Could Manny Legace Become A Ranger??

An interesting rumor struck my attention last night while listening to the Habs/Bruins game…(Dany Dubé-AM 550)

Dany Dubé, well known ex-coach and radio analyst for the Montréal Canadiens’ games, talked about a rumor that I found very interesting.

According to him, the Rangers and the Wings would be planning a deal (duh!) but the deal would involve career backup Manny Legace. It would look like this:

to Detroit: Alexei Kovalev, Mike Dunham

to NYRangers: Manny Legace

I gotta admit that I wasn’t too high on this rumor at first, but thinking about it it could make some sense:

Detroit are interested in Alexei Kovalev, they need a top-6 forward like him to compete with teams like Colorado offensively speaking, come playoff time. More importantly, they need a scoring winger to add to their lineup.

Manny Legace will be a backup in the playoffs and shouldn’t play a game, leaving Curtis Joseph handle the #1 job. On the other hand, he could become New York’s #1 goalie and finally get his chance to show what he can do in the NHL as a full-time starter.

Mike Dunham isn’t having a good season at all, very true, but you got to admit that he’d look way better behind Detroit’s defense. He is also a veteran, which is always good to have on your team come playoff time. He shouldn’t play in the playoffs anyway and be used as a backup to Joseph.

So, all-in-all if this deal do happen, the Wings would sacrifice a reliable, relatively young, very good backup goalie (the best backup in the NHL in my opinion) for a veteran goaltender who still have 1 or 2 good years left in him and one of the best offensive winger in the league in Alexei Kovalev…

Now I know the Rangers fans would probably like this deal to happen, but what about Red Wings fans? Would you do it or go after someone else?