Ducks V.S. Wild= End Of Hockey???… I Think NOT*, More Like = Inspiration!..

While others will turn off their TVs in favour of warmer weather, I plan on watching 2 teams who have fought, battled, and crawled with everything they had to be where they are now….I couldn’t be happier for the Wild and the Ducks!

BUT, I really do wish people would stop calling these teams pure flukes, as these teams truly show the ultimate definition of the word T-E-A-M!

Great coaching, exciting offensive stars, reliable defencemen, consistent goaltending, and believing in each other are trademarks of both squads….

Both had 95 points and if you’re a TRUE fan of the game, how can you not be intrigued by the opportunity that has presented itself for Paul Kariya, Steve Rucchin, Steve Thomas, and the Ducks. Not to mention the whole Wild team which is mostly consisted of players other teams took as worthless.

With the Flyers in mind, we’ll soon learn just how banged and roughed up these competitors are….

-On paper, the Mighty Ones appear to have the edge in depth.

-But then again it is extremly hard to go against a team that is 6-0 when facing elimination this spring.

-And on where it truly counts(heart, desire, determination, and team work). How can one question either team?…

*My Prediction: I’ll take Wild in 7, and soon enough ready to see the parade for the good old, “Lord Lemaire’s Cup!”


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  1. Enchilada says:

    I realize I risk getting struck down by Lightning when I say this, but I agree with Leafy here. For some reason I love watching the Minnesota team, probally because, as most Americans do, I love an underdog. The other series I can take it or leave because it looks like it will be played between the two blue lines.

    Why do I feel so dirty agreeing with Expert?

  2. pantherboy says:

    I have to disagree here with your prediction. I am saying Ducks in 6. The Wild looked WAY too banged up last night. Though they have pretty good depth, the Ducks have had more time off this playoffs and are the best rested/least injured team. Also it is crazy right now to bet against Gigure. The man has gone mad!

  3. aaron says:

    That should be one hell of a series. I’m assuming everyone who says the Wild play a tight trapping system has never watched them play, b/c it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Yeah, they play tough team defense, but they play aggressive defense, which leads to more scoring chances than a trap, and if not, at least more excitement. Teams average like 28 shots against them. They’re just good at recovering and limiting the quality of the shots.

    But anyways, it’ll be a great series. I love how everyone who was bitching that the top teams were hogging all the talent and buying all the players, creating an imbalance in the league that led to teams like Anaheim, Tampa, and Minnesota being unable to compete are now bitching that those teams are succeeding and the big market teams are knocked out.

  4. Just-Checking-In says:

    I think most people are calling it a fluke because they have seen no legs with these type of runs.

    Can anyone say Carolina?

    So IF they Duck and/or Wild can put it togeather again next year, they will still carry the fluke tag around.

    Also with the Ducks and Wild which team is the underdog?

  5. MantaRay says:

    I agree these are the two teams out West that earned the right to get the the Conference finals.

    Always good to see new blood.

  6. mikster says:

    Whatever team was higher in thereg-season.

    But, looking at the two teams, Wild should be the underdog. They ain’t got Kariya, Oates, Thomas, Sykora…..

  7. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I thought the Wild were a boring, trap playing team. And I honestly didn’t bother watching any of their first 6 games against Colorado because of that. I watched game 7 because it was game 7 and I liked them…but the Vancouver they can skate..their actually a really nice team to watch, and they seem to be able to score almost anytime they want to. They’re fast, young, and have alot more scoring skill than I thought they did.

    I’m deffinately pleasantly surprised at how they’ve played, and was completely entertained by them playing Vancouver.

    The Ducks I don’t care for. They beat out Dallas, so I’ll hate them for that, but other than that I just don’t find them interesting. The only fun part about watching them this year as wondering if they could sweep Detroit or beat Dallas, and now that they did it, who really cares about them? They have boring players, and I hate Kariya.

    So I’m cheering the Wild in the West..

  8. burky says:

    I’ve seen this movie before. Carolina Hurricanes, Florida Panthers.

    They’re 1 year wonders.

    With a revival of the Kings, Coyotes and Sharks, I doubt either will make the postseason next year.

