Devils prospects in the Frozen Four

Odin be praised for David Conte.

While reading about the NCAA Ice hockey Championships I noticed that we have three Devils’ prospects – right wing James Massen (North Dakota, WCHA), right wing Barry Tallackson (Minnesota, WCHA), and center Travis Zajac (North Dakota, WCHA) – remain alive in the quest for the NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Championship title.

We had five prospects last week if you include – defenseman Dan Glover (Cornell, ECAC), left wing Jason Ryznar (Michigan, CCHA).

North Dakota (24-14-5) and Minnesota (28-14-1) will face each other in the Frozen Four semifinals on Thursday, April 7 at 7:00 PM ET. North Dakota defeated Boston University 4-0 in the first round on Friday, and top-seeded Boston College, 6-3, in the second round on Saturday in the East Regional in Worcester, MA. Zajac scored twice and added one assist on Saturday, including his first goal 42 seconds into the contest, and the second-period power play/game-winning tally. Zajac was selected by New Jersey in the first round of the 2004 NHL Entry Draft, while Massen was selected in the sixth round in 2001.

Minnesota won two overtime contests in the West Regional in Minneapolis , MN – 1-0 vs. Maine on Saturday, and 2-1 vs. Cornell on Sunday – to advance to the Frozen Four. Tallackson, selected in the second round in 2002, scored the game-winning goal just 4:31 into the extra session.

The other semifinal bracket will feature Colorado College vs. Denver on April 7 at 2:00 PM ET – marking the first time in the 58-year history of the tournament that all four finalists are from the same conference. Five WCHA teams compiled an 8-1-0 mark in nine tournament games this past weekend.

All is well in the Devils system.

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  1. hockeyhead says:

    i kind of like the bruins prospects in the NCAA playoffs.

    Mark Stuart-D-Colorado C. (captain)

    Matt Hunwick-D-Michigan

    Kevin Reagan-G-UNH- 42saves in loss to den.

    Byron Bitz-F-Cornell

    Andrew Alberts-D-BC (talked about by all GMs)

    Matti Kaltiainen-G-BC

    Stuart and Alberts should be great additions…Bitz could be a solid winger…Reagan is still a freshman plus the b’s are pretty solid in net.

    With ALL this young players….it gives the fans hope of hockey to come even if the current nhlers don’t come back.

  2. MantaRay says:

    Here we go boys:

    Hockeyhead: 13

    Yzerman19: 11

    Big Booty: 10

    Mantaray: 10

    Phenom3150: 6

  3. mikster says:

    Devils do well with college players and i think Lamoriello deserves credit in showing more interest in college draftees. US colleges have been shadowed by the European Mania drafts in the 90’s and of course the Canadian junior leagues.

    James Massen isn’t much to look at. He was playing with Stafford and I think Zajac for a while, but did not impress much. Still…..I think any big size strong forwards can be worked on in at least making them 4th line checkers or key minor league “call ups”.

    I got to watch Tallackson twice on TV and he is the player that frustrates you. This is a quote from a post i wrote in another message board back in January 14:

    “I was not impressed at all by gigantor Tallackson, scoring his 4th goal. I can’t comment on his defensive side of the game because i have not seen much of it, but he just didn’t show me anything, just his immense size and attitude.”

    The second time i saw him he was more interesting. The guy is just huge and he is definitely not under 200 lbs. He’s got to be more than that.

    He’s that big player with great strength that you wish for him to be a successful power forward, but he just has not gotten even close to that.

    Still, in the Devils system, and under their game mentality, Tallackson has a chance to be a solid player, and at the very least….be a crasher that gets on everybody’s nerves, which is what the lacked for a while.

    Zajac of course is the real deal for the Devils. He and Parise may fire it up in a few year’s time. He was an excellent pick, and like i said…the Devils concentrate a lot on North Dakota. So….i would not be surprised at all to see them pick Jordan Parise in the future.

    I say North Dakota can end up winning the title, although Colorado has beaten tough teams and they got a bit more depth and McAlhenney may give ND problems if they both end up in the finals.

  4. hockeyhead says:

    well…a recovery from what was a failure of a quiz for me….

    but, there is no way i can win because my two finalists are already gone…..unless my opponents are also drawing dead.!!!

