Dan Blackburn Update

New York Ranger goalie Dan Blackburn, the 10th overall pick in 2001 has recently signed a contract and is playing with the ECHL’s Victoria Salmon Kings. Now why is this news?

In the 2003 offseason, Blackburn injured nerves in his left shoulder while lifting weights in Calgary. Earlier this month he signed with Victoria. Victoria is 10-38-4, and Blackburn is 3-5.

However, Blackburn is the only UCHLer, if not the only professional goalie to wear a blocker on both hands! Due to the injury, he has opted to wear two blockers, the left one, his normal catcher hand does have a trapping net under the blocker, so he can stop play. However, Blackburn’s primary goal is to be able to deflect puck in the corner, and no longer make those spectacular glove saves.

Dan still is hoping to make a come back to the NHL. He is 21 years old, and had surgury 11 months ago.

Sathers move to draft Montoya 6th overall last June doesn’t seem too dumb now. He most likely knew something we didn’t. The Rangers currently have Mike Dunham, and Kevin Weekes under contract, and two very fine prospects in Hendrik Lundqvist and Alvaro Montoya.

Don’t count a come back for Dan Blackburn out. Up to now Blackburn has played in 63 games and is 20-32-4; 3.22 GAA; .894 SAV% and one shutout.

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  1. rojoke says:

    I heard a couple of stories about Blackburn’s double-blocker, but I couldn’t really picture it. I thought it may have been a regular blocker that was thicker than a normal blocker. Thanks for elaborating more on that.

    It will certainly be unusual for a goalie to not wear a trapper. But what is this supposed to do for him technically? He’ll still need to cover the top corner. Doing it with a regular trapper or a blocker, it still requires the same range of motion. If the damage is that bad to his shoulder, that he doesn’t want to use a conventional trapper, maybe it’s just an attempt to see how affects his style of play and performance.

  2. ranger_fan says:

    I wonder if the NHL will allow. It could be an advantage for Dan. Blackburns hand eye is supposed to be superb, so the high one’s will be deflected up or to the corners. Being a goalie, I can tell you that making glove saves takes a hell of a lot of more motion. If you think about it, the blocker is on top of the hand, and the trapper, when catching it is on the palm. So You have to rotate your arm to make that save.

  3. ranger_fan says:

    * “Up to NOW Blackburn “*

    Sorry for the typo.

  4. Lint07 says:

    Interesting… Is this injury permanent or it will eventually heal?

  5. simplyhabby says:

    I always wondered why some people thought drafting Montoya was a mistake. Sure the Rangers an an influx of goalies but to me, none of them with the talent Montoya posseses.

    To be honest, I think Montoya could be the future of the NHL…meaning…an elite American goalie on Broadway is excellent PR for the NHL. Sure there are some other great American prospects out there but one in a Ranger Uniform could have the most impact for marketing purposes.

  6. ranger_fan says:

    From what I’ve heard, he will never be 100%, but it could get progressively better. Only time will tell.

  7. ranger_fan says:

    Hendrik Lundqvist supposedly will be a g ood goalie in a couple of years. I think when at #6 in the draft you need to draft best availible. So Montoya was a good pick

  8. werdo says:

    I wonder how many times the reflex to catch the puck kicked in and he ended up with a slapshot in the palm of his hand.

  9. kicksave856 says:

    Wow. you guys can fix that stuff, huh?

    And I was just wondering how to get something to show up in italics.

  10. ranger_fan says:


    hehe. OK do this without spaces, I need the spaces in order to show you.

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    well that didn’t work with spaces. OK

    to end to italics, between the i and > input a /

  12. ranger_fan says:

    jesus christ. damn these html commands.

    one last try, less than sign, i, then greater than sign.

    to end, less than, i, /, greater than

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  • Lint07 says:

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  • bender says:

    What’s this……The drummer from Def Leppard only has one arm you say???


    Yeah. They had a great shot of Blackburn and his two blockers in the paper last week here in Edmonton. At least he’s trying something.

    So there is absolutely no chance of his shoulder making a full recovery?

  • kicksave856 says:

    I honestly wish I understood a word you guys were saying.

    I thank you for the attempt though.

  • JeffBurnz09 says:

    It’s really too bad her got hurt. He looked promising, playing in the NHL at 18 and doing pretty well for himself. Would’ve probably gotten better in time.

  • Lint07 says:

    Damn, It seems like it doesen’t work.

