CUJO on Waivers is reporting that Ken Holland informed Curtis Joseph this morning that he has been placed on waivers. CUJO will not accompany the Wings on their trip through St. Louis and Toronto. In the event that CUJO isn’t claimed, he could be demoted to the AHL. I really can’t see anyone picking him up. Colorado seems happy, and the Rangers are getting okay play from Mike Dunham. Teams in need of tenders at this time are Ottawa (lalime is struggling), Carolina, and possibly the Blackhawks with Thibault’s injury. I suppose the Islanders could use a keeper as well, but none of these teams will even look at CUJO with his price tag.

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  1. -Swizz- says:

    colorado wont…

    abby is playin great…leads the nhl in wins i believe…

    as for ny..i dunno…i didnt think so before…

    but lately ive heard that markannen might be stealing dunham’s spot…..if thats true, nyr obviously isnt totally satisfied with dunham…so maybe they’ll look into gettin cujo? still not likely though..

    cujo will prolly sit the season or play in grand rapids….or if he really wants to play that bad, he’ll restructure his contract so its easier to trade him…

  2. GeniushockeyKID says:

    i think its pretty obvious that this situation is going no where. there is simply no market for (expensive) goaltending at the time with almost ever team having a starter and a capable backup. i think the wings will just have to buy out cujo as scary as it sounds.

  3. Gforce says:

    Nashville or Montreal(hasn’t had a great presence in the crease since Roy)……

  4. habsoverserver says:

    Detroit is oferring to pay part of Cujo’s salary if someone takes him in a trade. If a team picks up CuJo on waivers, they have to pay his entire salary. It should be beyond obivous that no one would pick him up off waivers. Besides, he was already exposed in the waiver draft and no one wanted him then.

    Detroit will have to buy out CuJo. There is no market for him above $3.5 million per year.

  5. clamity8u says:

    no way nash or mtl will take cujo… nash is in love with vokoun and mtl will live and die by theodore.

  6. habsoverserver says:

    I think Montreal would definately take CuJo in a heartbeat. Adding another goaltender would take everyone’s mind off the complete lack of offense this team has shown for six seasons. In fact, Montreal should sign six goalies, leave them all on the ice at once and hope that whatever shots deflect off them magically end up in the opposition’s net.

  7. BillBarilko says:

    I am sick and tired of people pissing and moaning about ‘poor old Curtis Joseph.’ People keep saying “Oh, he’s got it so bad, I really feel for him.”

    Well, I reply, “Get Real!”

    Cujo is set to make $8 million dollars this year. I find it really hard to feel sorry for anyone who is making $8 million and upset because they don’t have a place to work. Also, does no one remember that he jumped ship on the Leafs to go to a ‘real contender’? If he stays in Toronto he’s got a place to play (albeit for a lower salary), and he’s playing for the 2nd place team in the league.

    That being said, Joseph is still one of the premier goalies in the league. People bash him for one game in the Olympics and his first round defeat last year. Remember, he was out-duelled by the eventual Conn Smythe Winner, and his team gave him little support (read: Fedorov 3p, Shannahan 2p, Hull 1p, Yzerman 1p, Zetterberg 1p, Datsyuk 0p). By the way, a 2.08 GAA ain’t too bad.

    There are definitely teams in the league who would be willing to offer him a place to play if the Wings were willing to eat up a part of his salary.

    I am not a huge Cujo fan, but I think it needs to be pointed out that he’s not suffering due to a lack of work. I guess even the unemployed in the NHL are making out OK.

    By the way, here’s an interesting stat I found:

    Since Pittsburgh traded away Straka’s $4.35 million contract, their payroll is sitting at just over $22 million. This means that Detroit is paying their three goalies and a D-man who has appeared in 3 games about the same amount as Pittsburgh is paying their whole team. Poor Cujo indeed.

  8. clamity8u says:

    LOL, touche! 😉

  9. Bretzky says:

    Mark Messier wasn’t on the official ballot for the 2004 All Star game, but there was a write-in option, so I was hoping people would be smart enough to vote for him, because, well, he deserves it. He’s over 40 and he’s still playing great and right now carrying the Rangers. Like him or not, he deserves to play in what would probably be his last all-star game ever. He just recently passed Howe to become the 2nd all time leading scorer in history! That alone should be enough for him to be in the NHL.

    But if you need more than that, look at this year’s stats. Messier is tied for 13th place in goals, and is ahead of All-Star shoe-ins Jeremy Roenick, Alex Tanguay, Todd Bertuzzi, Joe Sakic in goals this season.

