Comparing Finals…

Everybody is comparing the Flames to burn-outs of the past. Anaheim, Minnesota… flukes. Anaheim let their best player get away, how smart was that? But on to the Flames, everyone wants to talk about how they are different than these flukes of the past and I agree… They are different. They don’t play the trap, which is refreshing and you have to appreciate that, but the outcome will be the same.

In last years Stanley Cup finals we had the Ducks vs. the Devils. The upstarts vs. the veteran winners. The Ducks put up a good fight and I almost caught myself pulling for them during that series, but then I remembered that I’m a Kings’ fan for christ sakes, and there couldn’t be anything more wrong than the Ducks winning the Cup before the Kings. But back to the comparison… the Ducks and the Flames are very much alike in that they are both very young teams with a lot of heart. Heart can take you a long way, but in the end, talent usually triumphs. So what distinguishes the Tampa Bay Lightning from last years Devils? Not only are the Lightning a very talented team, but they are also young and full of heart. So when you break it down…young & full of heart vs. young, full of heart AND TALENTED… No comparison.

I don’t doubt that this series will go 6 or 7 games. In fact, I hope it does because this is really shaping up to be one of the more entertaining series in recent memory. No trap, just fast offense and hard-hitting. God, I love hockey.

Oh, by the way…Tampa in 6 or 7! Go Bolts!

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