Disgrace in San Jose

Anyone who has ever been to a sporting event, not just a hockey game, but any sporting event at all, knows that there is a certain rule; a certain code of conduct. You stand for the national anthems,remove your hat and you DO NOT boo. Well, as I was getting ready to watch game 5 of the Edmonton/San Jose series the other night I found myself able to sit down a little early and watch the anthems being sung, and what do I hear? The San Jose home crowd booing the singing of the Canadian national anthem. This is a complete disgrace. This should never happen and anyone who was taking part in this should be ashamed of themselves.

I’m not just saying this because I am a Canadian or because I want Edmonton to take the cup. I am saying it because I am a fan of hockey, a diehard if you will, and I strongly believe in the unwritten rules of the game. The respect that is supposed to come with the game of hockey.

I would like to bring something to the attention of those who were there or anyone who supports this disgrace. Almost half of the San Jose Sharks roster is Canadian. 12 of the 25 players to be exact, including superstars Joe Thornton and Jonathan Cheechoo and captains Patrick Marleau and Scott Hannan, the players most responsible for getting the team as far as they are. Imagine how those guys must feel, along with the other 8 Canadians on the roster. How much passion can you feel for a city when they boo your naitonal anthem. How can you play your hardest for your “fans” when they show no respect for the country you were born. I know I couldn’t.

So to all the fans who disgraced the Canadian anthem at that game or anyone who has at any other event, I say BOO to you.