Disgrace in San Jose

Anyone who has ever been to a sporting event, not just a hockey game, but any sporting event at all, knows that there is a certain rule; a certain code of conduct. You stand for the national anthems,remove your hat and you DO NOT boo. Well, as I was getting ready to watch game 5 of the Edmonton/San Jose series the other night I found myself able to sit down a little early and watch the anthems being sung, and what do I hear? The San Jose home crowd booing the singing of the Canadian national anthem. This is a complete disgrace. This should never happen and anyone who was taking part in this should be ashamed of themselves.

I’m not just saying this because I am a Canadian or because I want Edmonton to take the cup. I am saying it because I am a fan of hockey, a diehard if you will, and I strongly believe in the unwritten rules of the game. The respect that is supposed to come with the game of hockey.

I would like to bring something to the attention of those who were there or anyone who supports this disgrace. Almost half of the San Jose Sharks roster is Canadian. 12 of the 25 players to be exact, including superstars Joe Thornton and Jonathan Cheechoo and captains Patrick Marleau and Scott Hannan, the players most responsible for getting the team as far as they are. Imagine how those guys must feel, along with the other 8 Canadians on the roster. How much passion can you feel for a city when they boo your naitonal anthem. How can you play your hardest for your “fans” when they show no respect for the country you were born. I know I couldn’t.

So to all the fans who disgraced the Canadian anthem at that game or anyone who has at any other event, I say BOO to you.

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  1. morrissey says:

    I do actively participate in many anti-US protests…and I most certainly could not reconcile that with allowing their anthem to be played unscathed.

    “In America the land of the Free, they said

    and of opportunity in a Just and a Truthful way

    but where the President is never black, female or gay

    and until that day you’ve got nothing to say to me

    to help me believe in America” – Morrissey, America is not the World

  2. Maximus says:

    It is not the first time nor is it the last time an anthem gets booed. It can happen anywhere for any reason. It is too bad but it happens.

    Go Oilers….Bring the cup back to Churchill Square.

    Edmonton should be the team to bring the Stanley Cup back to Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Marky2Fresh says:

    I’ve had classes in my College deduct marks for defending America in essays.

    And don’t say it’s because it was poorly written, I wrote 2 other guys essays for them in my class for 20 bucks each attacking America and they both got 80’s while I got a 50.

    I think it’s really stupid to judge a whole country of people based on the actions of a select few.

    Also next time you point out most Americans can’t name our Prime Minister, name Germany’s, Japans or Italy’s leader off the top of your head.

  4. 92-93 says:

    hey, you and i – outside of our hockey views – are very similar in our political views on the US.


    booing an anthem is an unintelligent and vague response to some very real-world problems that need a much more direct and non-vague response – i.e. your protest actions.

    when you boo an anthem, you are offending a lot of the potential allies of your cause (i.e. many American who do NOT like Bush but DO like their culture and their anthem).

  5. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    Oilers in 7

    REV UP THE RED FOR 2007!!!!

  6. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    are you drunk?

  7. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    i agree

    “and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there”, how can you respect that?

  8. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    the US dollar is worth 6 cents more than the Canadian dollar idiot

  9. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I’m not mature! I’m 13! My job aint to be mature!

    But I would much rather be an American then a Canadian. Canadians piss me off.

  10. hockeyhead says:

    you guys are idiots. what are you guys…like 14? just reading a chapter on america in your history books?

    i am half french canadian, born in america…i like canada. i dont judge people by the government. i live here and apparently many people are jumping the fence to get here.

    your reference to the national anthem is about the american revolution. getting independance from england. not stomping through and taking over a country.

    i am glad your canadian dollar is rising. too bad i cant get more to my buck the next time i visit a sweet montreal stripper.

    i am glad that they keep posting these political articles on HTR. it always brings out the best in people.

    take all of your pre judging and political views and cram them. this is a hockey web site.

    oh, one last thing….i live in america….i love bush…i love bombing other countries….i love that young soldiers die every day over nothing…..

    if you dont watch it….you’ll be next.

    in case youre too stupid and closed minded…that was sarcasm.

  11. hockeyhead says:

    you dont get what i was saying so shut up.

    habs punk….punk…i guess that says it all right there doesnt it.

    why dont you KIDS get a little rally together and burn some friggin flags.

    i am so glad that some idiots in san jose and an idiot president lumps all americans in one pile. right. we are all idiots down here. we all want to take over the world like nazi germany.

    let me lump all you canucks in a pile and see how you like it.

