Could Manny Legace Become A Ranger??

An interesting rumor struck my attention last night while listening to the Habs/Bruins game…(Dany Dubé-AM 550)

Dany Dubé, well known ex-coach and radio analyst for the Montréal Canadiens’ games, talked about a rumor that I found very interesting.

According to him, the Rangers and the Wings would be planning a deal (duh!) but the deal would involve career backup Manny Legace. It would look like this:

to Detroit: Alexei Kovalev, Mike Dunham

to NYRangers: Manny Legace

I gotta admit that I wasn’t too high on this rumor at first, but thinking about it it could make some sense:

Detroit are interested in Alexei Kovalev, they need a top-6 forward like him to compete with teams like Colorado offensively speaking, come playoff time. More importantly, they need a scoring winger to add to their lineup.

Manny Legace will be a backup in the playoffs and shouldn’t play a game, leaving Curtis Joseph handle the #1 job. On the other hand, he could become New York’s #1 goalie and finally get his chance to show what he can do in the NHL as a full-time starter.

Mike Dunham isn’t having a good season at all, very true, but you got to admit that he’d look way better behind Detroit’s defense. He is also a veteran, which is always good to have on your team come playoff time. He shouldn’t play in the playoffs anyway and be used as a backup to Joseph.

So, all-in-all if this deal do happen, the Wings would sacrifice a reliable, relatively young, very good backup goalie (the best backup in the NHL in my opinion) for a veteran goaltender who still have 1 or 2 good years left in him and one of the best offensive winger in the league in Alexei Kovalev…

Now I know the Rangers fans would probably like this deal to happen, but what about Red Wings fans? Would you do it or go after someone else?



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  1. Stuv_Dogg says:

    This is quite interesting, but I don’t think that Manny Legace would do well as a #1. Not taking anything away from him, he has been the best backup in the league for as long as I can remember (like since yesterday), but I believe you can’t take a career backup and make him a #1. Something to do with the mental makeup of a backup vs. the mental makeup of a starting goalie, I think they’re significantly different. I’m sure there are plenty of instances of how taking a backup and making him your #1 has worked and how it has failed, but I seem to think that #1 goalies get to #1 status within a couple of years of being in the league (ie. brought up with the intention of being number 1) while Legace seems to have been groomed as a backup.

    Also, I think the trade is way lopsided in DET’s favour, but if they see success in dumping the salaries of Kovalev and Dunham then maybe it’ll work. If you want my two cents, you gotta send some cheap hardworking player to the Rangers to even it up.

    Also, I disagree that the Wings need a top 6 forward to keep pace with Colorado. I agree that Detroit doesn’t have the firepower to keep pace with the Avalanche, but didn’t last years playoffs (Anaheim vs. Minnesota) teach us that defence wins playoff series, not offence. Don’t know about you, but I don’t think Kovalev is a top two-way forward.

    That’s all from me.

  2. NYR-Rangers says:

    that would be an excelent deal

  3. bamboo says:


  4. bamboo says:

    The Red Wings have done it again. TSN has learned that Detroit has acquired centre Robert Lang from the Washington Capitals for Tomas Fleischmann, a first round pick in 2004 and a fourth round pick in 2006. Lang is tied for the league lead in scoring with 74 points (29 goals, 45 assists).

  5. bleedingblu says:

    It would have to say it’s not enough. Kovalev AND Dunham for a back up goaltender? The Red Wings will have to throw someone else in the mix like….Zetterberg..maybe?

    I could definitely see how Detroit could benefit from Kovalev’s services and by acquiring a goalie, Detroit is saying “Cujo we are sorry for everything you’re our number one guy now.” Speaking of Cujo, he is still out with that ankle injury. So that would leave Dunham and Lamothe as the teams net minders for the next few weeks.

    I would not trust Dunham behind the pipes even with the defense Detroit has. Goaltending is key to getting far in the playoffs.


  6. Lint07 says:

    Well, the Rangers doesen’t seem to receive much but they get rid of 2 contracts and bring in a kid that could become an excellent #1 goalie.

    Both Dunham and Kovalev won’t be there next year anyway.

    As for Kovalev not being really good defensively, it doesen’t matter. The Wings have more two-way forwards than any team in the league so they should be just fine.

    Kovalev would give them an edge offensively and could be used with good defensive forwards like Yzerman or Draper to cover up for his defensive mistakes.

    Kovalev would look very good with the Wings if you ask me.

  7. frankd0g says:

    how is this a good deal? first off your dont replace a #1 goalie who is having a bad year, with a backup goalie. manny legace my be the best backup in the league, but there is a difference between a back up and a starting goalie. look at markkanen. there is a reson legace has been a back up all these years, while playing behind a stacked D. Then to just throw kovy in there…outside of ny he is a top 10 foward in the league. kovy may go for a prospect and a pick, where, i dunno. as for leetch forget about him being traded to an eastern conference team. and he wont be traded unless u get equal value in return. everyone is looking to upgrade, not give away a great player to get a great player, unless u can afford to give away a foward or goalie for a d.. maybe colorado,maybe calgary… im gunna miss leetchy…im glad to see he didnt play with poti last night, all poti does is make leetch look bad, and bring down his +/-… wut the rangers really have to do is get rid of everyone except. holik, jagr, runchinsky, tutin, lundmark, ortmyer and leetch…but thats a different article all in itself

  8. Oleg4Prez says:

    THIS DEAL is dead. They got lang. Dunham sucks and is Broduer when playing the Isles. Other than that hes worthless. So is Kovie. He needs to go back to Pitts. Play wit lemeuix

  9. Aetherial says:

    Forgetting for a moment that the Red Wings got Lang…

    Legace is Detroits future in net. There is no way he would be traded for those guys.

