Devils Ink Richard Matvichuck

The New Jersey Devils shored up their defence on Monday, signing unrestricted free agent blueliner Richard Matvichuk, according to Sports Radio 1310 in Dallas.
It is a four-year contract worth $8.75 million US.

Matvichuk, 31, made $2.2 million US last season with the Dallas Stars. He spent his entire 12-year career with the team, scoring 38 goals and 167 points in 733 games.

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36 Responses to Devils Ink Richard Matvichuck

  1. DevilInside says:

    Good pick-up if you ask me…

    One thought…This makes it seem like the Devils think they need to replace Scott Stevens rather than Scott Niedermeyer, otherwise I would expect them to look for another offensive defenceman. Now we’ve got Rafalski, Matvichuck, White, Martin, Hale, Brown, maybe Stevens, and maybe Nieds. Not bad, as long as one of the Great Scotts will come back! Otherwise, we’ll need to dip into the free agent market again.

  2. wheresthesoda says:

    it was a good pick-up.

    honestly though..there will never be a replacement for stevens or niedermayer. i dont think the devils would be able to replace both, it would be easier for them to replace niedermayer, but stevens is un-replacable.

  3. flyersfan10897 says:

    well personally id love it if stevens retired and neidermayer left. but as im a fan of a rival team with absolutely no luck at all, what the hell are the chances of anything ever going my way?

  4. StuWild says:

    If that is all he signed for, what a great bargain for the Devils.

  5. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Agreed, considering two thirds of the numbers in your username most likely won’t be there next year. I’ve been hoping for a Stevens retirement since he got injured.

  6. Leafs_Expert_ says:

    Leafs shudof got him

  7. x says:

    I think this was what Cullimore was waiting for, to see what Matvichuk would sign for.

    Cullimore and his agent were pushing for 3M a year.

    Seems like that’s close to a pipedream now. Only team I could see putting up that kind of money would be the Leafs.

    Either that or I have it backwards, meaning that Cullimore would like to play for the Leafs and if feels like the Lightning are lowballing him, he might just sign with them out of spite.

  8. x says:

    “but as im a fan of a rival team with absolutely no luck at all,… “

    you’re welcome to change your allegiance at any time; the world will be a better place with one less Flyer fan in it.

    I know,call me immature, and I deserve to get dumped on for such a caustic remark, but whenever I see or hear the word Flyers something snaps in me.

  9. RangerSteve says:

    You think there was a parade going down at the Meadowlands the way some Devil Fans are talking about this signing. I completely understand that they don’t know the certain around Stevens and his concussion, and who knows if Niedermayer will leave town or come back at a high price. Matvichuk should help out NJ in it’s own end, and fits in the best considering the type of system they use. Anybody else think he’s a bit overrated though?

  10. DevilInside says:

    I think the Devils are trying to avoid having to make Paul Martin one of their top two or three defencemen. They could use a reasonably physical, defensively sound “soldier” like Colin White, regardless of who stays or leaves. I think, though, that they’re hedging their bets against Stevens leaving by adding Matvichuk as a veteran defensive defenceman. They could have used him last year instead of relying on the holy trinity of Sean Brown, Tommy Albelin, and Ray Giroux.

    I’ll wait to parade until we re-sign Niedermayer, though.

  11. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Don’t worry, the feeling is MORE than mutual for us. I don’t know how Stevenson is gonna survive his first year.

  12. dkball7 says:

    TSN updated it… its 4 years 7.2 million!

    Great deal Lou!!!

  13. WinterLynx says:

    Matvichuck at 1.8million a season, better than a great deal! Hopefull Rafalski isn’t trying to clean out the Devils like Niedermayer is, and we can bring him back.

    If Nieds asks for too much, I hope Lou is smart enough to work something out without him on the roster… Stevens and Brodeur are worth more to the team than Nieds, so asking to be paid more than those two is outrageous.

    Back on topic though, with Richard matvichuck on the blueline, at least we’ll be able to keep the GA down still while Gomez (who we hope returns at an affordable price) and Elias work magic in the scoring end of things, with Gionta, Friesen, Langenbrunner, and HOPEFULLY Parise coming up, and Hrdina and Kozlov making a bigger impact.

  14. CaptainModano says:


    So long, Matvisuck, good riddance, bought your ticket out of town years ago, it’s about damn time you got the hint and left Dallas!

    This clears the way for Trevor Daley to step up as a full-timer, even Shawn Belle if he has a good training camp.

    Man this is great news!

  15. Devilsmann says:

    that sounds good do u know who else the devils are going to get???

  16. mikster says:

    Ever since Matvichuk had that one injury a while ago, he hasn’t been the same.