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  • kicksave856 says:

    Hey, thanks. It doesn’t seem to work here, but it makes sense now that you showed me that.

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  • big_booty says:

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    DALLAS (AP) – An unidentified canine was dropped off at the Greater Dallas SPCA building early this morning. The extremely malnourished pet is believed to have recently belonged to Stars’ centerman Mike Modano, whose new Bentley was seen speeding away from the very same site by a security guard. A spokesman for the charitable organization made no public comment, but was overheard in private invoking the name of the Marquis de Sade when referring to Modano.

    MONTREAL (RDS) – Dan Blackburn has been named “Player of the Week” on the NHL Players’ Association website. Blackburn’s agent immediately requested a meeting with Rangers’ GM Glen Sather, apparently interested in re-negotiating the young netminder’s contract.

  • Lint07 says:

    of course it works here.

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  • Lint07 says:

    wherever you put the ” / ” it’ll stop the italization…

  • RichterFan says:

    The NHL doesn’t allow two blockers so Dan will have to learn how to catch before he plays in the pros. I hope he can make a comeback.

  • Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Somebody tell Rangers_Fan his crappy team just missed the playoffs again.

    Frnachise is a joke and a SOLID reason the league is in the trouble it is currently in. If the Ranger$ acted a little less like the wanna-be-Yankees and a little more like a team with a front office or a farm system – they might have done some winning.

    One nice thing I can say about the rangers is – thanks for Kim Johnsen. Jell-o brain turned out to be as good or worse for the blue shirts as he was in Philly.

  • CechmanekForVezina says:

    Robert Esche plz.

  • ranger_fan says:

    Are we going to start this again? Are you telling me the Flyers never had a rough road in their franchise… we all know of the Cup drought.

    30 years and still counting

  • beefer says:

    The Rangers finished .500 this season and that is an improvement for them. Baby steps.

  • beefer says:

    I think I remember seeing an article on msgnetwork.com by JD that the NHL had approved it. Unfortunately I can’t find it now.

  • beefer says:

    And I also don’t think he’ll be effective with 2 blockers in the NHL. I hope I’m wrong, or that he can recover enough to return with as he was .

  • Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    54 years dumb a$$.

    And I remember reading recently that the Flyers are the 2nd most winning team in the past 30 years in the NHL behind the Habs. That would be trips to the cup in 74, 75, 76, 80, 84, 87 and 99 (w/detroit) with two wins. How many wins to the Ranger$ have in the past 30 years.

    With all the money in the world – nothing made your team great. with all the money in the world, the Flyers won year in and year out. With all the money in the world, the Ranger$ traded away and walked away from their youth and basically have no farm system as compared to more successful teams like Detroit, NJ and Philly.

    Wanna go over Sather’s record post Oilers?

    Face it Rangers_Fan – your team sucks. You can be as proud as you want but the fact show when april rolls around the Blue Shirts are wearing Ashworth and working on their power fades.

  • beefer says:

    I’m guessing you just posted this in response to the wrong one, correct?

  • ranger_fan says:

    coming so close since ’75 really means something to you huh? If you can’t win the cup, it means nothing. For the Flyers, it will be coming close and keep getting shitty draft choices

  • Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Ooops. This was for Capt. Negativity’s comments below.

  • ranger_fan says:

    This is for Captain overoptimistic. Oh I think the world is great. Who knew that Eklunds reports were about 12 million off.? Who knew that there was more to work out besides the cap? Anyone else find it a shocker? But since I guessed correctly and have been labelled negative for it I’ll think positive.

    HHHmmmm. Oh yeah, the Flyers will win the cup one of these years. The Rangers will each year get one more win, so in 54 years we can make the playoffs, and then win the Cup. The Leafs will win next year, and George Bush is just great! But wouldn’t it be great if Hillary Clinton was in the White House. The feminist would rule. But nothing wrong with that, or life. I am just as positive, as could be. Could it be that I have a larger penis, may be? I am Bob, on those enzyte commercials. Nope, nothing but sarcasm, except the point about me having a larger penis, and more testicular fortitude.

    OH WAIT HERE COMES YOUR RESPONSE. You are negative, the Rangers haven’t been in since ’97, haven’t won since ’94, so just shut up, because that’s the best I got.

    AND MINE, 1975.

    AND YOURS, 1967

    AND MINE, LEAVE THE QUIEFS out of this.

