Difference of Opinions

Over the past two days TSN has reported four seperate articles based on player team differences that i thought I would share.1) Simon Gagne and Bobby Clarke are on different pages when it comes to a new agreement. Clarke wants the contract to look like Samsanovs second cortract of 2 million a season whereas Gagne states he wants more of a 2.5 million a year contract like Lecavilier signed last year.

2) Kyle McLaren has submitted for a second time a trade demand stating he would not show up for camp or play for Boston again. O’Connell says he wants a big Defenceman with lots of endurance and a huge upside.

3) Scott Gomez has told the Devils he is not afraid to hold out unless they place an offer on the table matching or bettering that of Phillys offer to Gagne.

4) Tortorella has admitted to having disagreements with Lecavilier on more then one occasion through last season. Stating it was not at the point of no return, though he wanted improvement. He wants Vince to be able to play 20 minutes a game consistantly and putting full effort into it.

My take on all of these issues

1) Have to agree with Clarke on this one, especially cause it is a two year deal, take the $2 million and then prove to the Flyers you can put in 30 goals a year consistantly then make the big money demands. At this point I do not see Gagne being any better then Samsanov at that point in his career.

2) Good luck on getting equal value, looks like Boston will start the year with McLaren holding out and no help. McLaren is too injury proned for a team looking to trade youthful defenceman for.

3) Gomez was rumored in a trade to Calgary for Savard near the trade deadline, if he holds out it may come true. Lou is not the type of GM that backs down, he would rather trade you then over pay you.

4) Lecavilier was also on the block at times last season, but as Tortorella said, with a full training camp behind him he should not repeat the slow start to the season like he did a year ago. This kid is good, has talent and loves the game, look for him to make a similar jump to stardom as Joe Thornton did a few years back.

This is the time of year, when arbitrators get moving, and teams and players have problems, I am sure these are not the only fights out there, let me know what ones I have missed.