Diary of a GM

In this very interesting article, Anaheim Ducks’ GM Brian Burke reveals what he did and tried to do in the month of February to help his team out.

What was once something kept secret by every GM in the NHL, Burke reveals names of players he went after and what other GM’s were asking for, keeping a diary of each day.

A must read for everyone who ever wonder how it’s like to be an NHL GM.


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  1. RealisticNick says:

    I thought that was very interesting to read, I think if all the Gm’s did that it would give us more insight to what each were thinking, like when he said Holmgrom was not pleased with him, then to read his to find out exactly what he though. All in all for a huge hockey fan like myself that enjoys all aspects of the game even the business side it was very good. I’d like to see that more often. Gives all the armchair GM’s a little bit of what really happens, trade quality for quality, no one wants your teams crap.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Burke is one of the few GM's who understands than not every player is an asset.

  3. SabresFan220 says:

    That's really cool, the Sabres did something very similar. They allowed cameras to film Darcy Regier in the Sabres War Room the day before and on deadline day. They showed clips of it during the intermission of the Toronto game. The most interesting thing in the video (which is on the Sabres website) is that the Sabres were briefly interested in acquiring Kimmo Timonen from Nashville but he was hurt so Regier decided on another move. Obviously they settled for an AHL defenseman Nashville offered for depth and got Zubrus from Washington instead. It was cool.

  4. wingerxxx says:

    I think that everyone on this site should read that article.  It's a pretty fascinating read.  I've always liked Burke as a GM, but that made my respect for him go up a couple of notches. 

    I really like how he stuck to his guns regarding Perry and Bobby Ryan.  This is a guy who understands the position his team is in, and is not afraid to stand pat.  And he also clearly understands what the big picture is, as opposed to his own team's situation.  This is a guy I would feel very comfortable with, if he was the GM of my favorite hockey club. 

    I thought his thoughts on the Tkachuk deal were interesting.  He definitely hints that St. Louis struck a gold mine on that deal (which they did). 

    I'm also interested in how Sather had that good offer for Ward as far back as a week ago….I'm thinking that it must have been Paul Mara.  The NHL writer Allan Muir on cnnsi.com actually thought that the Rangers lost this trade…which makes me question the guy's sanity…either that or he has not seen Aaron Ward play ice hockey in the last few months. 

    Of all the interesting information in that piece, what really struck me was how it seemed that Tkachuk was more valuable than Bill Guerin.  I just don't understand how that can be possible.  Or maybe I was reading it in the wrong light.  Come crunch time at this time of the season, there is no way you can justify wanting Tkachuk over Guerin.  They play slightly different games, but Guerin can actually play in the playoffs. 

  5. DeathCab says:

    That was interesting, although I was hoping he'd go even further with it. 

    But still, there's more info about how GMs do their thing in that link than pretty much anywhere else.  Kudos to Burke for being willing to spill the beans.

  6. lynchmob540 says:

    Here is how Gainey's journal would look….

    Mon. – Feb.26 AM: I wake up…not sure if i'm ready to sell or buy. The boys played really well against the Mapleleafs. I think we're just about ready to go on a miracle Stanley Cup run. Time for my afternoon nap.

    Mon. – Feb.26 PM: Just woke up because of my blackberry buzzing. Seems like i'm really tired. Have been sleeping 14 hours a day for the past 6 weeks or so. I'm not sure why. I have many messages on the BB. Most are questions from the boys out west asking about some trade offers they sent me. I don't recall getting any offers…they must be confusing me with another GM. Watching the  boys on my illegal satelite (MSG is great!). I'm not sure whats going on with the boys. Seems like they are just having an off game. I'm really tired. This game is boring…let's see whats on SPICE. Wow…i haven't seen this one before. That Ron Jeremey sure is hot! Time to clean up the mess i've made on my sofa. Heading to bed again.

    Tue. – Feb.27 AM: zzzzzzzz (dreaming of Ronnie boy…sooo hot!!)

    Tue. – Feb.27 PM: zzzzzzzz (dreaming of making a BIG deal at the deadline next week. I can't wait! I wonder what it would take to get Ron Jeremey in a Habs uniform?)

