DG's Quick Hits- August 4, 2002

Daigle: not much to “Crow” about

Karyia gets a pay cut

Ferraro retires to the broadcast booth


Alexandre Daigle, the former Victoriaville Tigres junior standout, is attempting a return to the National Hockey League, claiming that he has rediscovered his passion for the sport. This time, it is not a joke (mikster’s April Fool’s Joke, anyone?), as the San Jose Sharks have offered him a tryout this September. Also, Daigle is apparently romantically tangled with pop rocker Sheryl Crow, someone who just happens to be twelve years Daigle’s senior (she’s 39, Daigle’s 27).

However, despite all the good intentions this looks like, I can’t get over the fact that it seems like Daigle is just trying to get attention and really doesn’t have any desire to compete. Think about it: first, he announces his intentions to come back late last month. Then he gets a tryout from the Sharks, who are obviously taking a huge risk. Now that he seems to be a big deal in the hockey circuit, it seems like he felt he had to complete the deal by finding some way to be completely high profile, becoming the celebrity he hoped. Enter Crow, who’s not exactly a Pamela Anderson in profile (or in beauty, I might add), but big enough for recognition, giving Daigle a high profile relationship and a more public profile than most hockey celebrities. Add to the fact Daigle once admitted he had no heart and this all seems like some sort of sideshow that Daigle is putting together to “clean up his image”. Sorry, Alexandre, but I see through it and frankly, I’m not impressed. Hey, maybe you and Sheryl actually do love each other and maybe you do love the game- I don’t know your inner life and neither do I care. However, from what it all seems, it looks like a sideshow and I can’t appreciate something that fake.


Anaheim Mighty Duck Paul Karyia received a new contract worth $10 million a year, representing a $1 million pay cut from his last contract. The deal at least ostensibly ensures that Karyia won’t be dealt any time soon.

This isn’t exactly a deal I want to comprehend, even though it is understandable why it was done. Everyone- including myself- feel that Karyia is wasting his time in Anaheim, as it is obvious the Ducks won’t be playing anywhere near .300 hockey for at least another few years (or decades, whichever comes first). Yet, Karyia still signed with the team, maybe hoping that he’ll be rejuvenated with Adam Oates as his centreman, instead of bolting the Ducks. However, considering that the better clubs play in warmer climes (re: actual hockey towns) and that Karyia is getting his money, and the deal makes sense on Karyia’s part. He’s just another athlete looking for money without any actual care for the sport (Alexandre Daigle, anyone?), otherwise, he would have bolted Anaheim by now. Which is okay, but Paul, please don’t ever ask to be traded to a Stanley Cup contender: they want guys who will actually care about the game and not just about the dough.


St. Louis Blues centreman Ray Ferraro has announced his retirement from the game of hockey after 18 seasons, opting for a career in the broadcast booth. Ferraro, 37, never won a Cup, playing predominantly for bottom-feeders, with the closest he ever got to the Cup being a semi-final appearance as a New York Islander in 1992-93.

So closes one of hockey’s quietest careers, one that was never filled with All-Star Games or awards but filled with the image of goals when you needed them, an offensive threat that may not have been the best but was definitely worth keeping tabs on. My only hope is that Ferraro is much better in the broadcast booth than he was at hockey, but, considering that most jocks-turned-broadcasters turn out to be busts, I’m not keeping my hopes up. Oh well: at least his pension should be good.