  9. TrojanMan says:

    The worst possible thing for hockey could come to pass should Minnesota and New Jersey meet in the Stanley Cup Finals. I wont bother wasting my time watching that defense fest. Itd be too much fun to watch 4 players skating in their respective defensive zones waiting for the single puck carrier to bring the puck up.

    That would be the most boring Stanley Cup Final EVER!!!!

  10. Goldenscud says:

    I think it is great that the playoffs this year allow fans of playoff teams to have a legitamte hope. Look at baseball, it is always the Yankees, Yankees, and Yankees (with last year as an exception). By having the underdogs make it far, you give an entire new fan base a reason to believe. Who wants to see Detroit, Dallas, Colorado, etc. year in and year out (well maybe the fans of those two cities). Doesn’t it give the league a bit more of realism that acutally a team from somewhere other than the usual suspects gets a shot at the top prize? Good for Minnesota and Anaheim – they outplayed their opponents and are very deserving. They didn’t sneak into the conference finals like some other teams have in the past. Who knows, maybe that expansion team of veterans up in Broadway might get a sniff of success next year…………….NOT!!!

  11. jon95616 says:

    San Jose wont be getting a rival next year sorry…Selanne is gone, Damphousse most likely too…

    Phoenix…they will fight for the 8th spot maybe

    LA…will make playoffs if Allison and Deadmarsh are healthy…

    your assuming too much thinking they are both going to miss the playoffs next year.

  12. jon95616 says:

    Go Ducks!!!

    so far the Wild havent faced a goalie that was on top of his game…

    Roy(looked nothing like a hall of famer in that series)

    Cloutier…he sucks!!!

    Giguere on top of his game

    thus it should be a low scoring series..2-1 games 1-0…

    Ducks in 6!

  13. Blakey_Blue says:

    That’s a point I brought up to a friend today. The Wild have faced a really hot goalie in only to be honest, 2 games, games 3 and 4 of the Colorado series, and what happened? They were shut down. If Giguere continues his quest for the Conn Smythe, Minnesota could all of a sudden be missing the superstar talent up front that outside of Gaborik, they don’t really have. Of course, with the way Fernadez/Roloson have been playing, Anaheim won’t have any easy time scoring either. I agree, it will most likely be a lower scoring series, with a few OT games. Giguere will be the difference. Ducks in 7

  14. OldNord says:

    Excellent article, when you seeing two teams like that who beaten the shit out of 1-4 clubs in the western conference, you can just being happy for them. They are a bunch of “nowhere”; especially for the Wilds, they work hard and is a success story. Unfortunately, one of these two teams will be eliminate and I think that will be the Ducks.

    Wilds in 6

  15. OldNord says:

    And I forgot, now that the Wilds have beated COL and VAN, this is no more a “we can stand there, we accomplish our work in this surprising destiny”, they want the Stanley Cup now!!!!

  16. WeStSiDe says:

    Well, this is nice for a change actually, but it will be hard for both teams to repeat thier success again, not so much regular season, but playoff success. Things have to be clicking for you. At the same time I dont expect these teams to totally fall off, but you never know. I predict the Ducks in 7.

    HOWEVER, this is VERY bad for the game of Hockey, as far as finance goes.

  17. bender says:

    A lot of people may not like the style of play that the Ducks and Wild play, But the bottom line is, it works. I said from the beginning of the playoffs that the smaller teams would do some damage this playoffs. And why is that…….not because I’m a pyschic….I don’t know Miss Cleo nor am I the reincarnate of Nostradamus. I’ve said before there is a mold starting to be formed for playoff success. Quick, fast, and resilient combined with a aggressive counterattack trap.

    Will you other Flyers fans now open your eyes and see.

    Do the Wild or the Ducks have a Handzus, Primeau, Leclair, Therien, or Brashear type on there team???

    Nope don’t think SO!!!! And there in the Conference Finals and we’re out golfing. Speed kills in this new league we call the NHL. When the Flyers get faster, then we’ll be a real cup contender.

  18. JeffBurnz09 says:

    The Wild will probably make it next year. The Ducks won’t. Ducks are really, really not THAT good. Giguere got hot at the right time, but Dallas began to cool to him at the end of the series. He’s very beatable, and his hot streak might be over right now. Plus look at the rest of the team. