Doormats No Longer!!!!

I would just like to comment on the up and comers of the NHL.

Once upon a time you could count Atlanta, Tampa, Florida, Calgary, and to a lesser extent the San Jose Sharks as two free points on the calender. Well fellas it’s safe to say you can’t count on those guaranteed points anymore.

Are the days of dominance over for teams like Detroit, Colorado and Jersey? I know the impending CBA might have some effect on these teams ability to maintain or sign the players in their currents rosters, but if there is a cap, these teams are well ahead of the game.

When you look at teams like Atlanta and Florida, no offense, but these teams are scary from the goalie out. More fearsome than any redwings team or any avalance team.

Not only those I have mentioned, but those who are still toiling in mediocracy like Chicago, Columbus, Pens, and Caps. These teams are slowly starting to look like the aforementioned, and aren’t too far away from contending.

Is this the beginning of the NHL’s new world order?

Is the next dynasty out of the NHL the Atlanta Thrashers?