Dominik Hasek Saga Continues

Detroit free press, and, report that Dominik Hasek is said to make his decision today or tomorrow. He will contact them sometime mid-afternoon. If he decides to stay retired, the Red Wings will keep Curtis Joseph and hope that he will step up his play. If he decides to return, not only will the Red Wings have a team that will be stronger defensively than maybe even the New Jersey Devils(Lidstrom-Hatcher, Chelios- Schneider, Fischer-Woolley) but they will boast probably one of the best goalies in the league. The only problem is that Joseph will need to be traded “maybe for a forward (expensive to another market) perhaps” says Ken Holland. This would be to replace the absence of Sergei Fedorov who is said to be heading off to either Anaheim, LA, St Louis, or NYC. Rumours so far include Eric Lindros, and Doug Weight, however, neither teams seem interested. And, even the money spending Glen Sather stated he was happy with Dunham and would not be interested in Cujo. If a suitor is not found, he could either be waived or traded for something quite stingy.

Anther possibility if no suitor is found for Joseph, which could be the most dreadful thing a Wings fan could hea, is that Hasek could be shopped. This was stated by team owner Mike Illich. I’m sure many offers will be shown for him, especially from their dreaded rivals the Colorado Avalanche and maybe the NY Rangers with Sather who jumps at every player who asks for 7 million or more. However, when this mess nfolds, it is certain that this will be an interesting offseason.

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  1. MantaRay says:

    Oh the drama.

  2. JeffBurnz09 says:

    He’s comming back. It will be announced tomorrow.

  3. OKFlyer says:

    I Wonder if the Flyers will go after Joseph if Hasek comes back it, seems like a move Clarkie would do.

  4. kremlin says:

    Holland suggests to trade one of his tenders (Hasek / CuJo) to someone who’s too expensive in another market. Clearly he means the Eastern Conference. So, who could this be???

  5. big_booty says:

    It’s highly doubtful that Clarke will go after Joseph after signing Hackett. He didn’t sign him when he had the chance before, and his opinion of him has probably not significantly improved over the past couple of years.

    Cujo is not a money goaltender, and has never solidified himself among the recent net gods (Brodeur, Hasek, Roy). As a Flyers fan, I would be extremely disappointed if we were to obtain him. He will never win a Cup.

    The only way Joseph comes here is if he is immediately sent packing elsewhere. As Mike Ilitch said that he would be willing to take on salary in order to fix his goaltending situation, perhaps John LeClair for Joseph, then Joseph to Colorado for Tanguay and Skoula. That would be sweeeeeeeeeeeet.

    Wishful thinking, though.

  6. Aetherial says:

    If Hasek comes back and they want to trade CuJo they will likely be looking at big-contract guys in return or no one will trade with them.

    Think maybe Doug Weight in St. Louis?

    Would Bob Clarke ship LeClair there now that he has Hackett (I would not want LeClair)

    Who could Colorado give up, now that they have gotten rid of Reinprecht (BAD move!)… If Colorado wants to take on the salary they might offer up a pick or a prospect. Detroit would JUMP at any offer like that just to dump Joseph’s salary.

    Vancouver? Again, all they would be willing to part with I think would be picks and prospects.

    I am going to go out on a limb and say that Joseph goes to Colorado. Hasek returns to Detroit.

  7. MantaRay says:

    You are going out on a limb. Detroit is NOT going to Trade Cujo to a Conference rival and a intense rival at that.

    Cujo’s contract and playoff record are deterents for any sensible team to pursue him. He might have to sit the sidelines for a while.

  8. Zamboni says:

    Eastern Conference for sure. There’s no way they’re trading with Colorado to fill their one big void, as previous posts have suggested. St. Louis, also doubtful. No one else out West is spending big anymore, and the bigger budget teams that still might have a bit of cash have already got quality goalies. So out East it is, but who? If NYR aint biting, who will? My guess is that Hasek might be the guy they have to move.

    And you heard it here first, regardless of where CuJo and Dom end up…My bet is that CuJo has the better season. Hasek is going to have to shake some rust. Their last regular season numbers are quite similar, as were their last postseason stats. CuJo took way too much of the heat for the Wing’s early playoff exit. That series had much more to do with Giguere stone-walling their offense than any shortcomings on Joseph’s part. Sure, he let in a couple he shouldn’t have, but it wasn’t him that lost the series. In either case, Detroit is well stocked in goal with Legace to back up whoever it may be they end up keeping. It’s really just a matter of getting some other team to take an $8 million contract off their hands and probably getting some overpriced reclaimation project in return.

  9. MantaRay says:

    Although it could be argued that Clarkie has made many bonehead moves over the years, he is probably not that stupid to take on Cujoke.

  10. Zamboni says:

    I’d give a deal with the Avs about 1000-1 odds, but stranger things have happened.

    St. Louis, while also unlikely, is a much more realistic possibility, they’ve been dying to unload Tkachuk’s $11 million for a while. This might just be the deal to swing it. I doubt Tkachuk would veto the trade, and the Wings have got the extra $3 from what they saved by not siging Federov, even after picking up Hatch. (Hatcher and Tkachuk on the same team? That would be volatile after all their years of bad blood…) Weight (another Michignader going home?) is also a possibility there is the Wings insist on a center.

    Out East, Philly would seem like the frontrunner. Let’s face it, Hackett is a hack. He’s no better, if not worse, than Cechmanek, he’s just a lot cheaper. CuJo or Dom would be a huge upgrade for the Flyers. Maybe Boston, but what would they offer in return? I think the Wings might have to settle for just unloading the salary and getting what they can in return instead of holding out for some superstar blockbuster offer.

  11. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Wasn’t that an NWA line?

    Tough position for CuJo to be in. Sits on the sidelines making $8million, nobody (not many) can afford to get him. Still, he’s in a no-lose situation – either he is bought out and signs or he sits and earns.

    As much as I like(d) CuJo, it would sorta be poetic justice for the way he came into Toronto and put Felix Potvin in the same position he finds himself in now.

    Oh, how the world turns …

  12. bruinfan37 says:

    Lets just end this right now. Cujo is going to the Bruins, and Hasek will stink it up with the Wings next year

  13. kremlin says:

    I think this is the true story:

    – CuJo will not be traded at all and he will be Detroit’s #1 goalie next year. Detroit never had the intention of trading him. Why trade CuJo, when you still have two years on his contract as well as a no-trade clause that will surely cost you money. Why trade a good goalie, who has two more years left, for a goalie who didn’t play for a season and wants to do only one extra season? Why do you think CuJo’s angent doesn’t comment on a possible trade, because there will be not trade.

    – Instead, Hasek is returning to the NHL and will be traded to the Eastern Conference – most likely, NY Rangers (that’s why Sather said he isn’t interested in CuJo, instead Hasek will join NYR. He just needed some time to get the deal closed).

    – If Hasek was going to Detroit, we should have known by now. I believe Hasek will be traded for Lindros, who’s “too expensive” for another market.

    This is my conspiracy theory. What do you think?

  14. jofa says:

    Anythings possible I guess, but is the NYR goalie situation that bad that it needs an $8 mil bandaid?

    Dunham is a great goalie, and Markannen now gives them a solid backup, allowing Blackburn to develop back in the minors. Hasek may win them a few more games, but not $8 million worth, especially considering he’ll likley only come back for one season.

  15. Aetherial says:

    The Rangers will not dish out 8 million when they already have Dunham.

  16. Aetherial says:

    Agreed on the rivalry issue. I have a hard time picturing them trading anything also.

    I just think there are a lack of suitors. There are a lack of suitors with money.

    Detroit may do the deal because they were not happy with Joseph and therefore not scared of him going to a contender.

    Colorado may do the deal because Joseph can play like an elite goaltender. You can point to the fact that he has not won anything but I have seen him steal games.

    You cannot lay the blame solely on the goalie when your VERY expensive team only scores 6 goals in a 4 game series (6 I think it was)

    Besides, it was fun to throw that idea out there!

  17. nathan says:

    Don’t forget that Cujo has a no-trade clause as well. So he will essentially be able to choose from a minute list of potential teams. So if NYR already prepared an offer and DET says go, Cujo could veto if he doesn’t want to goto that team.

    Does Hasek also have a no-trade clause in his option? If he does come back, I think DET is really in a disadvantaged position. Other teams will know that & DET will most likely get some OK players or have to take on a lot of salary (including some of the goalie that is traded)

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