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This Mike Comrie story is worst than the Lindros one back in 2000. But is Lowe really the bad guy here?

Curtis Joseph played quite well in last night’s major win over the miscoached Sabres, and Holland made a statement that teams are interested in him.

Why do people think that the Capitals fired Cassidy to accomodate Jagr? And……Rangers fans should really stop wimping out on bringing in the Czech star.

Speaking of….

Rangers are water and oil. The Panthers need to make moves as well as the Falling Stars.

Also, some interesting articles.

…..Annnnnnnnnnnd……my off-topic rant.People are now pointing fingers at Oilers GM Kevin Lowe of the Edmonton Oilers for the story that Mike Comrie will have to pay in order to get traded.

Biggest bull crap ever? Definitely. But, I’m still pointing my finger at Mike Comrie here. His disrespect to the organization has shown all along. Here’s a young player, very young, who has been succeeding in making a good career out of himself with the Oilers. Knowing that the Oilers have an old wripped up wallet with holes, this guy has shown no respect to the organization, no respect to the fans, and no respect to his own career. Yes, he has a right to request more money, but get real! The guy just made himself a contract problem for the rest of his career and general managers do not like players that give team problems with contracts.

Shame on you Mike Comrie, you will become a lame Duck.

Reading Spector’s Rumors…

TORONTO SUN: Rob Longley reports Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland claims he’s been in touch with a few teams interested in Curtis Joseph. While no trade is in the works, Holland claims there are some teams considering CuJo as a potential goaltending upgrade.

Absolutely. Curtis Joseph is an upgrade, then again he is a very expensive upgrade. I believe that one of those teams have been the Rangers, believe it or not. Dunham only has one win in his last 8 starts. He’s just been shakey ever since he was injured. He should have definitely made a save on that shot from Jan Bulis. Expect Markkanen to be played frequently in the next few games until the Dunham gets back in his top performance form. Still, I am not saying Dunham will be traded and Curtis Joseph will come in. No trades is in the works, we all know that. But, I believe that Slats just wanted to check out on Joseph again. If Dunham can’t stop the savable shots….then the Rangers should start worrying just a little bit. Expect to see typical idiotic Garrioch rumors that Joseph will go ot the Rangers. I still highly doubt so since the Rangers would most likely prefer to obtain Jaromir Jagr. The Islanders may also consider Cujo an upgrade, though it’s unlikely Mike Milbury will make a deal. I think Curtis Jospeh is worth getting for a playoff team this season, period.

Somehow, a number of hockey fans believe that the Capitals fired Cassidy to make Jagr feel more relaxed. SAY WHAT!? Pierre McGuire sad it best last night that Cassidy deserved to be fired for making foolish statements out in public…….foolish and idiotic.

The Jagr to Rangers story will continue.

That brings me to a certain level of annoyance. I am annoyed by Rangers fans who “go with the rest of the other teams fans” saying that Jagr is not worth and that the Rangers must rebuild.

I’m calling those Rangers fans a bunch of wimps. Jagr on the Rangers is certainly capable to bring them to the playoffs. He’s the one who will revive Kovalev, revive Hlavac and Nedved. He’s the game breaker. The Rangers got Pavel Bure for a reason, to be the game breaker scoring the tying goals and winning goals. That’s exatcly who the Rangers needed last night. They needed the player to score on that last power play, amazingly the refs called one against the Habs after all the clutching and grabbing they did in the 3rd period, or to score on those last quality chances last night.

That’s what Pavel Bure was used for last season. I remember in a game against the Ducks last season where it went to OT and Bure scored the winner.

Rangers are missing that player and I bet you that if they had a 100% healthy Bure, they would have been over .500.

Bure is gone though, he is on the verge of retiring.

Now you tell me, Rangers fans, which scenario do you prefer the most.

a) Rangers acquire Jagr, make the playoffs, and then deal with Jagr’s contract later.

b) Rangers don’t acquire Jagr, continue to be a team jumping up and down the .500 mark, and have a chance of missing the playoffs for the 7th time in a row. Then, they are forced to rebuild by letting a lot of their veterans go, play youngsters and possible not make the playoffs for one or two more seasons.

What scenario do you choose? I choose A because I want this Rangers team to make the playoffs this season. The NHL needs the Rangers to make the playoffs this season.

Jagr could be had for a bag of pucks. Don’t look ahead and worry about him, it’s not your problem. I am looking at now, and now is the time to make the playoffs for the Rangers. So…for the ones who whine saying “Rangers should look at young players and building the future, and Jagr’s salary is too much…blah blah blah”. Well here’s my rsponse to that…Grab some ******* balls.

