Conspiracy and a few Stray Thoughts

Let’s jump right in.

Are *all * the NHL injuries, especially to veterans as serious as they seem? I have to wonder sometimes if teams don’t just want guys to have a little extra time off. Maybe this is a ridiculous idea but you have to wonder if teams didn’t notice the Forsberg effect of sitting all year then ripping it up in the playoffs. I’ll be on the lookout for players with mysterious injuries in the next couple months… obviously this is NOT about the JR’s of the world who truly are injured. Good luck to JR by the way for a speedy recovery. The League could use more of his type.
Rob Ray or Shayne Corson… who would you rather have? For me, at least Corson can fill *some* useful role as well as add grit. To take back what I said in an earlier posting, I just read that the Senators are NOT one of the teams interested in Corson. They signed Ray instead? Back to Montreal perhaps to finish his career there.

Speaking of finishing careers… Doug Gilmour still has not ruled out a return. I have not heard a status update recently but you have to know he didn’t like to go out the way he did. I wonder if the Leafs would bring him back as a depth player for the playoffs, the way they did with Wendel Clark… allow him to finish on a positive note?

So the NHLPA wants a free-market economy? They like to blame the owners for over-spending and causing this mess. I have one question… what if the owners, across the board, did NOT overspend on free-agents? I can see the cries of collusion now… the PA can’t have it both ways.

As far as Bettman and the league… can you trust *anything* that is based on accounting?! I would think that people would know now that accountants can and will make the numbers say pretty much anything these days.

Fix the League: Get rid of the 6 or so poor market teams. The talent pool expands and the tendency to overpay dwindles.

As Don Cherry pondered earlier this year… Eric Cairns on the leafs? The Leafs are already the nastiest and toughest team in the league… I have to think that kind of aquisition would give some teams pause for thought.

Should the Rangers bother getting a goaltender? If they have to give up anything resembling a future asset, no. They are nowhere near going to challenge for the cup this year. You have to know when to cut bait and move on. I would hold a fire sale… anyone and everyone is available for a song… they have some players that the real contending teams would want.

Scary thought for Leaf fans… who are they going to put on the ice after all those contracts expire and we have a new CBA that may be a year or more down the road? I can see the Leafs being the next New York Rangers, a team with no future and too much money 🙁

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  1. LondonK says:

    Gilmour talked to reporters less than a month ago and he said he was content with his decision to hang up his skates and that right now he does not intend to return to the game. He even said that he isn’t training at a level to keep him in game shape. While that doesn’t rule out a comeback he most likely will not be making a return to the NHL.

  2. simplyhabby says:

    I know you must like the “lower body injury” status that some teams like to give regarding injury reports. I don’t agree with you though because good players will see rest as a disadvantage. If a coach believes their stars are over worked, they will just decrease their minutes. Players want to be on top of their game for the playoff run but not exhausted.

    Shayne Corson would be so much better for the Sens then Ray but one problem…..would you really want to sign this whiner? I was a huge Corson fan but how he left last year, he deserves to be unemployed in this league.

    I agree with your statements regarding the state of the league. One issue I would be very interested in is seeing the model of teams making money and see how this can apply to the rest of the league. Obviously, this model would not work on some teams because to be very honest, do cities like Nashville or Carolina deserve a team? Pittsburgh has all but given up. The NHL is in the classic scenario of becoming too quick too fast combined with greedy players with owners satisfying the greed.

    The Leafs are always on the lookout for grit. Cairns would be a great pick up but their biggest need is depth on the blue line. Marchment stinks on D. They also need to get rid of Kidd and let Telly play but Telly is not getting paid 3 mil a year.

    The Rangers should have that fire sale. I really don’t like the rangers but why would you have such an inflated salary and stink. As a hockey fan, I would rather watch a bunch of young prospects stink but at least trying.

    The prosepect of the lockout’s effect on the Leafs could be huge. I can’t agree more. The leafs do have a great nucleus of talent but in 2 years, the Leafs will be a very different team thats for sure. You have to think that Joe N, Gary R, Owen N are for sure gone and a good maybe would go to Eddie, and Renberg. Well there are others but does anyone really care bout Kidd, Riechel, Marchment all gone by the end of the year?

  3. nocuphere says:

    The leafs will be fine. Their D are young, and unlike the rags the leafs haven’t traded the entire farm for right now. By the way fella, you might wanna take a hard look at the rest of the power houses right now. The flyers, Devils, Stars, Wings, Blues, all have older bodies with ready to expire contracts. But I guess they’ll be fine, cause they’re not the leafs.

