Could the Oilers trade Hemsky? Would the Wings be interested?

I think it’s time to turn the page. He needs a change of scenery.

He’s been the most creative player on the team for 500 games or so, but he’s got company now.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is a Hemsky-like passer. Eberle is the No. 1 right-winger today.

What could Hemsky bring in a trade, with his injury history (two shoulder operations and several other problems)? He’s definitely not going to bring a top-three defencemen, preferably a puck-mover like the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Kris Letang.

So you can forget getting a high-end NHLer. The only way the Oilers are getting one of those guys is to trade one of their kids, somebody like Magnus Paajarvi, and they aren’t doing that. They may have to sign a free-agent D-man this summer.

Lest you think there is no market for Hemsky, guess again. He’s only 28, not 33.

The Oilers got a first-round draft pick from the Los Angeles Kings for the fans’ pinata Dustin Penner last February. They turned that into high-end Swedish prospect defenceman Oscar Klefbom (19th overall choice), who will be a huge part of his club’s world junior squad, and another blue-liner, Colten Teubert, who has played 10 Oilers games (14 minutes a night). He looks like somebody who could be a solid No. 5 or 6 defender down the road, somebody with some bite.

There is a market for just about everybody. Did you think anybody would take Tomas Kaberle off the hands of Carolina Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford?

If Hemsky is traded to any team, it’ll definitely be to a contender or a team that has to make the playoffs, even for only one round to make some money for the owner.

The Red Wings, for sure, are in the picture (Hemsky has 17 points in 27 games and some sterling work against Detroit in the 2006 playoffs). I suspect the Predators, dying for some offence (19 points in 25 career games), the Penguins, always looking for a top-six winger, and New York Rangers are in the mix, too.

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  1. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    Give him to Montreal.

  2. Steven_Leafs says:





  3. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    I bet they would do it too XD

  4. KingCanada says:

    Hemsky hasnt played more then half a season in 3 years!!!

    You cant compare the Kaberle trade to this..?  That was a desperation move the GM made.. Detroit never makes that kind of move so dont expect Holland to hand u over his farm team for Hemsky.
    If he is traded I doubt you get more then a 2nd rounder and spare parts for him.
  5. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    Hemsky and Omark to the Jets for Bogosian, would you do it?

  6. thisgamewelose says:

    How are New York Rangers in the mix? They have nothing to give up for hemsky, Rangers are troubled on D with injuries, so they have nothing there to offer.  Up front, besides the big guns like Cal, Gaborik, and Richards, they have Stepan, Boyle, Anisimov.  Boyle is the only one expendable. Dubinsky is having a slow season, but I'm not sure if they trade him because he's been very valuable on the PK.

    Rupp, prust, and christensen aren't enough to get hemsky.

  7. KingCanada says:

    I think I would if I was the Oilers since Hemsky isnt really needed there but I wouldnt if I were the Jets.  Bogosian has had a bounceback season so far stats wize (havent actually watched him play however) and they really would be taking a gamble with Hemsky.

  8. KingCanada says:

    Im not going to debate whether the Rangers should be in the mix or not…but they definatly have plenty to give!  They have their first 5 picks in the upcoming draft as well as plenty of prospects like Chris Kreider, Tim Erixon, Christian Thomas, JT Miller, Dylan McIlrath, ect.

    A combination of a draft pick and one of those prospects IMO would do it for the Oilers…probably wouldnt even take a 1st rounder either. 
  9. Steven_Leafs says:

    I wouldn't do it if I was the Jets. Bogosian has more upside. Although if it was:

    2012 2nd
    conditional 2013 pick (1st rounder if Hemsky doesn't re-sign, 3rd if he does)



    I would seriously consider it, especially if the Jets are in the playoff race. And if they need a defenseman back I would ask for Peckham or something instead of the 2nd.

  10. Steven_Leafs says:

    I'm sure the Rangers would have to make it a 1st to beat our the other teams.

    2012 2nd

    is definitely fair but I think it would take at least:

    2012 1st

    to get it done.

  11. thisgamewelose says:

    I don't see the Rangers giving up a D this year.  Not until Eminger, Sauer, and Staal come back.  

    Kreider is untouchable right now. 
    And I don't see the oilers moving Hemsky for a player who won't be playing this year, such as Thomas and JT Miller. 
  12. lafleur10 says:

    don't scare me ln91! with gauhtier making he trades he'd get raped like that! lol otherwise price and subban for that not a chance price is even worth that! for price it"LL  be hall + and subban would be eberle and something!

