Decision time for Habs' GM Gauthier

After their most successful playoff run since 1993, Canadiens fans are asking: What can the Habs do for an encore?

The Canadiens exceeded expectations this spring by upsetting the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins before losing to the Philadelphia Flyers in the Eastern Conference final.

In his postmortem press conference on Tuesday, general manager Pierre Gauthier said there wouldn’t be a major overhaul, as there was last summer. But keeping the core of the team together won’t be a simple process because some decisions might be beyond Gauthier’s control.

Gauthier’s first problem will be dealing with the salary cap. The good news is that it will be close to the current $56.8 million U.S. The bad news is that the Canadiens have nearly $46 million committed next season to 14 players, and one of them is Georges Laraque .

That gives Gauthier about $11 million to sign a minimum of seven players, including Tomas Plekanec and two goaltenders.

The Canadiens will save a little money by buying out Laraque . They can save more by trading the underachieving Andrei Kostitsyn and his $3.25-million salary, and throwing younger brother Sergei into the mix.

The Kostitsyn brothers have great talent, but they don’t exhibit it on a regular basis. Sergei’s tenure in Montreal effectively ended in Philadelphia when coach Jacques Martin gave him a reprieve from the doghouse and the Belarusian responded with a total lack of effort.

4 Responses to Decision time for Habs' GM Gauthier

  1. lafleur10 says:

    some decisions have to be made………… i just hope pg make the right ones.

  2. number15 says:

    I would add a big body, physical top 6 forward…. since they r so small. it worked this playoffs but wont through a long season. They will need stability to finish in a top seed next season

    also try to trade Gomez. hopefully his value is at a high after the playoffs, but i doubt they can move him. The HABS would have done just as good without him.

    here is a bold move……


    – Scott Gomez (very bad contract)
    – Andrei Kostitsyn (bad contract)


    – Vincent Lacavalier (super bad contract)
    – 2nd rounder 2010


    Lacavalier was almost a point per game in the second half….. plus Montreal loses 2 bad contracts

  3. HABSSTAR says:

    Gomez was a great asset for Montreal in these playoffs. 

  4. montreal4ever says:

    montreal should try and make a blockbuster trade with the St louis blues.
    Both teams can benefit from a trade considering that st louis is still unsure about the goaltending position and would like a younger goalie and that the canadiens need a young power forward.
    The deal i am thinking of would go something like this :

    To Montreal:
    F david backes, F brad boyes and D barett jackman

    To St Louis:
    G carey price(negotiating rights), F tomas plekanec(negotiating rights), D roman hamrlik and   F andrei kostitsyn

    In my opinion i think its a gd trade and wats gd bout it is the salaries involved actually cancel out with hamrlik and kostitsyn making roughly the same as boyes and jackman.The blues would have to sign price which wont be over 2.5 mil n plecky which can b as high as 6 mil a year

    what do u think?

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