Does Eric Lindros Belong in the Hall of Fame?? Of course, Stupid!!

I know, I know, another Eric Lindros article. I don’t care. He’s a God. Lindros is apparently Swedish for flower or something stupid like that. Well, if Lindros sets the standard for names, then I guess we should call Alex Kovalev Ballsy Toughasnails, because Lindros is the exact opposite of a flower!
The only players Sportsnet asked who said no were to young to have ever played against him. He was a tough son of a *****. He was the one player no one ever wanted to play against.

And what is this that he was a disappointment???? He won a scoring title in his second year, and the Hart and Pearson trophies, he was an Olympic Gold medalist, a several time all-star, he led a nothing team to the Cup finals, and he made about a billion dollars because people saw him as worth it.

If Bobby Clarke can accept he’s a Hall of Famer, why can’t you morons?

Lets pretend he played 82 games every year he played. Please note that 1995 he didn’t miss any games due to injury, just the lockout.

1993 55 101
1994 56 122
1995 52 125
1996 53 129
1997 50 125
1998 39 92
1999 46 107
2000 40 88
2002 42 83
2003 19 53
2004 21 66
2006 27 54
2007 8 43

That’s a total of 508 goals, and 1188 points (kinda funny, his idol was Mark Messier (11) and he was 88). All that in 1066 games. Pretty damn good, don’t ya think? And that doesn’t even include the year he sat out in 2001. It also doesn’t account for the numbers he could have posted from 2003-2007 had his head not been dismembered, and his wrist been disfigured. Shit, until he had his wrist brown my John Klemm, or some other loser on the Stars, he was on pace for 50 goals.

I remember when Sundin went down. The newspapers pretty much told him “you’ve played here a game, your team now.”

And until Sundin’s return relegated him to the third line, with Domi and Kilger, he was the leagues leading goal scorer and point producer. I think the biggest mistake Quinn ever made was not playing Lindros and Sundin together more. He took that team, and was the leader. He was a better captain in those ten games then that girl Sundin ever was.

While he may not have reached Gretzky’s level, his current goals and points per game, in the same number of games Gretzky played, he would have had 709 goals, good for 6th all time, and 1657 points, good for 8th all time.

He also won an Olympic gold medal in 2002, which I think is pretty bad ass.

Eric Lindros was by NO means a disappointment. He was one of the best to ever play the game, that’s that.

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  1. senators101 says:

    hahahahaha. Good conversation buddy.

  2. habsrock99 says:

    same here man lol

  3. leafsrule31 says:


    its like you write the exact opposite of anything realistic just to see how many people will spaz out on you. either that or your the most uneducated hockey fan on the face of the earth, and have the intelligence of a 10 year old with brain damage. no offence to the 10 year old with brain damage.

    bottom line?.. your a tool.

    this site is not desperate for hits anymore. stop posting this crap because your doing nothing but turning people away these days, and bending your own credibility and giving it the ol 1 2.

  4. wingerxxx says:

    Ok, lets rip apart this article point by point:

    1.  A God????   You are either clinically insane, or a deluded Lindros fanboy.  Neither of which is good for calling Eric Lindros a no brainer Hall of Fame player.  Lets just pretend that the first paragraph of this article doesn't exist.

    2.  He was not the only player that no one wanted to play against.  Plenty of other nasty boys have filled this role. 

    3.  His career is always going to be defined by what he did not accomplish.  The deal that sent him to Philadelphia is a trade that Bobby Clarke would wish he had never, ever thought of making.   He won his only Hart in a shortened season. 

    And a "nothing team?"  An in-prime John LeClair (who played very well without Lindros back in the day), Eric Desjardins, an excellent two-way center in Rod Brind'Amour, not to mention guys like Coffey and Trent Klatt…again, not true.

    Lets not forget that Lindros' leadership in the finals against Detroit that year was….let's just say that it was lacking.

    4.  Of course Clarke is going to call him a Hall of Fame player.  He gave up the kitchen sink, the bathtub, the couch and the rest of the house in order to land him in the first place.  If there is one thing Bobby Clarke is not, its infallible.  Sorry, but I don't agree with his assessment of Lindros being a HOF player.