    He is good, but quite inconsistent.

    He doesn’t bring anything offensively, especially to the Devils.

    I think this means that either Stevens is retiring or Neidermayer is looking for some kind of hold out.

    But, adds good depth….i would rather have McGillis.

  17. dkball7 says:

    Probably no one… and if we do, it means Friesen and Kozlov/Hrdina are gone.

  18. WinterLynx says:

    I doubt we’re going to pick up any big name forward, but as far as defence goes, Marchmant might be worth a stab at. We have a lot of offensive prospects to fill in the forward lines and score enough to win, and if we add another physical D-man, it will be good, especially until David Hale bulks up and uses his size.

    We do need to resign Clemmensen for sure though, he is a solid backup for Marty, and can eventually be our Number One when Marty retires.

  19. leafs2003champs says:

    Man I must say I think JFJ missed out on this 1 Matvichuck is a solid D man who could have helped the D alot and at a reasonable price.

  20. Leafs_Expert_ says:

    These are my standings for next yr.











    13. Ottawa

    14. NYR

    Next yr T.Os gonna be so good that the teachers pension plan will get rich and wont have to go on strike, which will make Dalton McGuinty happy, preventing the torries from gaining power again. Then Mel Lastman will make a stupid comment, when he makes his return as mayor.

  21. Leafs_Expert_ says:

    u said it, lets sign Numminen and Allison. Imagine how unbeatable our team will be

  22. dkball7 says:

    No more defensemen… how can you say we need a defenseman when we have the potential lineup of:




    Although we may trade one of these d-men (probably either Niedermayer or Rafalski… they could net us some top notch prospects, picks, and/or players, since they are both RFA’s it would be tough to re-sign both of them, therefore making a trade more inticing) the mere possibility of this defense is really tantilizing. There is no need to add to that perfectly balanced corps of defensemen.

    Clemmensen is going to be a backup at best in the NHL. Ari Ahonen is our goaltender of the future, even though Marty is at least 7 years from retiring.

  23. brewstar03 says:

    Devil fans, don’t jump on the wagon and say what an awesome deal this is. If any, this deal is actually a not so good one. Matvichuk played horribly the past few seasons. All he really brings for the Devils now is size and leadership. Seriously where do you think he is going to play next year and the years to come? He could fill a spot nicely if Stevens doesn’t come back, but if he does, then you will have Stevens, Niedermeyer, Rafalski, White, Martin, Hale and now Matvichuk. Where is Matty going to play? Certainly not on the top two lines if Stevens is here. and he could slow down the rookies progress. And its not like they can use him for a year or two to help guide them, they are stuck with him for 4 years! Matty has been in decline for like 3 or 4 years and he is only 31. that doesn’t bode well for the future.

  24. starsgirl25 says:

    and now comes the tidal wave of predictions by leafs fans who think they will be number 1 this season…..

  25. starsgirl25 says:

    i would like to thank you for being smart and reasonable at the same time.

    i agree with you, i don’t really see exactly how matvichuck will benefit the devils. and a question for you, does it seem like all of the stars’ good or over-the-hill players get sent to the devils or is it just me?

  26. starsgirl25 says:

    let me make a correction, that would be a tidal wave of predictions had the leafs got matvichuk

  27. CechmanekForVezina says:

    I’d say not at all.

  28. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Do I even have to say anything? I’d at least like to mention that the Penguins and Islanders are in the same division, not to mention they’d never WIN their division.

  29. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Ottawa may also be the first team to miss and make the playoffs at the same time. This is one tallented team.

  30. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    5 of these teams dont have a prayer at the post season, NYI, PIT, CAR, Wsh, BUF……..pull your head out of your arse……..Id say if one were to make it it would be the NYI. And your kidding with the Leafs winning the conference right? LOL, LOL….lollololololo, you leaf nitwits never quit do ya…………its still fresh in my mind, ROENICK SHOOTS HE SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLYERS BEAT THE LEAFS AGAIN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  31. brewstar03 says:

    haha, it does seem like there are a lot of Stars and ex-Stars were with or are with the Devils organization now. We have Arnott and Guerin who played for the Devils before. We sent them Langenbrunner, who rocks. And Nieuwendyk. And now Matvichuk.

  32. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    The leafs could have picked up Billy Tibbets and the fans would find a way to tell you how he was an awsome player just not in the right environment……yadda yadda yadda same ol’ old news with these monkeys

  33. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Please never ever mention Billy Tibbets again. Ever.

  34. CaptainModano says:

    Don’t forget Grant Marshall (via Columbus anyways)

    I guess Lou and Army get along real well, they also made that minor deal on draft day.

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