  5. 19Yzerman says:

    What a train wreck. At this point I suggest no one under estemate the resolve of a team that gave up a 3-0 lead in the first period and then reallys back to win 3-4 over a wolverine team which was HOT down the stretch going into this tourney. Hats off to those Tigers and big “LOOK OOOOOOUT” to all who cross their path.

    I will quickly move down that list also for the same reason hockeyhead.

    I had a fun winter despite there being not much hockey 7 to 10 NCAA games and two benefit games on comcast. Thank you COMCAST!!

    The highlight of my winter was going over the one laned bridge side by side with my snowmobiling buddy at excessive speeds. This happens when you are trying to remove the others teather cord while he is trying to hit your kill switch and you both come over a hill an there is that confounded bridge.

  6. 19Yzerman says:

    I think the best NCAA hockey player for the devils is John Madden. His skill carried over from NCAA to the NHL. Any Dman will enjoy the success of being on the Devils team. However a lot of highly skilled offensive players have been held back untill freed from the Devils trapping style game.

  7. hockeyhead says:

    actually…if minnesota loses to north dakota i think i got it wrapped up.

    i need to bounce back from the last place finish. picking teams and players in pools is my knowledge i guess….not trivial nonsense.

  8. 19Yzerman says:

    First ever USA team to win the Stanley Cup?

  9. hockeyhead says:

    seatle metros….

    i would of said bruins but i cheated….the test would of been easier if i searched the web….but i did not want to go against linty’s wishes.

  10. mikster says:

    Madden is a solid Devils, and although he should have been allowed to continue developping his skills, just to be a more consistent 40 point guy, he was set to be a defensive forward.

    This is my only worry with the Devils when it comes down to Zach Parise. They should allow him to develop into the forward that he is, and he knows his back checking responsibilities. Hopefully, they won’t make him out to be too much of a two way player.

  11. 19Yzerman says:

    yes trivia is Good.

  12. 19Yzerman says:

    I think players like Shanahan ,Rolston and Morrison may have been delt prior to getting over the freshman hump but, if you look at their stats you may find that some players have displayed better offensive stats after leaving Jersey.

  13. mikster says:

    There’s no question about that, but if you play for the Devils then you play as a Devil. You play for the team’s philosophy of the game, which has succeeded in the past. I rather have my skills and talents restricted and a good chance at winning the Cup rather than scoring 80 points a season but no Cup.

    I think the Devils will allow Parise to develop into a significant offensive forward who does his duties in the defensive aspects of the game. If he turns out to be a 45 point two way forward, with a solid +/- rating, then that’s great. But, he is more capable than that, i think.

    Also depends on who is coaching. Larry Robinson allowed the offense to work on the offense. So, we’ll see.

  14. hockeyhead says:

    parise is their top prospect and he should be an impact player…..maybe if robbie ftorek coaches him LOL.

    when the league comes back with new ideas about opening up the game….a guy like zach will be awesome!!!!

  15. 19Yzerman says:

    If I was a Devils fan I would be yelling for one of my teams players to take a penalty all the time. so we can get a short handed goal from Madden. I mean the hell with that. Wait NO! lets just make the Madden line a 4 man line wouldn’t that make the most sence? All kidding aside. Your point about “Team First , then Player” applies here for sure. I think Shanahan has shown he can do so as part of the left wing lock system used by the Wings and that Morrison deserves to flourish as he has in Vancouver. Morrison is a former U of M great and the U of M has a guy right now named TJ Hensick who has shown some of that same kind of greatness.

  16. MantaRay says:

    First off, the Devils haven’t played the trap since 1996.

    We play with a defense first mentality, but this doesn’t mean players can thrive offensively in New Jersey. If you have the talent you will make an impact:

    In 2000 we led the league in scoring.

    *Gomez was tied for the league lead in assists last year (56).

    *Elias was tied for second in goal scoring last year (38).

    Its not the quantity of goals you score it the quality.

  17. ranger_fan says:

    Salesman- Hi sir, I am selling some volcano insurance.

    Peter- But we have never had a volcano in Rhode Island.

    Salesman- Well don’t you think we are do?

    Peter- Touche.

    Salesman- My uncle says one will erupt any day

    Peter- I also have an uncle. Deal.

    Auctioner: Our first item is a pair of panties confiscated from a prostitute.

    Quagmire: Fifty bucks.

    Auctioner: She had nine STDs.

    Quagmire: Forty-five bucks.

