Ducks V.S. Wild= End Of Hockey???… I Think NOT*, More Like = Inspiration!..

While others will turn off their TVs in favour of warmer weather, I plan on watching 2 teams who have fought, battled, and crawled with everything they had to be where they are now….I couldn’t be happier for the Wild and the Ducks!

BUT, I really do wish people would stop calling these teams pure flukes, as these teams truly show the ultimate definition of the word T-E-A-M!

Great coaching, exciting offensive stars, reliable defencemen, consistent goaltending, and believing in each other are trademarks of both squads….

Both had 95 points and if you’re a TRUE fan of the game, how can you not be intrigued by the opportunity that has presented itself for Paul Kariya, Steve Rucchin, Steve Thomas, and the Ducks. Not to mention the whole Wild team which is mostly consisted of players other teams took as worthless.

With the Flyers in mind, we’ll soon learn just how banged and roughed up these competitors are….

-On paper, the Mighty Ones appear to have the edge in depth.

-But then again it is extremly hard to go against a team that is 6-0 when facing elimination this spring.

-And on where it truly counts(heart, desire, determination, and team work). How can one question either team?…

*My Prediction: I’ll take Wild in 7, and soon enough ready to see the parade for the good old, “Lord Lemaire’s Cup!”