Deals that fell through

According to newspaper La Presse (citing the Toronto Sun), Mats Sundin refused to agree on a deal that would’ve sent him to Montreal at the Trade Deadline.

Still according to the Montreal newspaper, Bob Gainey was offering forward Chris Higgins along with 3 draft choices (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in next year’s draft.
(article in french)

In other news, according to Pat Burns who cites ”high profile members of the Wings organization” Sundin also refused a deal to the Red Wings that had a two-year contract extension offer along with it.

Finally, according to the New York Post, Glen Sather refused a deal that had San Jose Sharks forward Steve Bernier coming to the Rangers in exchange for forward Sean Avery.

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  1. mojo19 says:

    Sign Curtis Joseph? Sorry Luke, I always enjoy your suggestions but give up on Cujo already. Its time to let go.

  2. HABSSTAR says:

    Why sign Joseph?  Just call up Pogge and let him get some starts. 

  3. lukeleim says:

    Yeah, I guess eh. Signing Gary Roberts to a one year deal has also crossed my mind.

  4. mojo19 says:

    Hahaha. Luke I feel your pain. Maybe Mogilny and Fitzy can come out of retirement, and what the hell, Reichel and Renberg for that matter: Here's what I hope next years leafs line up looks like:

    Renberg – Sundin – Nolan
    Roberts – Reichel – Mogilny
    Poni – Niewy – Antropov
    Fitzgerald – Green – Domi

    And I wish it were 7 years ago for all of them except Nik and Poni

  5. Radio says:

    I'm sure you can fit Gary Leeman in there somewhere.

    He was an All-Star y'know.

  6. habsrock99 says:

    You know what's funny, those exact same comments were said when Ken Dryden took the helm, when Steve Penney took the helm, when Patrick Roy took the helm. This isn't anything different from those 3 goalies. All 3 were rookies, all 3 were inexperienced at the NHL level and all 3 were written off as 1st Round losers. What happend? Dryden stole the 71 Cup, Penney led the Habs to an improbable 3rd Round defeat by the Islanders and Roy stole the 86 Cup.

    Carey Price is in the exact same situation as all 3 of those goalies. The only difference is that he's 10 times better then Penney(who got lucky for one Play-Off Run) and it has yet to be determined on whether or not he will be the next Roy or Dryden.

    BTW, by your comments, I suppose you're saying that the Habs are in the exact same position as the Pens last year? Goaltending a joke in the sense of inexperience?

    Now, to be quite honest with you Bru, I have to say that the Pens stand no chance of winning a Cup with MA Fleury. I know saying that will probably piss you off and to get it out right away, I really don't want to get in a huge argument over the Habs or Pens or any other team's goalies.

    Now, just hear me out as I have a specific reason as to why I firmly believe that Fluery will never be successful and will never bring a Cup to Pittsburgh. It all stems back to the WJHC a few years back when Fleury had that 3rd Period meltdown against the US which was topped off by him passing the puck at his defenceman and it rolling back into the net(forget if that was the GWG or the GTG). I believe that for the rest of his career, Fleury will be mediocre when it really counts most(the Play-Offs). He wouldn't be the first goalie to begin choking after a certain incident. Other's that come to mind right off the bat are Tommy Salo and Dan Cloutier. Hell, the same thing could potentially happen to Price but I just don't see it just because of the way he handles himself.

    However, I could be wrong about Fleury(and we won't know for sure until at least a few years from now) because other goalies seem to come out strong after a really bad game or series. Patrick Roy was horrible in the 89 Cup Finals and he came back and won it in 93, 96 and 01. Martin Brodeur crashed after his first Cup only to comeback and win it again in 00 and 03. But if last year's Play-Off performance is any indication as to what his career has in store, the Pens just won't be successful.

  7. CofRED says:

    The Habs already had a selfish, me-first kind of guy on their team for the last couple of years.  His name was Kovalev.
    Obviously someone (Carbo, Gainey) straightened him out.  I don't think Sundin is selfish at all for doing what he felt was right, but if you think he's selfish, maybe whoever got Kovalev to smarten up could have done the same for Sundin.

  8. habs_punk says:

    I'd say that it wouldn't be a stretch to take from this comment that you're calling me immature. I just want to know, how in your twisted mind is it immature for someone to call you on your UNBELIEVABLE Pens bias? Everyone on the site knows it. Every single post, every single thread you make has heavy, HEAVY, pro-Pittsburgh undertones. When you pose a question like "What Eastern Conference teams would you rank ahead of Montreal?", it is VERY obvious that you are fishing for someone to compliment the Pens. I merely point this out, and get called immature for it? Sounds very much like something a high schooler would write, while we're on the topic of maturity.

  9. habs_punk says:

    Well, I pity the fool who needs to say the word 'pity' as often as you do. Fool.

  10. the_next_agent says:

    I heard about the Kubina trade, he was playing like shit when that deal was set to go.  So what happens now, he has picked up his game and i think they should add Blake, williams/earl and Kronwall and try and go after Setaguchi as well. Tell me what you guys think.

  11. NHLman says:

    Way to take a simple article and turn it into pure Maple Leaf garbage!

  12. BruMagnus says:

    You just said fool and pity twice each… Only a fool pities.

  13. BruMagnus says:

    Last year the Pens goaltending was a joke due to inexperience. I knew we weren't winning the Cup last year, I don't think we'll win this year, though I think we could be a darkhorse. I certainly didn't peg the Lightning or Canes to win it in their years.
    Having said that, Fleury was hardly our teams problems, though he was part of it. The whole team lacked experienced. This year we've brought in: Sydor, Sykora, Hossa, Gill. That's a lot of extra playoff experienced, added on to the 5 games all the rooks got.

    Now, Montreal is in a very similar situation to what Pittsburgh was in last year, with only a handful of players with solid experience, and far far far too many with none, including the goalie. I will allow Price may not change his game in the playoffs and be solid. It happens.

    I do partially agree that Fleury may always be slightly mind-*****ed from the WJHC, but that was years ago now, and with the cast around him and his recent success (40 win season, youngest ever), I think he's overcoming a lot of that. He's played superbly since coming back from injury, and so quickly too. It amazes me.
    What I hate about him is still
    1) Bad puckhandling skills. Conklin is amazing in comparison and the team has said as much
    2) Sometimes scary rebound control, though he appears to have improved on that.

  14. BruMagnus says:

    Thanks for your mature response! I disagree, but respect your opinion, unlike the high schooler habs_punk.

    I do adamantly disagree that the Canucks are anywhere NEAR the level of the Habs. The Canucks are about the equivalent of the Panthers or Capitals, at best, albeit with a completely different style of play.

  15. LuoungoisGod121 says:

    I think that the Leafs would have to give up more then Sundin for Higgins.

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