    HMM…you all where plad…and eat maple syrup.

  12. my_sphincter says:
  13. Angela Merkel
  14. Junichiro Koizumi
  15. Silvio Berlusconi

    Respectively (I think that the names ans spelling are correct). Who cares if they can’t name our Prime Minister (I’m glad because I think he is an embarassment). I think that the point is, by booing the national anthem of any country, you are spitting in the face of every person in that country. We should show other countries a little more respect than that.

    I also think that picketing and booing another nation’s leaders is wrong. As Canadians, we should be a little more diplomatic than that.

    If a nation wants to criticize their own leaders, then that is OK because they have voting power (in some cases) and can make a difference. What are we achieving by booing another country? The only thing that I can see is that it strains our relationships with these countries (and the better our relationships are with other countries worldwide–especially US–, the better our lives will be).

    Another thing we should remember is that if Rick Mercer went through the streets of Canadian cities and asked some of the same questions about Canadian politics as he asks the Americans, I bet many of the responses would be the same. Yet if he asked the Americans about American politics, they would likely know all the answers. Lets be honest, they know more about their country then we know about ours.

  • habs_punk says:

    And with that attitude, I feel I’m likely not alone in wishing you were American as well. Canadians like you piss me off.

  • habs_punk says:

    Well there you go, you can’t even give a legitimate response without taking a shot at my sign-in name. You don’t know a thing about me, and making an assumption based on my sign-in name is obviously getting you nowhere. The “kid” and the “flag burning” comments are way off, and do nothing more than make you look like an ignorant prick. Did you actually even read my comments? Because you really didn’t respond to a thing I said. And what you did include in your responses have absolutely nothing to do with what I said. I never said anything about lumping all you Americans together in any way, shape, or form, let alone calling you Nazis. You need to get over yourself because it’s really hard for me not to point out the obvious stereotypical American traits you are currently embodying: ignorance, arrogance, etc.

  • LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    I’m just guessing here but isn’t most of the San Jose population Mexican?

    If so….

    Point Made.

  • hockeyhead says:

    ok, you are right.

    every time this kind of thing comes up, like in 2004, it brings out a hatred between canada and usa that i can not understand.

    i like canada just as much as i like america.

    i think politics suck and i think that bush is an idiot. his unpopularity is at an all time high in the states as far as past presidents go.

    i guess i was venting a lot of frustrations from morrisees comments.

    i thought you were piggy backin the response.

    i was also being sarcastic when saying that canadian players should stay in canada. of course i dont want that.

    i think the disrespect amonst our nations is stupid. it doesnt come from me. i guess i dont know why people feel the way they do.

  • hockeyhead says:

    give me a break.

    how many blacks, women and gays have actually run for president?

    take your rainbow rallys somewhere else.

    i thought this was about hockey on here.

  • nonhl2005 says:

    Yes, but not by booing, that’s second to women crying because they don’t get their way in an arguement. The sarcastic chant , as in “Hextall, Hextall” or “bad call, bad call” but the use of vulgarity and booing is just immature, IMO. When you boo a national anthem you are insulting a whole country, it’s people and a way of life not just a person or a belief. I guess I went overboard with whole booing agruement, too each his own, but booing a country or anthem serves no purpose but to make the boobirds look like A-holes.

  • leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    the people elect the government (except florida)

  • 92-93 says:

    you need to read a few books … and maybe look up a word called ‘hegemony’…

    then come back and see ifyou can make the same reply.

    this is a hockey website, but the subject of this post was a political subject … if you cannot understand ‘context’ … then you are of no use here.

  • jamie_gumb23 says:

    It was politicly motivated. This is not – there’s a diff.

  • jamie_gumb23 says:

    The Montreal booing was actully related to a front page shot of a canadian mountie with big word’s across it saying Cowards!. I think it was a boston new’s paper. There paper was responding to us saying no to invading iraq. The american anthem booing was in response to the new’s paper. It’s all related.

    If they start shit ther’d better expect a response.

  • Pucked says:

    Wow! What a narrow view of San Jose. Todos no somos desde Mexico. Somos Americanos. Algunos personas son desde Mexico, pero no todos. Son todos Canadians desde Canada? No creo que. Es el mismo, hombre. Abres sus ojos! Abra su mente!

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