  10. mikster says:

    Looks like it won’t happen since they acquired Lang, though Wings right wingers are not all that strong.

    But, what a crappy deal that is. Legace is nothing more than a back up goalie who is capable of starting 35-40 games in a season. He is very reliable, but not a starter.

    I would not trade Kovalev (forget Dunham) for a late 20’s top back-up goaltender. It’s a joke. Put in a top prospect and i’d do it.

  11. NYR-Rangers says:

    Bye Bye Kovalev…………….

  12. laserman says:

    If I’m Glen Sather and there is this chance of getting the above mentioned trade done, I say do it without hesitation…

  13. Lint07 says:

    Well, Legace is better than both Markkanen and Dunham if you ask me. He could be there and fill the gap up until Blackburn is ready.

    NYR should definately go after Legace instead of Fernandez…

  14. mikster says:

    I agree he is better to have than Dunham, but i would not trade Kovalev for him. Legace is not a future asset, Kovalev should be traded for future assets.

  15. kidhenry1 says:

    If I were Glen Sather, I would be very hesitant to make this deal. It’s true that he needs to unload Kovalev, but when you really look at the trade, how much better is Manny Legace than Jussi Markannen? Frankly, the Ranger$ have a bad defense. Leetch isn’t gonna be around for much longer, Poti is trash in his own zone, Kasperminus is up and down, same thing with Joel Bouchard. Tjutin looked strikingly similar to Poti when the Isles scored the last three goals of last nights game.

    And also, where’s Dunham’s role on Detroit? Hasek wants to come back for one more season (I believe) and nobody’s any closer to picking up Joseph’s salary, even if Detroit wanted to part ways with him.

    It’s much more probable that the Ranger$ deal Kovalev to the Sabres and pick up Biron.

  16. hockeyhead6868 says:

    Legace is 31 years old that no young boy. The Rnagers need someone else. Even know Kovalev sucks on the Rangers his market value is still extreme and can be a forty maybe fifty goal scorer on a good team that he fits intoi.

  17. SwiftLEAF says:

    With the arrival of Lang, this means detroits done in the big trade market. It’s finally going to get interesting with teams like Philly and Detroit done.

  18. The_Conductor says:

    This has got to be the funniest rumor there is. The best back-up in the league… a steller goalie when called upon… and a guy who just enjoys playing the game, for a little amount of money, going to a God Awful team in the Rangers.

    Nope! Legace I bet will be like Yzerman… a Wings forever. Why trade the best back-up in the league for Dunham oh and Kovalev… What a joke.

  19. shady_records says:

    Legace was born to retire as a Red Wing but if he ever gets deal to a team, I would love to see Legace become a starter in this league and breakout like Thomas Vokoun did in Nashville to become one of the league’s best and best bargain goaltenders. I don’t see why New York would get rid of Dumham anyway and why Detroit would take him, they can’t keep Hasek and Cujo on the same team and now they want to add Dunham.. I guess that means Hasek will never play for the Red Wings ever again…

  20. wheresthesoda says:

    if this trade happens i will be extemely PISSED off. i am a rangers fan and this would be a horrible trade….its just like dunham for legace and kovalev for nothing. this would be something i would expect the caps to do. this would not be rebuilding at all. the rangers arent really trying to shed payroll, there gonna try and rebuild.

    if this does happen there probaly will be picks involved and maybe a prospect for the rangers.

    and sather knows he could get the best deals later on…when every1 wants there guys. now is not the time 2 make trades for sather..he is not getting the most out of his players. and that is why i think there hasnt been any unloading yet.

  21. grinder says:

    With the aquisition of Lang and getting Hatcher back soon the Wings need only to address the possibility of adding some toughness up front. Maybe wishful thinking but I’d love to see Georges Laraque come over!

  22. wheresthesoda says:

    i gotta disagree with a few things. when kasperitis was playing he was the rangers most consistent defensman. and he was a pluss 11 in 44 games..and last season he finished a plus 5 after going down to a -18 to start the season.

    and tyutin does not look like poti at all. he plays a hard physical game..he was a -2 vs. the islanders but he played a really solid game. i think the +/- stat is overrated and alot of guys get blamed for goals against when it is other players fault for now picking up that guy that scored when tyutin was playing his man.

    and u are right about the legace markannen thing and the rangers are better off and more likely to be trading with buffalo and biron.

  23. PanMan says:

    That would be an awful trade for the Rangers!!!

    we need to bring in YOUNG guys, not some thirty year old backup. i’d much rather have dunham than legace, and now we’re throwing in another asset (kovalev) that could bring in somebody good.

    this is the stupidest deal i have ever heard of. it makes no sense. perhaps if it was dunham for legace straight up, but even then i wouldn’t like it.

  24. NYR-Rangers says:

    Bye Bye Dunham

  25. NYR-Rangers says:


  26. NYR-Rangers says:


      • old news
  • NYR-Rangers says:

    Detroit does not got Lang! Detroit just traded him to NewJersey for Patrick Elias Scott Gomez John Madden Martin Brouder and a 1st round draft pick for the next 20 years!!!!!!!!

  • Datsyuk13 says:

    Zetterberg??? No way the Wings would be dumb enough to trade one of their brightest young stars for Kovalev… NO WAY, if they did it would be a HUGE mistake.

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