Difference of Opinions

Over the past two days TSN has reported four seperate articles based on player team differences that i thought I would share.1) Simon Gagne and Bobby Clarke are on different pages when it comes to a new agreement. Clarke wants the contract to look like Samsanovs second cortract of 2 million a season whereas Gagne states he wants more of a 2.5 million a year contract like Lecavilier signed last year.

2) Kyle McLaren has submitted for a second time a trade demand stating he would not show up for camp or play for Boston again. O’Connell says he wants a big Defenceman with lots of endurance and a huge upside.

3) Scott Gomez has told the Devils he is not afraid to hold out unless they place an offer on the table matching or bettering that of Phillys offer to Gagne.

4) Tortorella has admitted to having disagreements with Lecavilier on more then one occasion through last season. Stating it was not at the point of no return, though he wanted improvement. He wants Vince to be able to play 20 minutes a game consistantly and putting full effort into it.

My take on all of these issues

1) Have to agree with Clarke on this one, especially cause it is a two year deal, take the $2 million and then prove to the Flyers you can put in 30 goals a year consistantly then make the big money demands. At this point I do not see Gagne being any better then Samsanov at that point in his career.

2) Good luck on getting equal value, looks like Boston will start the year with McLaren holding out and no help. McLaren is too injury proned for a team looking to trade youthful defenceman for.

3) Gomez was rumored in a trade to Calgary for Savard near the trade deadline, if he holds out it may come true. Lou is not the type of GM that backs down, he would rather trade you then over pay you.

4) Lecavilier was also on the block at times last season, but as Tortorella said, with a full training camp behind him he should not repeat the slow start to the season like he did a year ago. This kid is good, has talent and loves the game, look for him to make a similar jump to stardom as Joe Thornton did a few years back.

This is the time of year, when arbitrators get moving, and teams and players have problems, I am sure these are not the only fights out there, let me know what ones I have missed.

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  1. cwhockey says:

    The way that hockey is today, its very difficult to accurately assess the talents of the young players that you mentioned. If they do well, they want a multi-million dollar deal just like another similiar player received. If they don’t do well, management wants to ship them and their salary off. Financial concerns are more important than building a good team (or so it seems).

    Thornton, at least, was allowed to mature and grow into his stardom without too much pressure. Guys like Lecavalier and Stefan have had pressure heaped on them from day one. It might not seem like it, but those two are only 21 or 22 years old. There is still time for them to grow and become great players; just seems like a lot of people are too impatient for that. It’s just something all hockey fans have to accept: development takes a few years for most players (with a few notable exceptions). Some develop, some don’t. But time is needed to see that.

  2. Habfan1234 says:

    Agreed. It took Jovo 4 or so years to become the dominate player he is today. The diff why Thornton is better then Lecavalier is that there was less presure put on Thornton to succeed. Remember when the old owner of Tampa (Art Williams I believe) said that Vincent was going to be the Micheal Jordon of hockey, talk about presure.

  3. zednik says:

    1) Shake him down Bobby ! Its not that I disklike SImon Gagne, believe it or not he is actually a cousin of mine but he is a type II free agent which means he can’t goi anywhere and he is still young. I figure if Bobby can save a few bucks do it !

    2)McLaren will get dealt, sure he is always hurt but GM’s mouths water at the word “potental”

    3) MeH, trade him keep him I don’t know enough about the situation to comment on him.

    4) He will be a Hab oh yes he will be a Hab.


  4. YingYan says:

    1) underpaid

    2) lol!: guy wants out, Bruins want clone of him at lower cost

    3) overrated

    4) don’t care about what Tortorella wants, why do we keep hearing about disagreement between these two, take Richards, Lecavalier is as good as he is but Tortorella never came down on him as hard as Vincent & puts all kinds of pressure on Lecavalier, good point about the pressure of having to be good right from the start, Stephan, Daigle (are those two overrated: probably!) etc… there must be lots of guys out there that had personnal disagreement with a coach and got psyched into balls of frustration thus not playing at the lvl they should… It’s all in the mind.

    Yeah trade Gomez for Savard, these two will be more happy in their new teams, for a whie at least.

  5. amok says:

    1) Clarke will probably win since Gagne doesn’t have much bargaining leverage with his free agent type, but surely the kid’s worth $2.5. He was an Olympian at age 22 and is in my opinion the best player on the team. And he’s only 22.

    2) Boston wants someone to trade them a McLaren clone without the injury problems and beefs with Boston management. But.. if you have that McLaren clone, why would you trade for the damaged one?

    3) Gomez for Savard would be good. Change of scene would probably help both players a lot.

    4) I’d like to see Lecavalier in Vancouver or Montreal. He’s probably going to go nowhere in Tampa.

  6. aaron says:

    1. Gomez is worth 2.5 mill, though Clarke shouldn’t give it to him if he doesn’t have to. At the same time, he shouldn’t alienate him.

    2. Is this Boston team going to resemble the one last year in any way? Oh, they ain’t gettin’ sh*t for McLaren. A player demanding a trade destroys all trade value.

    3. Gomez…what a freak. Same money as Gagne? *cough*Egomaniac*cough*

    4. Lecavilier better start showing up to his potential pretty quick here. I’m getting sick of hearing about how great he’s going to be.

