Does Paul Maurice Remember What He Said Before The Season Started?

Does Paul Maurice even remember what he even said before the season started? Well, if you don’t, here is some review, he said, “We will make the playoffs, and compete for the Stanley Cup.” Does that sound fimilliar anyone? Ya, what are the chances of that happening for the Leafs? Ya, not much of a good chance! Paul Maurice looks like an idiot now because he said that! The Leafs arn’t going anywhere right now!

What do you think will happen to the Leafs at the end of the season?

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  1. the_word says:

    Thats funny you bring that up, I've had that quote in my head all week.  I was certainly guilty this off season in thinking the Leafs would be slightly more competitive this year compared to last, but never bought into the company line that Maurice uttered at the start of the year. The poor play at the beginning of the year was sufficient evidence to turn the few Leafs clinging to the illusion of this team being able to squeek into the playoff by the skin of their teeth, to realize that this team is no where near the playoffs let alone a competitive playoff team. 

    I don't think the Leafs are going nowhere though, it appears the end of the JFJ regime is finally upon us.  As the 08 Leafs are looking very much like the 80s Leafs, its refreshing to see that changes looking imminent.  I've been enjoying hoping the Leafs would tank over the last couple of weeks, finally watching a Leafs team that didn't disappoint me.  Think how bad this team will be without Sundin.  Top five draft pick interest anyone?  This is definitely a case where destruction will be a beautiful act of creation. 

    What alarms me though is the lack of a plan going forward.  The death rattle JFJ and Maurice may do some damage.  Desperate acts such as calling up Pogge too soon (although I'm quite ammused that Pogge will be in the LNH tomorrow while Montreal will have to put their dynasty on hold with Price in the minors) and rumors of Kaberle being on the block are alarming. 

    Fire JFJ, put the fire out and bring in someone to clean house in the meantime.  Other than getting rid of JFJ and trading Mats there is no need to rush anything.  Patience will be key.  The Leafs should make deals accordingly.

    So rather that bore everyone by listing names in hypothetical trades, I'll simply ask who will our next captain be?  Maybe all you Steen cheerleaders will get to see him the C sooner than expected (kidding). 

  2. jarcpitre says:

    I agree with you on the patience thing. The Leafs have hit rock bottom and there is no way to go but up(or a few spots down) But in all honesty I believe they will still turn it around and somehow compete for the last spot making it close in the end like last year, just to piss us all off of course. Kaberle looks lost out there without McCabe for some reason. Kubina is playing below average and so is Hal Gill. White can't seem to stay on his feet, he's fell about 10times in the last 4 games if I can remember. Stralman has been invisible. Right now the team in a whole is playing terrible. I think Kilger stills leads in hits and is playing on the fourth line. That tells me right there that the rest of the team simply dosen't hit. To nulify speed you have to use the body, the Leafs are one of the largest teams in the league and should be using the body. Anyway I get all worked up so I will stop there, but I could go on and on.

  3. the_word says:

    I hope management doesn't try to do too much too soon.  The Leafs should stay this bad for 2-4 four years ideally and try to get a couple franchise players through the draft.  Thankfully those horrid unmoveable contracts (McCabe, Blake, Tucker, Kubina, Raycoft) will save management from hanging themselves in the free agent market over the next few years.

    I don't see where you're coming from with the knock on Kaberle of late.  Last week's game with Philly comes to mind, he was quite assertive his the puck, made a lot of rushes, move the puck very well.  I never expect Kaberle to be a beast in his own end.  I think his potnetial is more of the Zubov and Gonchar ilk than Lidstrom.

    The awkard nature of Gill's game will necessarily make him look awful on some nights.  IMO he's still a steal at 2.1 million.  Stralman is jut a kid getting some LNH experience, playing as the sixth defenseman, he should be invisible.  Besides Stralman is adjust to playing with the Leafs, he's used to being insulated by the greater talent of the Marlies.

    Kubina, well….. ok, I can't defend Kubina. 

    I also agree that the Leafs are too soft.  In the new LNH I think too many teams try to load their bottom six lines with marginal young talent, in the hopes of developing them.  Player development should be done in the ALH.  Bottom six forwards IMO should be quality role players (i.e. Peca, Perrault I think are good fit on any team).  I'd perfer players who forged an identity and made a career out of back checking, hitting, aggitating, killing penalties or winning key face offs filling out the forward positions than kids who learning these skills on the job.  This issue isn't unique to the Leafs though.

  4. leafy says:

    I was one of those suckers who thought the Leafs would do well this year, but in fact, the complete opposite has happened…..we played way way way better hockey last year than this year.  As a result, we're on pace for about 20 less points than last year!

  5. SlaveofHabs999 says:

    Does anyone know why Toronto won't make to the playoffs. THEY JUST SUCK BALLS.

  6. SlaveofHabs999 says:

    Paul Maurice You're FIRED. That would be no suprise.

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