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Why Cujo in Atlanta isn’t so bad

Hasek: retirement promises two years late

On the radar screen

(World Issues Page Announcement Inside)WHY CUJO IN ATLANTA ISN’T SO BAD

There are suggestions- albeit minor suggestions- in the Toronto Star that unrestricted free agent Curtis Joseph may sign with a minnow, like the Atlanta Thrashers, this off-season as opposed to a “big” team like the Detroit Red Wings. This comes off heels of reports that Atlanta may come out spending this off-season, like many other “minnow” clubs.

This isn’t as bad as it may sound for the fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs, “Cujo’s” current team. Sure, the Leafs lose one of the best goaltenders of the past decade, but the benefits may outweigh the negatives here. To wit:

1. The Leafs won’t be improving a team worse than them

2. They’re covered in net (Corey Schwab)

3. They’ll actually be able to use the money for a much-needed defenceman.

Also, the Thrashers won’t go too far with Joseph anyway. Just look at what happened with the Tampa Bay Lightning and Nikolai Khabibulin.


Think back two summers ago, in July 1999. Domonik Hasek was just off leading the Buffalo Sabres to their best-ever season since 1975, leading them to within two games of the Stanley Cup. He announced that 1999-2000 would be his last year, retiring still as one of hockey’s greatest goaltenders.

Now, he’s won the Stanley Cup, but with the Detroit Red Wings and not the Sabres, traded after mixed reports suggesting he didn’t want to play in Buffalo. Now he may retire, two years later, now that he’s a champion, but now he has a tarnished reputation in Buffalo regarding his trade, something he could have avoided had he lived up to his promise. If he had retired in 2000, as he promised, a Sabre, he would have been still revered as a great goaltender- though maybe not a winner- and he wouldn’t be known as a “selfish brat”, to put it frankly. Add it all up and it is obvious his ego dwarfs his heart in size.

Strike Two: first, the Philadelphia Flyers
“fired the wrong man”, Bill Barber as opposed to Bobby Clarke. Now they’ve traded the wrong goalie. They’ll rue the day they traded Brian Boucher…Speaking of Boucher and his new team, the Phoenix Coyotes, what becomes of Sean Burke?…The Toronto Maple Leafs’ top priority: a goaltender, preferably good…Anyone notice the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup without much fanfare? Guess we were caught up in all those Senegal-Uruguay matches to notice…I take a lot of flak for berating Markus Naslund, but I still believe fingers will be pointing his way if the team flounders again. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…Hope you guys caught the MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday. It may be the last time Jarome Iginla is in Canada representing the Calgary Flames…Speaking of Alberta, why would a cost-conscious team like the Edmonton Oilers want a dud like Jiri Dopita. They must not be poor if they’re willing to spend foolishly like this.

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