  4. Lynchmob450 says:

    You’re a FAT FUCK, fella!!!

  5. flyersfan10897 says:

    The Flyers will be fine. Johnsson, Markov, Handzus, Somik, and Fedoruk are all under thiry. Plus, Pitkanen, Vandermeer, and Seidenberg will take over on the blue line. Gagne, Sharp, Radivojeciv will be forwards, along with prospects Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, and Stefan Ruzicka. Also, Esche, Niittymaki, in net, and they still have Malek over in Europe and others in the QMJHL and NCAA like Bruckler and the rest. The Flyers future looks just as good if not better than the team now. And none of the abovementioned players have a hefty contract either. Gagne has the heaviest, and its only about 2 million.

  6. nocuphere says:

    And you’re still a loser!! hahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. jacosta says:

    A ehile back ago I wrote an article about players going down when they hear there name in trade talks. But not really going down more of a way to either not really get hurt or as a way to help determine where they may want to play.

    This happened the night the Kolzig did not play. I thought that there were a few teams interested and he wanted to have a choice. I also thought this when Lindros did not play when the Jagr rumours were still circulating.

    I reallly think that rest is a huge concern to coaches and their GM’s. Some of these guys are getting hurt because of the 82 game season.

    The problem for some teams is that they may want to rest guys but can’t just to either keep a playoff spot, or to try and stay on top. ie the Leafs, Flyers, and Sens

  8. Lynchmob450 says:

    Don’t worry about the Flyers future…they’re DEEP with talent and cash. They also have one of the finest scouting units in the NHL. They’ll be near the top for a long time.

    Same cannot be said for the MapleLOSERS!!!

  9. flyersfan10897 says:

    The maple leafs have a tendency of trading young talent and draft picks for veterans. Eventually its going to come around and bite them in the ass. Now is the time to have young players with small contracts because of the CBA. The flyers have their fair share of veterans, but they have more than their fair share of developing players.

  10. Aetherial says:

    Thanks London, I was hoping for an update from someone. The Fan590 in Toronto was talking about this possibility about 6 weeks or so ago.. I was not sure how serious it was. Too bad, I would like to see him go out on a more positive note 🙁

  11. NHLman says:

    End up like the Rangers? What are you smoking? They have no future?

    Take a look at the Hartford WolfPack (number 1 in their division by about 7 points last time I heard) and then you can talk. Otherwise shut up, if you take a look at the talent the Rangers have in the minors you would realize that they have a very bright future. For instance, Hugh Jessiman, Fedor Tyutin, Dominic Moore, Dan Blackburn, Nigel Dawes, Bryce Lampman, Chad Wiseman, Jason LaBarbera; I guess all these players have no future. Not to mention Jamie Lundmark and Jed Ortmeyer. Plus to take something positive out of this Rangers season they will get another high draft pick and another potential star.

    No future? That makes about as much sense as trading Peter Forsberg for Mathew Barnaby. The Rangers will be a good team in the future, I’d say give them 4 seasons max and then you’ll see.

  12. MAniac29 says:

    Get real. Forsberg is a sissy, and there is no doubt in my mind that he could have played during the regular season. I know I will catch flack for calling him a sissy, but the guy is proven to be brittle. Your conspiracy theory to me is just totally unreal. First of all, to say that the “teams” do it?!? Are you kidding. YOu know that guys still get paid when they are injured right?? I mean these teams are investing millions, why on earth would they let guys take time off and still pay them, when those players bring fans into the seats?? Additionally, I personally don’t think you get to the NHL if you would EVER want your team to say, nah, don’t play for a while. Firstly, that is an insult saying you won’t be rested enough come playoff time, and secondly, if you don’t have the passion to play every game you can, well then, get a new job. Just way too far fetched…I hate sports conspiracy theories, but this one just has no merit because it just implausable based on what I jsut said.

    I love how people just toss out, “just get rid of 6 or so teams”…..does anyone realize what this would cost the NHL?!?! A ton of money per team, the complete loss of the fan base in the cities that were home to the disbanded teams, which people say would be the reason for ditching them, lousy fans, but the NHL doesn’t exactly have a large enough fan base to lose all the fans of 6 cities that teams are in. Plenty of people are fans from home and just don’t go to games, those people would most likely be lost, unless they are pure hockey fans, in which case they’d probably go to games. Contracting a team would cost millions, some players would lose their job, as less teams would equal less players, and there are potential law suits, I do not know any “official” rules, but I would imagine that investors in teams and facilities are entitled to a “reasonable expectation” of the team continuing to “be”…..Take the company that invested in the new complex in Columbus, the name of the comp. is escaping me, but they are not projected to make money until 15-20 years down the line from the time they invested. Lots of this “hopeful” income lies in hockey, while some would be investment in the surrounding property, they would need a team to get anything close to what they put in back, so…this just wouldn’t work!! People can stop suggesting it, it will NOT happen!!