  7. habswinthecup-again says:

     You are an absolute without a doubt the biggest f*cking moronic imbesilic c*cksucking m*therf*ckingest idiot that has ever posted on this site!

  8. Komic-J says:

    Interesting article…

    Being an Habs fan, I will of course comment on the Bob Gainey part. I don't care if he started to talk with Wilson three weeks before, it only makes sense to call back a GM asking for your defensemen before trading one of them to another team. Who know…if Burke actually took the time to call Gainey and whine about him trading Rivet without asking him for an offer, maybe he would have given more than what the Canadiens got. Rivet deal was a good one…but you have to make sure you got the best you could get on any deal.

  9. Gagne1286 says:

    I found Burke's diary very cool and informing, I wish all GM'S did it. Its interesting to see a GM point of view through the process, and Burke was right not to give the Flyers Bobby Ryan that was to steep of a price and this is coming from a Flyers fan.

  10. Battleweary says:

    I'd like to see the list of teams that Oilers GM Kevin Lowe didn't call to tell them Ryan Smythe was available!


  11. Les-Habitants says:

    Really awesome article, it's cool to see into what the trade deadline is like for a GM…I mean, we all speculate it, but actually seeing it (especially from a great GM like Burke) is cool to see.

  12. lynchmob540 says:

    I think i touched a nerve!!!

    Maybe you can pull your head out of your ass and look at reality the way it was meant to be looked at (instead of trying to look through your belly button!). Get a life, son!

  13. Villanova says:

    I like Burke as a GM alot.  He understands what needs to be shown in order to increase the amount of fans.  If all of hockey was this open, i really think more people would follow it. 

    In saying all of that, i'm sure his diary was edited.  He must have had conversations with other people about players on his current team that ended up not traded.  He can't say that he was considering moving any of those.  This isn't anythign against him, just pointing out that there could be alot more info.

    On Philly.com today, an article asking Holmgren about it was somewhat interesting.  Homer basically wouldn't disclose any details, but just said "there's 2 sides to every story."

  14. Heinzee57 says:

    Damn… Can we get a look at Mike O'Connell's diary from November of 2005?

    Nov. 27th 2005 – Lost 100k on Patriots -6 @KC.  My wife is going to kill me.  Gotta cheer myself up.  Maybe I'll go a movie.  Hmmmm Brokeback Mountain sounds good.  I wonder if the guy breaks his back skiing or something?

    Nov. 28th – WTF was that? Oh well… I think the Celts will come up big tonight, +4 @home v. Orlando… I'll wager 220k.  Hopefully I can get the money back into my 401k before she notices.

    Nov. 29th – Oh god… this is my worst nightmare. How did they lose to Orlando at home? Damn it.  I'm down 320k in two days….  How the hell am I going to explain this to Karen? Oh … wait a sec.. I have a call coming in, It's Mike Milbury…  

    Milbury: Hey Mikey did you have the Celts last night?
    O'C: Yeah… I'm in bad shape.
    Milbury: I spoke w/ Tochett and he hated the line so I laid off that. Are you down right now?
    O'C: Yeah..  This is a new low for me.
    Milbury: Cheer up buddy… Is Janet still taking your action?
    O'C: Yeah… and Wayne is all pissy w/me as it is.
    Milbury: Well you're in luck… Chuck & Sanjay would like to take some of the heat off me as the biggest ass in hockey, so here's the deal
                "I'll bet you 500k you wont trade Joe Thornton to the West.."
    O'C: Really? Why would you do this?
    Milbury: Well OC… I promised Yashin 15% ownership of the Florida Marlins in his last contract and I've been trying to sign DiPietro to a 25 year deal and they wont let me. Chuck Wang gave me 500k to amuse myself.  I've never forgotten how you helped me get laid that time in Moose Factory.
    O'C: IT'S A DEAL Wow…  How can I ever thank you?
    Milbury: Have you seen Brokeback Mountain?
    O'C: Ahh a uhhh mmm nooo…  Oh my other line is ringing…  hey it's Doug Wilson, I gotta go….  I'll call you back later Madman… take care..


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