  13. Steven_Leafs says:

    ok new rule: You are not allowed to make trade offers involving Montreal ever again. You over value them worse than anyone on this site over-values their team's players. (and boy do I over value my players)

    Hall OR Eberle alone might, let me stress that, MIGHT be enough to land Price & Subban but I seriously doubt Edmonton nukes their top line for the next 15 years to pick up 2 players who have a chance (it is small but it is still a chance) to flop and be worth next to nothing.

  14. Steven_Leafs says:

    oh sorry I was under the impression we were assuming a trade deadline deal or close to it. Hemsky is 100% not moving right now since his trade value is lower than it should be (coming back from injury). When Staal comes back I think they can afford to move a D.

    Honestly I do think Edmonton would take a prospect/pick package for Hemsky if it is good enough. If it is Thomas, JT Miller, and a 1st… Edmonton will take it quick. Really quick. lol.

  15. lafleur10 says:

    price is i repeat price is 1 of the top 5 goalies in the league! he alone is worth more than those 2 guys alone so those guys wouldn't land him alone it would cost 1 of them plus something to land price easily! subban is struggling but is a future noris trophy winner and would be the top defenceman on the oilers period he could land eberle quite easily i don't over value the habs players you and others seem to under value them like you think teams would have to give up nothing to land him he's 1of the best goaltender in our division he's better than reimer he's better than miller and he's as good as thomas subban is a very good defenceman i'll go as far say to say he's probably1 of top 2 or 3 in our division if we traded him teams would pay a kings ramsom for him.

  16. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    I'm not Ln91, lol.

  17. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Price is great…But I never thought highly of Subban.

    I actually think he's a carbon copy of Jake Garidner.

  18. thisgamewelose says:

    Hold up, you think Subban would bring Eberle back? Eberle had 43 points in his rookie year that was shortened by Injury, and not only did he have 18 goals, he scored HIGHLIGHT goals. Providing he doesn't go down with an Injurt, he's going to shatter the 20 goal mark. Subban will not get you Eberle.

    While Price can probably be considered a top 5, elite goaltender. There's more than 5 goalies out playing him this season.

  19. lafleur10 says:

    he's better than gardiner and will prove it!

  20. lafleur10 says:

    hold up subban had 38 points in his rookie season and 14 of them were goals from january 1st last year he was the highest scoring defnceman in the league he had more points than any other defenceman from that point on subban would no doubt be the top defenceman on the oilers right now subban would land this type of player if we were dealing with the oilers infact if we were to trade him to the oilers eberle would be the starting point of any deal for subban! price is a top 5 goalie in the league yeah there are some that are out playing him but he's still there if it wasn't for him we'd be way worse i'll go so far as to say the the best goaltender in our conference and our division and yes that includes being better than thomas!

  21. Steven_Leafs says:

    seriously man, you have to start watching other teams play. Price is not better than Thomas, Price isn't even better than Rask. You seriously cannot be that much of a homer. I understand you have a huge boner for Price but facts are facts, Thomas has done much much much better than Price.

    Now get Price's ***** out of your mouth and maybe check a couple stats sheets or you could watch a couple hockey games that do not include the Montreal Canadiens.

  22. lafleur10 says:

    price is better than rask ! period end of story .if rask was that good he'sd be the bruins starter if you check price's stats from last year in the playoffs you'll see that they were better than thomas's  eventhough thomas and the bruins won the cup ! i'm a homer but when leafs fans like you think price isn't that good i'll tell you he is! i will say this too he's twice as good as any leafs goalie hands down

  23. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Might be. However, don't forget Subban is playing the most minutes on Montreal…While Gardiner's on the Leafs second pairing.

    I always thought Subban was very overrated. Good offensively, not great defensively. That's what I think his career will be.

  24. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I agree with Rask, but no way in hell is he better then Thomas.

    2 Vezinas (looks like the early favorite again), 1 Conn Smythe, Stanley Cup, and the Jennings. Cannot argue with that.

    Its very hard to argue playoff stats as well since Thomas outdueled Price in their series…And shutout the Canucks in game 7 and was tremendous in that final series.

  25. thisgamewelose says:

    Best goalie in the conference? Lundqvist, Thomas, and Fleury are too busy laughing that one off. Although I'd Rank him right there with Fleury. Thomas, and Lundqvist are still sitting in front. 