  7. mikster says:

    Now, ask me again….who is to blame for players’ salaries? The GMs or the players and agents? These type of players want the money, and they will fight for the money….forcing the team to pay the money. Gagne is fighting this at such a young age….imagine what he will be in two or three years. More and more money. You can’t blame teams or GMs, they have to pay in order to keep what they want. Look at Iginla….this guy is making SUCH a big deal playing with the Flames, but oh wait…..wants his money…and what happens if the Flames don’t have the money? It’s buh bye Iginla and all the “i want to play in Calgary” talk is worth nothing. So….moving on…

    Gagne wants a certain price…and they have yet to agree on that price, but they already agreed on the number of years….no doubt about it. Gagne wants two years, and it’s such a simple reason. In two seasons, his 2.5 million dollar per season salary would be worth squat, therefore he would double the price of that and request 5 million or so. He wants his value to go up…and he will do that.

    McLaren is not the type of defenseman i like, especially after that insane hit on Zednik. But hey, if the Rangers grab him then it would be a good thing. I really wouldn’t mind if it is a Poti for McLaren trade (not straight up). He will be traded but we all know O’Connel is not the smartest GM, and he better hope to talk with some other GM who won’t rip him off….he was lucky with the Allison trade *cough cough Taylor*. McLaren is a solid stay at home physical defenseman, and teams will want him, but they won’t offer much.

    As of now, i look at Gomez as a strong and awesome 3rd line center. This igloo youngster cannot ask for a bigger raise. If he wants a big raise, then he has to prove the Devils that he is capable of being a meaningful 2nd line center. Devils lost Holik, they lost the nucleus of their 2nd line, and Gomez has to replace that nucleus with a different type of game. Though i strongly think Elias’ contract was pointless for 3 seasons, Lou should ink Gomez for AT LEAST 4 seasons. I would pay Gomez 3.5 million dollars a season for 5 years. That is a steal. That is why i love Kaspar’s contract for 6 years. Every year, players want to increase their salaries….and if they have a long-term contract…then they are stuck with it. Or, they might do what Yashin did. But, the trick here is to sign Gomez to a long-term deal. This is a HUGE gamble for Lou. Should he sign him for the fair price Gomez wants at two seasons? Because if Gomez fails to be a significant 2nd line center…then his two year contract isn’t a big loss. But, what if Gomez proves to be a great 2nd line center, and a definite future 1st line center; then Lou would NOT want to re-sign him for only two years. Gomez is a good player….he just has to prove himself. Good luck Lou.

    Lecavalier is not a bust. Lecavalier never asked to be traded. All those rumors weren’t really true. Tortarella disagrees with Lecavalier’s game, but is he the only one? You guys never heard of a coach not liking how a player plays? It happens, and it definitely does not mean a trade could happen. Lecavalier is definitely not on the block since the Bolts want to see how their new team performs…and i think Lecavalier could play well with Fedotenko. Lecavalier will only be traded if he has a poor season, and it would be during the Deadline.

    Everything should settle pretty well.

    Micki Peroni

  8. Slats says:

    oilers win the cup, thats all that matters

  9. ManillaKilla says:

    Playing in the East, I don’t get to see Gomez play a whole lot. From what I’ve seen, though, I can’t imagine him getting Gagne money. To me, Gagne has a much higher upside.

  10. son says:

    I agree that it would have been smart for the Devils to ink Elias for longer. I never have been a big Gomez fan though. I know he is a decent playmaker and a good passer, but to throw that kind of money at him I’m not sure. What do you think of trading for a player like Savard?

  11. son says:

    I watch the Devils games and conclude the same thing. I would like to see him traded, he’s just going to distract the team.

  12. flyer73 says:

    1) Gagne should be given the 2.5 he wants and maybe they could sweeten the pot to 3.5 for a 3rd year.

    2) McLaren has virtually no trade Value because of his injuries.

    3) Gomez wants Gagne type money than maybe he should try and play Gagne type hockey. Gagne is an all-star on his way to superstar. Gomez is a pretty good player on his way to being a potentially very good player.

    4) Vinny has a chance with this young club to develop into a very, very good player. Will he be great? Maybe, I think that if he with a team that had a true #1 center and he could slide into a #2 center role he could turn into a Joe Thorton type player.

  13. mikster says:

    I liked Marc Savard when he was a Ranger. You can tell this kid had the potential to make on the tape passes and smart plays. Same with Scotty Gomez though, except Gomez had the advantage of being on a winning team.

    What i dislike about these players is their personalities. They whine too much on the ice. I like Savard, but i think he is a crybaby…he won’t shut up and play well. Gomez has to whine 90% of the times when he takes a penalty.

    But, in the end i’d choose Gomez over Savard. As of now, these two players should be considered 3rd line centers, and moving their way up….if they can.

    So, i think that if Lou wants to seriously get rid of Gomez, he could go out and substitute him with Savard, but that would be too dumb to do. I would look to trade Gomez along with Rafalski for a solid and proven 1st line center.

    It could take till mid September for Gomez to re-sign, but the only way he will be traded is if he holds out for more than 20 regular season games. Don’t listen to Gomez rumors, they would all be false…especially right now and during training camp.

  14. Habs4ever says:

    I think for number 1 you meant Gagne not Gomez.

  15. Habs4ever says:

    Habs don’t need him. Gagne would be such a better fit for the habs.

  16. aaron says:

    That was incredibly dumb. My bad.

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