Devils in Dire Straits? “Wanted: Investors to bail out Devils”

“The Devils hockey franchise faces a financial crisis and is looking for investors to pump in as much as $50 million so the team can pay its bills and cover projected losses.

The cash crunch, described to The Star-Ledger by three members of the YankeeNets sports company, has rekindled turmoil within an ownership group that appeared on the cusp of security when it found funding lastmonth for a new arena in downtown Newark.”It seems that the financial woes of NHL clubs extends beyond small market and Canadian franchises to perennial Stanley Cup contenders such as the Devils.

While the Devils and Lou Lamoriello have always been tight with money, the purchase of the team by YankeesNets would lead one to believe that there is a degree of financial stability to the Devils.

Guess not.

On the other hand, Flyers fans, such as myself, who travel to the swamp to see our two teams duke it out several times a year are constantly baffled by the lack of fan support the Devils really have. At any given Devils-Flyers game (and I can only assume Rangers and Islanders games at the ol’ Brendan Byrne are the same) there are at least as many fans for the opposing team present. This is not to mention all of the empty seats too!

One would think that a team that has been such a consistent winner in the past decade would command a larger following at home. I wonder if, having a new arena, the Devils will draw more?