    Subban has a bomb from the point. But you'd be foolish if you thought they could land Eberle for just Subban. Eberle is becoming one of the top wingers in the league. 
    Saying Subban would be the best D on the Oilers is not saying much at all. We all know the Oilers need help on the D. Nobody is claiming that Subban is crap. However, there's at least 10 D players anybody would take over Subban. But Giroux, Kessel, Kane, Perry, St. Louis, Nash,  would be the only guys you take over Eberle on R-Wing. 
  26. Steven_Leafs says:

    I dont agree that Price is flat out better than Rask, I'll admit he has more trade value but stats don't lie:


    2009-10: 2562min, 1.97GAA, 0.931pct
    2010-11: 1594min, 2.67GAA, 0.918pct
    2011-12:  737min, 1.61GAA, 0.945pct


    2009-10: 2358min, 2.77GAA, 0.912pct
    2010-11: 4206min, 2.35GAA, 0.923pct
    2011-12: 2002min, 2.49GAA, 0.912pct

    Price played 2 more years than Rask before this but his numbers were worse so I wont count them for this comparison. 

    Rask's stats speak for themselves. With the exception of a sophomore slump (Price also had one dropping from 2.56/0.920 to 2.83/0.905), Rask was clearly better than Price in every way. The only reason he isn't the starter in Boston is that Thomas is doing better than Rask (as amazing as that sounds). Now I do believe that Price has more trade value than Rask, and Price should end up being the better goalie, but the fact is he isn't right now.

    Besides, my point here was that you are flat out wrong about what Price and Subban are worth in a trade. Price will not get Montreal a 1st overall pick with massive upside. Subban's value is no where near worth Eberle. And on top of that you think Hall for Price or Subban for Eberle is unfair to Montreal.

    If I were to try and figure out Eberle's trade value using Montreal's players I would say Subban+Pacioretty for Eberle would be a fair trade assuming Edmonton was willing to part with Eberle at all. Obviously Montreal wont make this trade but if Montreal wanted Eberle that would be the cost, give or take a mid-round pick or prospect. But of course, your hard on for Montreal will probably try to tell me that Pacioretty is worth RNH now. 

  27. lafleur10 says:

    price would land the habs the top pick in the draft let's not kid ourselves here there is no goalie available today in the draft or available through trade that has a value or ceiling that price does he's a franchise goaltender,a goaltender that can win you cups! if he was available he'd be the best goalie available and 29 teams including your leafs would line up to take a shot at getting him and there would be a bidding war for him the prices would be astromonical! he would win you a cup before a guy like yakupov would, subban's value is worth eberle as much as you don't think it is subban is a superstar defenceman he has drew doughty talent he isn't doughty but he has that upside so if you think we'd have to give up pacioretty as well your wrong there too! pacioretty is a big poweforward that we've needed for years and is a future 25 -30 goal man  yeah eberle is a great player as i have said in the past ,as i also said to many leafs fans on here that he'd be better than kadri and he is it's not even close but leafs ripped me on that and told me that kadri would be better than hall! i laughed at that and still am! no i wouldn't think pacioretty is worth rnh i'm not a leafs fan that think that kulemin and gustavsson would land them parise! i think if subban and price were traded to edmonton we'd land eberle,1st r.d pick  hemsky and something else  most likely a goaltender where did i think that hall for price or subban would be unfair! i never said that i said if we were to trade price there hall or eberle would be going the other way that's a fact!

  28. lafleur10 says:

    price is in the same league as thomas and lundquist and is better than fleury ,yeah i get that fleury won a cup but you put fleury on the habs now and see how good he'd really be  he's a stacked team with crosby and malkin price doesn't have those guys in front of him and has a good a number or better numbers than fleury ,put price on the penguins and they'd be aunbeatable! so that's why i said he's the best goaltender in the conference he is considering what he brings to the habs  if you put him on the rangers thye would've won a cup already and like i said in the playoffs last year he had better numbers than thomas did price didn't lose us the series,infact he almost won it single handedly for us! and subban is our best defencman  already and he's in his 2nd season  and he 's better than any defncman on the oilers and would be there #1 as  well and he'd be a #1 on  alot of teams and a top 2 on many subban is that good  but if he was available he'd land a kings ransom for us defnce,man like him don'tt come around often he has 1st r.d ralent and is showing it ,and i think that alot of teams that passed on him and allowed us to take him in the second r.d. was a mistake and he's proving that right now! as for the guys you mentioned about taking over eberle on right wing  for now i would but at seasons end eberle will be a head of a couple of those guys on that list

  29. Steven_Leafs says:

    your dumb, simple as that.

  30. lafleur10 says:


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