Could Pronger Be Dealt By Deadline.

Over the past few weeks, a few names more then others have been mentioned in trades. We have all heard the Gonchar, or Wesley, Boughner even Smith and Brewer. But one name has recently come up and even if just a rumour would be the biggest name around. Chris Pronger. The St.Louis Blues have recently been in a huge funk. Slowly but surely they have started dropping down in the standings. Currently they are in 7th in the west with only two points out of a playoff spot.

One of the main reasons has been the huge losses that the Blues have had on the defensive end. With Macinnis possibly gone for life, and with Jackman also out, the Blues once power house defensive core has one pillar left. Pronger.

Pronger who can log major minutes can’t do it alone, and with the weak goaltending as of late st. Louis’ playoff hopes seem to be slipping.

Some people say Quennville may get the boot. But others are starting to look at the fact that Pronger is not happy. St Louis is also concerned over Prongers contract with the fear that they may no longer be able to afford him.

The payment is the biggest point in the potential dealing of Pronger. Ownership does not think they can afford the guy next year since St.Louis has been one of the teams losing money big time.

Now before everyone starts offering what players they would give and who can get him, lets look at what St Louis may need.

With the loss of Macinnis and the potential loss of Pronger via trade the goal will probably to get another defenseman in return. With the loss of Macinnis, and the with the steady type play of Jackman when he returns, the traded defenseman may need to be a mobile offensive type defenseman.

I think the trade would also have to involve a decent NHL ready defenceman that can play now, a 5th or 6th type of guy. Lastly a pick, prospect or an average young forward.

Many of you will post that it would take more than that to get Pronger. But what St Louis needs are players who can play now, and players that are cheap.

Also there are only a handful of teams that would be able to pick up his salary next year if there was a lockout.

And so here are my two cents. Read and just think about it.

The leafs have been looking, like all other teams, for that stud defenseman. No one matches that description better then Pronger. (Blake as well) The leafs are one of the few teams that could afford Pronger even if there is a lockout year due to the fact that half of the team is done after this year.

The leafs have a young and mobile defenseman to offer in Kaberle and coud offer a serviceable defenseman in Berg. (just keep reading)

Who knows what the Blues need more on their farm team as prospects better then John Ferguson Jr who was their scout and I believe assistant GM? Also most newly hired Gm’s when looking for trades often go to their old teams. Especially someone like Ferguson who left on good terms.

Pronger has stated personally that he would love the chance to play for the leafs being from Ontario himself I believe. (I know everyonewill balk at this one but let it ride)

I repeat I am not saying this will happen, however if what St Louis needs are inexpensive defensive bodies and prospects then Ferguson could give them exactly what they need.

Please don’t bash, but instead explain why this does not make sense.