in to TO, for kaberle, but he rejected the trade.

The other BIG name that doesn’t want to leave Toronto is the “C” sundin. He also made it loud and clear, that he wants to stay in Toronto, but also reasoned why he doesnt want to leave. He said that it wouldn’t feel right to play with another organization, it just wouldn’t be with my heart. I would love to see Mats to be a leaf after the trade deadline, but we can only wait.

I think that the others, McCabe, Kubina, and Tucker can be willingly to waive their no trade clauses. McCabe for sure, who would most likely go to the islanders to stay with his wife in New York. Kubina, and Tucker are great here in Toronto, but are too expensive.

Well all we can do is wait for the next 48 hours to pass by, and im probably not going to sleep for the next couple of nights because im, too excited to see whats going to come down on trade deadline day!

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  1. stoned says:

    If what I hear is true,Fletcher is trying to have Raycroft part of any Sundin package.It will drive the return down,but help chop cap space.I would deal Sundin and Raycroft for The Ducks(Oilers) top pick

  2. jpmac says:

    The Oilers pick is going no where

  3. friesenkelly says:

    Rumors out of TML is two deals are going to happen at the deadline.
    tor trade mats sundin to Ana for bobby ryan,mike mitera,1st 08(ana) and a 4th 08(ana)

    Tor trade bryan mccabe to NYR for paul mara, Alaxie Cherapanov and a 4th 08

  4. dumbassdoorman says:

    Wow i just had my left knee reconstructed, but if either or both of those deals happened i think i could do a backflip. Well lucky for me they probably aren't gonna, cause it would hurt like hell after…LOL. I just hope they can do something, anything positive.

  5. lukeleim says:

    acl reconstructive surg?

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