This team had no excuses to lose last night. It was a must win. A HUGE MUST. Who the hell cares about Jagr’s salary next season, I am looking at this season. This group of Rangers cannot get it going at such an important game as this? Screw them, they deserve to play elsewhere. Jagr comes in, you got Kovalev finally working magic as a winger on the PP, you got Hlavac being a better helper, and you got Nedved becoming a much more important player, PLUS….Jaromir Jagr is motivated and happy, he’ll be posting at least the same numbers he’s posting with the Capitals.

If it takes getting Poti and Carter to get Jagr and a prospect or a 2nd rounder, then I’d do it. The wimpy Rangers fans who say that Poti is still only 26 and can be a very solid offensive defenseman in the future…..they need to grow cojones. The guy will always be a problem when his contract expires and always willing to go to the beloved arbitrators. I hate those kinds of players. If Poti can’t post the expected offensive numbers, then he is definitely one of the worst defensemen in the league. This guy is completely useless on the Rangers if he can’t post offensive numbers. And when I watch Leetch showing his offensive abilities and giving up his body on defense, that’s what makes Poti a total nobody on the Rangers. Play Joel Bouchard instead. Rangers have very solid future defensemen to look forward to in the future such as Fedor Tjutin, Bryce Lampman, Jake Taylor, Ivan Baranka, and hopefully Nate ‘Nasty’ Guenin.

Poti is expandable.

So, to those Rangers fans who wimp out on getting Jagr and talk about youngsters and rebuilding, go watch the Wolfpack.

Moving on to the Rangers. They are water (H2O) and oil. You get a small dish, put some water add a drop or two of oil and what happens? Both substances are there together but not mixed, just separated. That’s what the Rangers are. They are in one plate, but not fully together. The Holik line is still playing very well, but they won’t score goals every game. Carter has been stepping it up, but just because he had a 3 game goal streak doesn’t mean he’s changed on a line he doesn’t belong in (Hlavac-Nedved). Lindros is being jumped around, he has not even said a word about it, and all he does is just keep trying. I respect him for that. Only reason why he is not on with Chris Simon (definitely a very solid UFA addition) and Matt Barnaby, who comes and goes, is because Messier is playing very very very well on that line.

I say get Kovalev off the Holik line, and put either Lindros or Carter on that line. The Rangers are definitely playing more as a team, sticking up for each other and show team work….but they can’t afford to waste time by creating chemistry. They can’t waste time trying to build and complete a puzzle. Jagr is a piece of the puzzle, from a different game box, that perfectly fits.

Get the idea?

The Panthers are looking ok, but did you know that Kristian Huselius, former Calder Trophy candidate, and Mikael Samuelsson have been healthy scratches? Why not make changes? It appears like the Panthers won’t hire a coach for quite a while, unless Dudley is almost close to hiring one in the next couple of weeks, and so why not make some changes? Kristian Huselius is a very talented winger, very soft player, but talented with a very accurate shot. He could be useful on a lot of teams.

The Dallas Stars are quite a mess recently, they must be similar to the Rangers and have a similar situation. Expect them to make a trade very soon. Maybe before the roster freeze in December or most likely in January (I say Jagr comes to broadway in January). Jason Arnott is available, but I don’t see many teams interested in the guy. The Stars are kinda stuck if they must make a trade since every team they’ll talk to will mention Brendan Morrow’s name.

hockey_man1468 writes:

“The Flames might actually be on fire! has even announced Mikka Kiprusoff and Shean Donovan as the players of the week for their respective positions.

Kipper has only lost a game since joining the Flames, and allowed no more than one goall in each but the loss.

Donovan scored a hat trick vs the Pens to give him 11, and is on a 6 game-goal streak.”

While it’s very, VERY, pleasing to see the Flames as a strong solid team again, with a nice chance to make the playoffs, I am still looking at Jerome Iginla and I am asking myself why he is still a Flame? Will he get re-signed? I hope so, and it’s not so bad if this guy won’t score as much since his salary won’t get a raise. Anyway, what happens once Roman Turek comes back?