    5.  Players aren't elected to the Hall of Fame based on "lets pretend" games.  Or "what-ifs."  They are elected based on what they actually accomplished. 

    6.  If Lindros time in Toronto proved anything, its that no one team could ever lean on him for long.  Like the good old line in the movie "Blade Runner" goes, the light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long. 

    7.  Sundin is a girl huh?  That "girl" has been the brightest spot on the Maple Leafs for a number of years.  Way to show respect for your team's captain.

    8.  Lindros, with his style of play, never had a prayer of playing the same number of games Gretzky played.  Again, more "would have, could have."

    9.  He was a bit player on that Gold Medal team.  They would have easily won it without his services, and given his play around the 2002-2003 season, probably should not have been on the team to begin with.  There were much more deserving players. 

    10.  One of the best ever to play the game?  It's your opinion, but no.  He's not in the top tier players of all time. 

    Whether guys like leafy want to admit it or not, Lindros is always going to be a controversial Hall of Fame pick, because he has a lot of negatives associated with him.  I think he will get in with time, but when you compare him with the player he was really dealt for back then (Forsberg), he clearly had the lesser career. 

    Opinions?  Sure.  But biased stuff like this just isn't much of an argument for Lindros, when the negatives of his career aren't even mentioned.

  5. jpmac says:

    A flyers fan accusing players on other teams off being classless…oh the irony

  6. jpmac says:

    And what does Crosby have to do with an article of Lindros?

  7. dcz28 says:

    Claude Lemieux lol

  8. leafy says:

    Good one!

    Yes, Claude meets the 'asshole' criteria.

    But his 785 points in 1197 does not really stand out as Hall of Fame stuff (although he was a great playoff performer).  In other words, if he doesn't make the Hall of Fame, it's not because he's an asshole.  He doesn't have the numbers.

    I'm talking about someone who clearly should be in the Hall, but was left off for being an asshole.  There aren't any.

    Being an asshole has never been a criteria for entry into the Hall.

  9. Archion113 says:

    Who better to recogonize one of his own, than a Flyers fan?

    Its not irony.  Its logic.  Try it some time…

  10. Archion113 says:

    You got me here.

    There was no active Crosby thread so i chose here.

  11. JuicemaN says:

    no it doesn't.  If you're a whiney 9 year old then it does but….no it doesn't.

  12. nonhl2005 says:

    Good points but you ( and most others on this board ) seem to forget that Clarke was not even with the Flyers when they traded for Lindros. He didn't make that deal, Russ Farwell and Jay Snider did and both were gone shortly thereafter and Clarke was brought back to try to clean up their mess.

  13. nonhl2005 says:

    Why is this article listed under th Flyers banner? Shouldn't it go under Speculation since there is no category for "Sh!t".

  14. leafy says:

    Sounds exactly like the jealous, mean-spirited attacks on Wayne Gretzky circa 1981.

    Crosby is worth more than the entire Philly roster, even if you added 5 first round draft picks on top.

  15. Archion113 says:

    Yeah because i was talking about what he's worth.  Way to catch on Leafy.

    Cant' be jealous if i've already stated that the kid is amazing…

    I'm saying is he *****es worse then you do.  If given the choice between Crosby and the Philly roster… i'd gladly take the Philly Roster…  i couldn't take hearing him ***** like a leaf fan while playing my favorite sport and totally lacking any type of respect and/or class for my game.  He is classless. 

    "Your just jealous" Yeah because that has anything to do with what i said.  Because i don't like him i must be really jealous.  Great argument douchebag.

  16. leafy says:

    Glad to hear you think the kid is amazing.  I'm just going by what you wrote on this post.  I can't read your mind, you know.

    As for your attacks on Crosby, this is nothing new to me.  It goes way, way back…I vividly recall the same crap directed toward Gretzky when he first started.  I've heard it so many times that I'm used to it, i.e., he's a *****, he's a sissy, he nags to the referee, he's a whining s.o.b., he's chicken shit, he's afraid of everybody, he's afraid to get hit, etc, etc, etc.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…..

  17. nonhl2005 says:

    And if he becomes half the man Gretzky is ( which I doubt ) most of this will be forgiven, but right now at this point in time he's a whinny little b!tch with talent.

