Dirty Darcy….?

Gotta love/hate that Darcy…..Darcy Tucker was tossed from a 5-1 loss to the New York Rangers on Monday for hitting Matthew Barnaby from behind. To the utter shock of no one, Barnaby felt the penalty was just.

“A dirty play — definitely from behind,” Barnaby told the New York Post. “I was defenceless. I never

saw him. I would say so if I thought it was a legal, clean check, but it wasn’t.”

Barnaby laid on the ice for minutes making it look like the hit was “life threatening” but then got up to take his shift and play like nothing ever happened.

Was it from heart?………NO!

Was it from great acting?……….of course,

Tucker said that he thought Barnaby actually turned, to make the hit from behind, but also added that either way Tucker wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Darcy Tucker is one of the game’s best agitators. His penalty-minute totals won’t go down anytime soon.

He always comes to play, and forechecks very well. Tucker provides an energy boost for his team every shift and has a decent set of hands around the net. He is absolutely fearless on the ice.

And when asked about how he should play against Jagr when the Leafs visit the Capitals, Tucker simply said,”Whoever plays against him is going to have to bump him and let him know it is not going to be an easy night,” He then added,”I’ll take a run at him for sure”.

Which leads me to say:

Ahhhh, gotta hate that Dirty Darcy!