    In past years, the all-star game has been focused too much on the young talent (yes I know it’s the future of the NHL… go make a “Rookie All Star Game” then) and a lot of deserving players have been left out. It would be great for the league as well… Tons of fans would love to see Messier speeding down the wing passing to the likes of Kovalchuk, or setting up Hejduk from behind the net. So I’m asking my fellow NHL fans to do the right thing and vote for Mark Messier as the write in vote for the NHL all star game. Like him or not (and I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t), he deserves to be there and he’s earned it this year. Do the right thing.

  10. tj_hooker says:

    If you want to post an article on Messier, that’s great, but don’t force us to read your damn opinion every time we open an article.

  11. jacosta says:

    I feel no remorse for Cujo.

    First of all like another person wrote he is still making his 8 mil, so stop feeling sorry for him.

    Second, In toronto he was a God. He was higher then Quinn and Sundin. All this for a goalie who chokes in the third round. He left because his massive ego was hurt by the big bad Quinn at the Olympics and by not offering him an even bigger contract offer.

    He chose to go to Detroit therefore he deserves all that he gets. If I were him I would take a buy out and retire. Sit on your ass with the 15 million or so he may get as a buy out and wait five years to sign autographs at Leaf Alumni games or something

    Here’s egg on you face Cujo.

    You know my dream would be Detroit and the Leafs in the Stanley Cup finals. Because no matter what team wins, Cujo still won’t get his name on the cup.

  12. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Some of you guys have probably missed the point in not feeling sorry for Cujo. The amount of money that he makes is probably immaterial to him – he’s probably got enough money from past contracts that he wouldn’t have to work another day in his life and he’s still never have to worry about paying his bills. It’s all about playing the game and success on the ice, which he has none of, which is why I sorta feel bad for the dude.

    Imagine you’re getting paid what you get paid, and your boss comes to you and says that you don’t have to do your job any more because they got a monkey from the local zoo that they think will do a better job than you will, but the company will keep you on payroll because they’re unwilling to give you a good severance package. How would you feel?

    On the flipside, I don’t feel bad at all for Cujo whenever I think back to an interview that Cujo did just after he signed with the Wings. The interviewer asked if he was sad that he left the Leafs or something, he replied that he would wait and see in June with a smug ass grin on his face.

    Where’s that smug ass grin now, Grand Rapids boy?

  13. Bishop7979 says:

    i said it months ago and everyone told me that the wings are too classy a team to do it but look at them now.

    hollands waived cujo, will send him to the minors and will leave him there till he restructures his deal, or takes less money to be bought out. just like the hurricanes did to irbe, but it turns out that irbe is as stubborn as they come, which is way hes playing for the johnstown cheifs right now.

    But anyways Holland isnt stupid, he knows that Cujo is in his mid thirties and only has a couple years left in the league and he’s betting that cujo wont waste them toiling in the minors for 8 mil a season. In a couple weeks holland will offer cujo like 1/3 of the remaining value of the contract and present it as a way out of the situation. Eventually that’ll look better than playing for grand rapids and he’ll take it. It’ll take care of the cujo situation, but it’s gonna make holland look like an asshole in the process.

    and for all those people that are bitching and moaning about how cujo got what he deserves and how greedy he is and all that, take a f’in breath and then save it. The guy isnt greedy, he isnt egotistical, he just wanted to go somewhere that had a chance to win a cup before he retired. Its the same thing that brought Luc Robitaille to the wings, the same thing that brought Hatcher and Chelios and Hull and alot of people to the team. Its the same thing that brough a certain 40 year old Boston defensman to the Aves.

    The Wings have a aura of success around them, when was the last time that the Leafs were realistically looked at as a more probably cup contender than the wings? I mean the guy took what half a mil more to go to detroit? thats not greedy. He looked at the leafs roster, he looked at the wings roster and he picked the stronger team. Who would have thought that after playing behind swiss cheese defense for years in toronto that he would actually need a lot of shots against him to keep his head in the game. Thats why i think he sucks in detroit, because they have a defense, hes not used to so much idle time in the crease.

    Anyways in the long run it isnt going to matter anyways, with or without cujo in the system they going to win a cup this year anyways, hasek will re-retire and the wings will be out looking for someone else to spend 8 million on.

  14. DG says:

    Yes, please. However Bretzky, please write more than that if you want your article posted.




  15. wayne2 says:

    Why would the sens need Cujo,Lalime is struggling

    but did New Jersey get another goalie when Brodeur

    struggled?,did Colorado get Roy some help when

    he struggled?,my point is every goaltender

    struggles at some point so we dont need him.Aint

    no other goaltender struggling as much as Giguere

    this year…

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