  18. leafy says:

    He's not the first 20-year old who's a little immature.  But people make a big deal out of it because he's a phenom playing for another team.  That's the truth.

  19. habsoverserver says:

    Savard is already in the HOF. Damphousse, Bellows, Hunter, Larmer, Propp, Nicholls, Smith, Middleton, Muller, Broten and Taylor do not make it in.  Larionov will make the HOF this year.  Chelios, Federov and Forsberg all get in in their first year.  I realize you were not making an exhaustive list.  But I thought I would add my names anyway. 

    I agree entirely with your thesis. There are probably 40 players retired or close to retirement who will make the HOF before Lindros.  It will take 10 seasons to clear up the logjam for Lindros to have a chance. 

    We could also debate Tom Barrasso, Gary Roberts, Mike Vernon and LeClair.

  20. wingerxxx says:

    Interesting, did not know that.  Point taken.

    I still do not agree with his assessment on Lindros though. 

  21. habsrock99 says:

    I knew I was forgetting a goalie in Tom Barrasso. He was like the youngest goalie to ever win the Vezina (or one of the youngest) and he also helped the Pens to 2 Cups in 91 and 92.

    I could also make a point for Vernon because I remember watching this guy and if you didn't beat him by the 3rd period, you were usually done for.

    I don't think Roberts has what it takes to make the Hall though he does have some support through his stats.

    I believe Damphousse, Middleton, Larmer and Taylor should make it though not as 1st ballot (which is obvious for Middleton lol).

    Damphousse is one of the only players, if not the only player,  to lead 3 different teams in scoring in 3 consecutive years (Leafs in 1991, Oilers in 1992 and Habs in 1993+ the Cup) and he was also always near the top of his team's scoring every year. 

    Middleton was the most under-rated player for the Bruins throughout his career and was always over-shadowed by someone (Like Esposito or Bourque).

    Larmer was by far one of the most consistent players of his era and played something like 840 consecutive games and was the heart and soul of the Blackhawks for 10+ years.

    Taylor spent his entire career (1111 games) with the LA Kings, which is unheard of in any sport today. He also made the transition from Top line scorer to 3rd line checker mid-way through his career and in my opinion was an under-rated player of his era.

  22. habsoverserver says:

    I saw Middleton play many times.  He was traded by NY to the Bruins for Esposito.  In his best seasons with the Bruins, he was over shadowed by Barry Pederson who scored more points than him.  Middleton was never an All-Star at his position.  Had he played more than 14 season, he would be in the HOF.  Ahead of him I would choose Rick Martin who had 5 seasons of 40+ goals and was the best in the NHL at his position over that time. 

    Larmer is a possibility.  He is one great season and one Cup short of being a first ballot HOF.  I can't see Damphousse making it since he was never a top 10 scorer and didn't put up HOF career numbers.  Over 17 seasons, Taylor never lead his team in points or goals and was never part of a good team.   Like Larmer had he hit a few major milestones or won a Cup inhis prime, he would stand a better chance.

    Vernon and Barrasso each won 2 cups. They could make it.  I would throw Richter into the mix as well. 

  23. habsrock99 says:

    That's my bad on the Espo thing, I knew it looked weird seeing Middleton a Bruin in 1977 and then me saying he was over-shadowed by Espo.

    If Rick Martin isn't in the HOF, he should be. You are right that he was the best at his position. Plus, the injuries he suffered weren't his fault. Being driven into the boards by a player and being kicked in the knee by Mike Palmateer (which basically ended Martin's career).

    Taylor, I believe should be in the Hall but yes, never winning the Cup does hurt his chances.

    Larmer should be in the Hall, maybe not yet but within the next several seasons. He was one of those guys that led by example and was a guarantee for 80 games, 35-40 goals, 80-100 Points for 10 seasons. And he did manage to win the Cup in 1994 with the Rangers.

    Mike Richter is a good candidate for the Hall but he shouldn't go in until John Vanbiesbrouck goes in. Beezer took an expansion franchise and helped them gain an identity and a Cup Finals berth within 3 years of existence. Also, Beezer holds the record for most wins by an American born goalie with 374. Richter helped end one of the longest Cup droughts in NHL history but wasn't the sole reason why the Rangers won the Cup.

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