    AND YOURS, no they and the Bruins, Blues, and Hawks have a longer drought

    AND mine, good point.

  • kicksave856 says:

    To be honest, all of this is really boring, especially since there isn’t even any hockey right now. Both of you just have some sort of weird personal internet-dislike for each other, and that’s fine if that’s the way you like it.

    But either side bringing up the last time they won a cup is pointless (unless you’re Tampa Bay or something). Usually, when a pro sports debate comes down to the last time a fan’s team won a championship, it means they are out of ammo and have lost the argument. Some of you guys seem to LEAD with this tactic.

    Trust me, I understand the rivalry, but this is silly. Right now, the Flyers are good and the Rangers are bad. The Rangers have made questionable decisions while the Flyers seem to have done pretty well for themselves. I’m sure there will come a day when the Rangers are better than the Flyers. I don’t think it will be any time real soon, but reality is reality.

    Now, how long is this going to go on between you two? Can you at least save it until a season ever starts? It might be somewhat entertaining if the teams are playing.

    The points of this argument are asinine. We went over the fact that the “your team hasn’t won a cup since (blank)” comments are meaningless.

    Let’s talk about “Flyers… coming close and keep getting shi**y draft choices” comment. What are you talking about? GOOD TEAMS get late draft picks. You’re saying you’d rather suffer through a bad season so you get high draft picks? Well then your situation is perfect with the Rangers. What are you complaining about?

    And going over Sather’s record is pointless. He’s created a mess and everyone knows it.

    Lindros is a moot point because both teams tried it and didn’t like it. So umm, what’s the deal?

    And, dude, if you’re calling for your own team to have a .450 winning percentage this year, why are you arguing with a Flyer fan in public? They were in the deciding game of the Eastern Conference Finals last time they played a hockey game. I’d hold off on the arguing and comparisons right now.

    I don’t know. It just seems silly to be carrying on the way the two of you are carrying on when there isn’t even any hockey and the two teams you are “representing” are currently so far apart in on-ice product.

    Argue about who has better players in the system right now, who has a better coach to go forward, whatever… anything but the past. It’s just so meaningless.

    Flyer Fan, if it makes you feel better that the Flyers have been to the finals a bunch more times in recent decades, fine. You win.

    Ranger fan, if it makes you feel better that your team won a cup more recently than the Flyers, great. You win.

    The two of you seem normal when spoken to one on one, or in other posts, but you just seem irrational when you talk to one another.

    Here: Equate the past/present/future thing to the lockout, if you have to. There is no need talking about how the lockout started because it’s the past, but there is use in talking about the solution to the lockout because that is moving forward. Forward!! Not backwards!

    Personally, I want the Rangers to get better because I think the Flyers-Rangers rivalry is more pure, and more enjoyable, than the Flyers-Devils rivalry. But it’s gonna be a while and all any of us can do is wait!

    Now, I understand that there is a rivalry among the fans of the teams too, and I have to admit that your arguments used to be at least somewhat entertaining. But recently, it’s just been one rehash after another about when the last time one of the teams won a cup (which is meaningless), players the teams both had on their rosters (meaningless), and Sather’s already public personnel decisions (meaningless). All in the past.

    If pro sports was about what you’ve already done, then the Yankees wouldn’t even have to field a baseball team each year. But it’s not about what you’ve already done, it’s about what you’re doing now and what you’re doing in the future to win and be better.

    Please, if you are going to continue this, argue about who’s going to win a cup first, GOING FORWARD. Or who has better prospects GOING FORWARD. Anything GOING FORWARD!

    And don’t take this as a personal shot. I usually enjoy both of your posts whenever you aren’t talking to each other.

    Sorry about the length of this rant, but it’s getting frustrating. Both of you guys seem so normal when you’re talking to other people.

  • mikster says:

    I’ve said this from the very beginning in ranger forums, that basically a pinch nerve will never heal 100%.

    Blackburn will be prone to injury forever and one bad move can redamage the nerve.

  • mikster says:

    Well, Henrik Lundqvist is one of the top young stars in all of Europe, and definitely the best Swedish goalie. Obviously there is always the question of how can a Scandinavian goalie handle the NHL.

    But, if it goes right for Henrik, i think he could definitely be better than Montoya, and most likely a top NHL goalie.