  13. LondonK says:

    Actually the only young player the leafs have traded away has been Brad Boyes, they have been quite silent on the trade block the past few seasons. And Brad Boyes isn’t looking like the great player that he was supposed to be.

    We still have a few really good young European guys who are about ready to come over to North America, and we have quite a few good defensive prospects. And the current defense is still quite young with the exclusion of Klee, everyone is below 30. They won’t have a Cup team after everyone is gone, but they won’t be a bottom feeder.

  14. LondonK says:

    The contract 6 teams comment most likely came off the Levitt report. He said that 5 or 6 teams contributed 187 million dollars of the 273 million dollar debt. Without the 6 teams the average loss per team is only 4 million compared to 9 million with the 6 teams there. Certain teams in markets that don’t have any base whatsoever are bringing the league down. Pittsburgh is obviously one, Carolina is most likely involved, Washington wouldn’t surprise me, possibly LA, and a few others. Regardless the four teams that I mentioned, LA is in the best shape which is not saying much. They have had problems with injuries, but they can’t secure a fan base. The other cities haven’t had one, and most likely never will.

  15. nocuphere says:

    Thats true dude. They do have a good system, and people don’t realize that. The rangers just have to replace a few egos in the dressing room, with lunch pail guys. And replace that owner with someone who cares about winning.

  16. Aetherial says:

    That and a buck-50 will get you a Latte at Starbucks.

    EVERY team can say they have bright futures with promising prospects… yes, even the Leafs.

    The Rangers organization will have to undergo a major philosopy change or yeah… they have no future.

    The Ranger’s prospects are not any better than anyone else’s.

  17. Wills says:

    Wings have young all-star players coming up in Zetterberg, Datsyuk and Fisher. They’re prospects are rated at 15th in the league while the Leafs are at 26th. The future for the Leafs doesn’t look very good for the leafs right now at all.

  18. SwiftLEAF says:

    You bring up a good point with players over exagerating thier injuries in order to put thier feet up. I don’t know how you can be so blind and not include JR. He just has a face injury that doesn’t effect his sight. He should be able to come back soon and play with a face guard like Thornton did this season.

    Also, accountants these days are the pinnacle of honesty and integrity. It’s thier job and you can’t say you don’t trust them just because 0.0000000001% of accounting is fraudulent.

    and, I hate to bust your bubble but the leafs will not become the next NY Rangers because the leafs will have thier core players still signed after the CBA dispute, they have a bunch of good up and coming young players, they have a hockey mind instead of a money bowl as a brain, and the fans won’t let them.

    Overall, You really don’t know what you’re talking. about

  19. CaptainModano says:

    “He just has a face injury that doesn’t effect his sight. He should be able to come back soon and play with a face guard like Thornton did this season. “

    ….do the words NINTH CONCUSSION mean anything to you, dumbass? Roenick’s considering retirement now, this is no face injury.

    “and, I hate to bust your bubble but the leafs will not become the next NY Rangers because the leafs will have thier core players still signed after the CBA dispute, they have a bunch of good up and coming young players, they have a hockey mind instead of a money bowl as a brain, and the fans won’t let them. “

    dude……EVERY TEAM has good up and coming young players!! The Leafs prospects are no better than anyone else. Toronto won’t be some unstoppable force like you think they will. For all you know, there is a VERY good chance they could end up like the Rangers, time will tell, though

  20. Aetherial says:

    Acocuntants are the pinnacle of honesty and integrity?

    Ok, you proved your idiocy right there. Accountants are just as likely to be dishonest as anyone else. Have you listened to any news in the past 3 years?

    As far as the Leafs… let me enlighten you…

    They have a weak farm system. They have a couple good defense prospects but not much on the forward front. They have NO impact player like Sundin or Mogilny.

    They also have a lot of money.

    They will sign free agents in an effort to be competitive… just like the Rangers.

    The possibility is definitely there.

  21. MAniac29 says:

    Why would you write this article and not reply to my response??

    I just don’t understand why people write articles if they arne’t going to reply…

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