Congrats to the Leafs… Organisation.

After all the drama caused this week by the ”law” that the Ottawa City Counsil wanted to adopt in order to fine everyone entering the Corel Center with a Maple Leafs jersey on to make a small donation to the local food bank, the Maple Leafs organisation responded the best way they could today.(

The Maple Leafs announced Friday they would donate $5,000 to the Ottawa Food Bank and Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank in an effort to support the thousands of Leaf fans who want to wear their Toronto jerseys at the April 3 game in Ottawa.

”We look forward to Leafs fans filling the Corel Centre wearing their blue and white jerseys and supporting their favourite team,” John Lashway, vice-president of communications and community development for the Leafs, said Friday in a statement. The Leafs are strongly committed to giving back to the community and have been a long-time supporter of the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto.

”It’s great to see the Ottawa city council getting involved in its community in this manner. Our organization looks forward to joining with our fans to support those efforts.”

Of course most people realized that this was only an original way to support the Ottawa food bank while increasing the rivalry between the two teams and I’m glad that the Leafs organisation realized it aswell. The best thing in all that is that they even challenged the Ottawa organization and added to the growing rivalry by stating the following:

The Leafs are also challenging the Senators to meet or exceed their financial donation to the food banks in Toronto and Ottawa.

The Leafs added they had no plans of enacting a canned food admittance tax to visiting Senators fans at the Air Canada Centre.

In the end, I think that for once we’ll be able to say that the winners are the poors.

Congrats to Ottawa & Toronto.



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  1. scottyboy says:

    A classy and savvy move by the Maple Leafs Organization. Not only are they helping a needy cause, but they are intensifying their Ontario rivalry and showing the support of their fans in Ottawa. Nice work!!!!

  2. Viller says:

    Although I dont like the Leafs management one bit, I have to agree thats its a pretty awesome move by them.

  3. Ruski says:

    Great move by the leafs!!!. This should countinue the rivalry.

  4. TheThrill says:

    the poors….that’s funny

  5. FanoftheGame says:

    You might want to delete one of the two same articles if possible. Prob this one b/c of the typo in the title.

  6. Lint07 says:

    Unfortunately I can’t since I didn’t post it. Trademan or Mik will delete it when they notice it I guess…

  7. Enigma says:

    OILERS WIN!!!!!!!

  8. Lint07 says:

    I couldn’t believe it either…

    THAT my friend, is playing with heart. If they would’ve lost tonight, it was over. Even an OT win or a tie wasn’t enough to make it.

    But now we could have all 6 canadian teams into the playoffs. What more can we ask for?

  9. Lint07 says:

    sorry about the typos, the one corrected has been erased by mistake and I can’t correct this one…

  10. cedrick says:

    Well, this is kind of an “IN YOUR FACE!!!” to all those leafs fans who were screaming their lungs off saying that this was a stupid idea and yadda yadda…

    Although I have no particular love for the leafs, I gotta say, this is a real classy move! way to go!

  11. Expuffin says:

    This only goes to show just how classy the leafs and their fans really are.

  12. drgnhrt says:

    One of the Canadian teams to win the cup. 🙂

  13. The_Conductor says:

    Really? Well thats funny cause it seemed like most leaf fans were *****ing and pissed off that some team would do that to the leafs.

    I bet you no one expected the leafs organization do something like this… However there was alot of news coverage on Ottawa so that really mad Toronto mad cause they weren’t the top story.

    Screw the teams… and be happy for the charities that are getting good out of this.

  14. The_Conductor says:

    made* Toronto mad…

  15. Leaf_Expert says:

    Leafs basically just told Ottawa to:

    “Shut Da ***** Up!”

  16. kidhenry1 says:

    The leafs are plently classy as an organisation. But the fans…they proved their total lack of dignity and class in the Leafs-Isles series (as did Isles fans).

  17. natural says:

    I hope the Sens donate $6700 to Toronto’s Food Bank.

  18. OldNord says:

    Well said! At least, if five or six canadian teams are in the playoffs, then hopely one of them will reach the Stanley Cup final. Probably a Eastern conference team, they can all do it.

  19. dog_farts says:

    Wow…$5,000 for an organization that is willing to pay $2.8 million to a bum like Reichel. It’s nice to see that Leafs fans will still bark when management throws them a bone. Maybe they can resign Gilmour and Clark in the off-season so they can sell out the ACC for another decade. They’ll only play a few games before they get injured, but at least the Leafs can show their fans that they’re “willing to do what it takes to win.”

  20. NHLman says:

    Well done by the Leafs, they’re making Ottowa look retareded and one more thing GO LEETCH!

  21. NHLman says:


    Wow, in the few words I wrote I made 2 spelling mistakes

  22. Next_Semenko says:

    I hope the Sens fold so the can stop whining about what the Leafs and their fans do…

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