    Auctioner: And when we caught her she wet herself.

    Quagmire: Fifty bucks.

  18. hockeyhead says:

    Stewie: Why won’t that vile woman let me stay home alone?

    (dreaming of a party at the playboy mansion)

    Stewie: Ah, ladies, let me introduce you to james kahn. Jimmy, make yourself at home.

    James: Hey, thanks (looks at closest girl and WHAM-punches her out)

    Stewie: geez, i meant have a cheese doodle or something.

  19. ranger_fan says:

    don’t you think we are due* WHY CANT WE EDIT

  20. hockeyhead says:

    or my favorite…

    when brian can’t help pissin himself and he goes in the grocery store.

    peter-“geez brian, where you think you are…Payless?”

  21. 19Yzerman says:


    No one is due in terms of sporting success!!

    The laws of odds and probability are clear that when a game is played that nothing happening in any games prior in terms of win/loss will bare any factor in its out come.

    If you flip a coin 99 times and it comes up heads each time the odds of it coming up heads or tails on the 100th are no different than any of the prior 99 times. Its 50%-50% every time.

    Why We can’t Edit. If you say something to someone and then you say ,”I am sorry I didn’t mean that” or “Wait that wasn’t right allow me to restate that” Its no different on here other then the fact that with the preview button you have as long as you want to think your statement over before hitting the OK button which is a virtual speech button.

    To error is human!! To really mess things up good you need a computer!!

  22. 19Yzerman says:

    Left wing lock is when a team has the puck in offensive zone and when possession changes the left wingers job is to greet the opposing puck carrier at his own blue line along with his two Dmen in a three man line.

    The trapping is when a team has the puck in offensive zone and when possession changes forwards greet the opposing puck carrier in the neutral zone in a way which will causes the puck carriers choices to be limited to either dumping the puck into offensive zone or make a thread the needle pass both of these choices offer a degree of chance to lose puck possession.

    How does a defense first mentality differ? Well first you would limit how and when a dman moves forward in the offensive zone and increase the forwards moving back as opposition tries to gain its offensive zone with the puck.

    I think that the Devils have been playing the neutral zone trap for the last ten years according to the TV network game annalists who use the telestrator to point out how it works during games. If this is some how not true my next step will be to email Mike Emmerick and Stan Fishler who commentate those games in that region. If you tell me they will validate your statement that the Devils haven’t used the trap since 1996. I will ask them.

  23. ranger_fan says:

    What the hell are you talking about. Im off hockey talk, and talking about Peter Griffen. And Quagmire. What you replied to is a correction of my previous post.

    or at the bottom of the post if can give the edit, so i don’t have to respond to my very own post. WHY ISNT THERE SPELL/GRAMMAR CHECK?

  24. ranger_fan says:

    HAHA. When are they coming out with a new season. I thought March ’05 was new episodes.

  25. hockeyhead says:

    i am not sure…go to

    the new american dad which is the same makers as family guy comes out in march or may…one of those m months.

  26. 19Yzerman says:

    Sorry about that!!! Your right my responce had nothing to do with your post. I saw the word DUE and responded to it as though it meant due for a Rangers Playoff birth or something.

    Like I said, “To error is human!” “To really mess things up you need a computer!”

    SPELL/GRAMMAR CHECK edit is like the phone book in your cell phone. No one remembers anyone number or their own because the storage of the numbers is done by the phone. I am so old that I use to have to wait for the rotary dial to return before entering the next number. Now we have voice activated dial.

  27. ranger_fan says:

    No problem, i do it all the time.

    Someone needs to develop a perfect english spell check though. Microsoft Words gets me poor grades. Im too lazy to check, and when i do, I can’t catch my mistakes.

    I missed this one class today, first time missing, and I throw a perfect game on the allstar level with Randy Johnson. (MVP 2005) I guess I’m missing more often. It was against Santana, and the Twins, so it was a 2-0 final, but still, I unlocked some great hall of famers.

  28. ranger_fan says:

    The first episode which was after the SuperBowl wasn’t too good. Seth McFarlene must come up with better

  29. hockeyhead says:

    i couldn’t stay up that late with work the next day and superbowl parties….

    it does look like the exact same scheme as family guy tho….talking dog…talking alien.

    some times pilots are terrible.

  30. hockeyhead says:

    both new f.g. and a.d. start may 1st on fox.

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