Conspiracy and a few Stray Thoughts

Let’s jump right in.

Are *all * the NHL injuries, especially to veterans as serious as they seem? I have to wonder sometimes if teams don’t just want guys to have a little extra time off. Maybe this is a ridiculous idea but you have to wonder if teams didn’t notice the Forsberg effect of sitting all year then ripping it up in the playoffs. I’ll be on the lookout for players with mysterious injuries in the next couple months… obviously this is NOT about the JR’s of the world who truly are injured. Good luck to JR by the way for a speedy recovery. The League could use more of his type.
Rob Ray or Shayne Corson… who would you rather have? For me, at least Corson can fill *some* useful role as well as add grit. To take back what I said in an earlier posting, I just read that the Senators are NOT one of the teams interested in Corson. They signed Ray instead? Back to Montreal perhaps to finish his career there.

Speaking of finishing careers… Doug Gilmour still has not ruled out a return. I have not heard a status update recently but you have to know he didn’t like to go out the way he did. I wonder if the Leafs would bring him back as a depth player for the playoffs, the way they did with Wendel Clark… allow him to finish on a positive note?

So the NHLPA wants a free-market economy? They like to blame the owners for over-spending and causing this mess. I have one question… what if the owners, across the board, did NOT overspend on free-agents? I can see the cries of collusion now… the PA can’t have it both ways.

As far as Bettman and the league… can you trust *anything* that is based on accounting?! I would think that people would know now that accountants can and will make the numbers say pretty much anything these days.

Fix the League: Get rid of the 6 or so poor market teams. The talent pool expands and the tendency to overpay dwindles.

As Don Cherry pondered earlier this year… Eric Cairns on the leafs? The Leafs are already the nastiest and toughest team in the league… I have to think that kind of aquisition would give some teams pause for thought.

Should the Rangers bother getting a goaltender? If they have to give up anything resembling a future asset, no. They are nowhere near going to challenge for the cup this year. You have to know when to cut bait and move on. I would hold a fire sale… anyone and everyone is available for a song… they have some players that the real contending teams would want.

Scary thought for Leaf fans… who are they going to put on the ice after all those contracts expire and we have a new CBA that may be a year or more down the road? I can see the Leafs being the next New York Rangers, a team with no future and too much money :(