    As for Montoya, i think the US is doing quite well with goalies…..Esche is mentioned and he is good. I like Conklin, and though Dunham seems to be going downhill, he could still come back with the nea goalie coach the Rangers have. Then Rick DiPietro should turn out to be an excellent goalie, and Montoya will have his chance.

    But, i agree that Montoya could end up being a new Mike Richter type and maybe even a stronger impact as far as PR goes, also attracting the hispanic community.

  • ranger_fan says:

    I thought it was over on my last rumor submission. I didn’t say anything negative, and neither did he, so I was confused when he started again. Unfortunately for myself, I have to get in a word.

    Being bad does have its advantages. To be a trully sucessful team, you need a really great draft choice at the center of your team. Name me the last team to win that didn’t. The Flyers can’t say Primeau is, as he was a wing, JR, etc were aquisitions. Detroit had Yzerman. Colorado had Sakic. Tampa was Lecavailler. Dallas, Madano. Devils, Brodeur. Rangers, Leetch and Richter. There is a connection with Cup winners. Unless Simon Gagne is a centerpiece, or other teams in a drought, Toronto, Sundin wasn’t a Leaf pick. Belfour, Leetch and all of their players were aquisions.

    I agree with pretty much everything you have said. I’ve been labelled a negative person because I didn’t support the articles Jerry has posted about the Lockout. Now that he doesn’t have his button, I guess he wants to take it out on myself.

    I don’t like using the Yankees as an example. Baseball doesn’t need chemistry nearly as much. Plus the Canadiens are bigger cheats than the Yanks will ever be. They got all of the French Canadiens, who were the best players, and when entry draft came in, the Habs got all of the first overall picks.

    FYI, I am not a Yankees fan, nor Red Sox. Actually my baseball team, is quite a low budget team, if not the lowest. McGwire, Canseco, Giambi, Damon, Mulder, Hudson all lost, WHO NEXT?

  • Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Anyone can disagree with me. Lots of people do on this site – but to make fun of the quality of my posts and to publicaly say my sources are weak when they were The Hockey News, ESPN, ESPN Radio and TSN.CA is a fraud.

    Anyone can take shots at Eklund if they want especially now. He is an easy target because the unthinkable happened. The facts are – he nail a lot of stuff right that NO OTHER SOUCE HAD. There is NOTHING Ranger_Fan can say about that. In fact, I would like to see how Rangers_Fan defends his position as a editorial critic. What makes you an expert?

    As for the Flyers, your argument is weak and expands to pathetic when compared to the Ranger$. It is EASY to point how how not only your team sucks but how their actions have hurt the game and are partially resposnible for the mess we are in. And your defense is “well the Flyers haven’t won a cup since 75” . Then you follow up with an article about a goalie who hasn’t played an entire year in the NHL and may never do so. I am sure Rangers fans want to talk about their prospect and I will even chip in on the conversation too but when you look at Rangers_Fan making fun of my stories about issues relatiing to the game and its future vs. Dan Blackburn posts – it proves my point about Rangers_Fan which is – I miss Elcktro….

  • ranger_fan says:

    You miss Elcktro? Who’s that.

    Oh so you are arguing with me for the first 10 post about Eklund, and you are only man enough to say that it was the last one. Listen, the only reason I said it was the sources is because once again, you felt in necessary to bash my thoughts. In fact, I thought that was a great post, I just didn’t believe it, mainly because the sources were all in one, just different outlets.

    As for the Flyers, hats off to them. They are great, but not that great. They win a Cup, the could be one of hockeys 50 best teams of all time. I’ve realized that this is going no where fast, and if you want to be an immature editor of a magazine, or whatever you are, which probably means you are late 20s or into the 30s, and are significantly older than I am. Great going, all of this because I failed to believe Eklund. And because I thought the Lindros trade really had little effect on the Rangers. Yes, you got the better end of it, but for Kim Johnsson, he is more than likely a Kovalev, where he really can’t do much in NY. I don’t think he was the only one. Kappenen and Brashear were seperate deals to. Clarke is a great trade negotiator. Hlavac sucks-Brendl a bust.

    As far as the Blackburn post, I felt that it could stimulate discussion. It’s the truth, and different. You have something better to post, not on Eklund, go ahead. Still waiting for the Sather post. Obviously TradeMan, who is the head man thought that it was good enough.

  • ranger_fan says:



  • Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Electro knows the flyers won the cup in 75.

  • ranger_fan says:

    who doesn’t?

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