Tweek writes:

“Well I figure now is as good a time as any to discuss the Leafs. They are 2nd in the East and sit on top of the Northeast Division. This site is known for some of the most heated hockey debates i’ve ever seen and its a good chance these debates depict Leaf fans on one side and everybody else on the other. Almost one year ago Micheal Farber of Sports Illutrated wrote an article stating the Leafs are the most hated team in the NHL and although he showed much bias in the report I think I can tend to agree with him. But its not for the reasons he stated. He described the leafs as a dirty team that whines and cries when things don’t go their way. Those two points are true but every team complains its just that Toronto’s is amplified by Toronto media idiots like Damian Cox. The leafs have the biggest fan base in the NHL( yeah yeah disagree I don’t care) but the leafs also have the biggest group of leaf haters in the NHL. So why do so many people hate this team?




I think its a mixture of all these things. Its easy to take shots at Toronto because the fan base is so large and there are many fans out there who don’t know what they are talking about. There are also lots of Leaf fans who do know what they are talking about believe it or not. But people just can’t seem to see through to those people because they are too busy bashing the crap out of the leaf fans who will go out and propose the idea of a Cory Cross for a Eric Lindros. All I ask for people to do instead of jumping the gun and insulting ALL leaf fans is to step back and realize that its only one person among many.

This all being said the leafs have won 8 straight games at the moment I wrote this acticle. Yes, yes i’m not getting my seat at the parade just yet nor is any other leaf fan and no we do not think the cup is coming here this year. As much as i’d like to see the leafs win the whole thing this year I realize that the leafs would have to play way over their heads to do it. But please just let me and all other fans enjoy ther current success because deep down inside we all know it won’t last. They will give us 1,2, or maybe even 3 good rounds but in the end i’m sure i’ll just be hearing yet another article by Damian Cox on what the leafs did wrong this year. So please people give us a break because I for one am sick of the constant bewildering of my favourite team. We are hungry fans, I mean wouldn’t you be too if your favourite team had not won the cup since 67?”

I tend to agree with every single thing said in this article.

I watched that game where the Leafs played against the St. Louis Blues. How can any true die hard hockey fan not like the Maple Leafs? I like to say that any team that plays against the Leafs ends up playing sloppy, and it makes the game fun. Finally, I got to watch a TRUE hockey game. A hockey game where I saw skills, talent, and passion from the players and the fans. I felt a game tier coming along, I felt it and when the Leafs scored I actually shouted a YES.

The ones who criticize the Leafs are the complainers and whiners. Michael Farber needs to get a clue of what he’s writing about….and I don’t want to talk about the US media coverage on hockey since it would only create too big a havoc.

The Leafs are exciting, they are fun to watch and aside from Darcy Tucker, I love their players. Mats Sundin to Owen Nolan and to Gary Roberts. I don’t complain about the Leafs, I don’t have to. Why should I criticize them? I respect them, I respect their players and I highly respect the city of Toronto and the Leafs fans. Sure, some Leafs fans are completely idiotic. But hello? Asking a guy what he thought of John Madden in a parking lot outside the Bridgewater Mall, in NJ, where he had a Devils bumper sticker and he answered “I was a fan of his when he coached.” (NFL) ????????? I mean, really….every team has idiotic fans. Devils fans were leaving during the last Devils playoff home game, Game 6 of the Finals against the Avalanche with 7 minutes left. THEY WERE LEAVING?! I remember the trade talks when Lindros was rumored to go to the Flyers, and Flyers fans on here had ridiculous thought os Kloucek, Dvorak, and Brendl for Lindros. Or Leetch involved in the deal. I saw Flyers fans say that the Oates trade was not bad at all. And Rangers fans? You know me recent thoughts about a lot of Rangers fans.

Leafs are a great hockey club, fun to watch, fun to root for, except when playing against the Rangers (we’ll get ya back!….yeah right), and they are a team I support a lot.

My Off TOpic Rant of the day is…………..

The Toyota Prius. I am a car fan in a sense of designs and the value…the meaning of the car. Obviously because I am Italian. Lately I have happily decided to cancel my subscription to Car and Driver. They are a bunch of clueless retards who hate American cars 80% of the times and love the cheap Japanese cars. Come on….they criticize the new Chevy Malibu but love the Hondas? And Motor Trend announced the 2004 Car of the year which is the Toyota Prius.

A smallish looking car that looks like a nasty pill to shove up, you know where, wins Car of the Year? Out of all the cars on the markert, from BMW to Chrysler, to VolksWagen and Audi, they choose the Prius?

The Motor Trend have completely humiliated themselves, and gladly I won’t have to read any of their biased illogical and clueless crap. They lack the mind of elegant design and significance of a car. The only good car magazine out there is Automobile Mag.

Well, that is all, thank you!