Does Eric Lindros Belong in the Hall of Fame?? Of course, Stupid!!

I know, I know, another Eric Lindros article. I don’t care. He’s a God. Lindros is apparently Swedish for flower or something stupid like that. Well, if Lindros sets the standard for names, then I guess we should call Alex Kovalev Ballsy Toughasnails, because Lindros is the exact opposite of a flower!
The only players Sportsnet asked who said no were to young to have ever played against him. He was a tough son of a *****. He was the one player no one ever wanted to play against.

And what is this that he was a disappointment???? He won a scoring title in his second year, and the Hart and Pearson trophies, he was an Olympic Gold medalist, a several time all-star, he led a nothing team to the Cup finals, and he made about a billion dollars because people saw him as worth it.

If Bobby Clarke can accept he’s a Hall of Famer, why can’t you morons?

Lets pretend he played 82 games every year he played. Please note that 1995 he didn’t miss any games due to injury, just the lockout.

1993 55 101
1994 56 122
1995 52 125
1996 53 129
1997 50 125
1998 39 92
1999 46 107
2000 40 88
2002 42 83
2003 19 53
2004 21 66
2006 27 54
2007 8 43

That’s a total of 508 goals, and 1188 points (kinda funny, his idol was Mark Messier (11) and he was 88). All that in 1066 games. Pretty damn good, don’t ya think? And that doesn’t even include the year he sat out in 2001. It also doesn’t account for the numbers he could have posted from 2003-2007 had his head not been dismembered, and his wrist been disfigured. Shit, until he had his wrist brown my John Klemm, or some other loser on the Stars, he was on pace for 50 goals.

I remember when Sundin went down. The newspapers pretty much told him “you’ve played here a game, your team now.”

And until Sundin’s return relegated him to the third line, with Domi and Kilger, he was the leagues leading goal scorer and point producer. I think the biggest mistake Quinn ever made was not playing Lindros and Sundin together more. He took that team, and was the leader. He was a better captain in those ten games then that girl Sundin ever was.

While he may not have reached Gretzky’s level, his current goals and points per game, in the same number of games Gretzky played, he would have had 709 goals, good for 6th all time, and 1657 points, good for 8th all time.

He also won an Olympic gold medal in 2002, which I think is pretty bad ass.

Eric Lindros was by NO means a disappointment. He was one of the best to ever play the game, that’s that.