Danny Markov Not a Hurricane Yet

Danny Markov is not a Carolina Hurricane yet as much as I would love for him to be one! I think Danny Markov is a great veteram defenceman, still young, and if he does sign a contract with Carolina, doesn’t become a unrestricted free agent, and go play in Russia he will get lots of ice time in Carolina as he would be a top defenceman for the club.

4 Responses to Danny Markov Not a Hurricane Yet

  1. Hockey_Fan says:

    Carolina Hurricans will still suck no matter what.

  2. shafty says:

    Nah, the Hurricanes will be fine. As much good luck as it took to get to the Cup Finals, it took that much bad luck to be as awful as they were last season.

    Their defense was porous at best, and they’re working on fixing that. Markov, and maybe another free agent blueliner can help make things better.

  3. edmontonrules says:

    So the one person who cares about the hurricanes finally spoke. But who cares? Danny Markov, I laugh at him. And I laugh at your team.

  4. shafty says:

    Well, the ‘Canes made it to the playoffs once in the last 2 years, and the Oilers made it once in the last 2 years.

    Canes went to the cup finals, Oilers went to Dallas for a series.

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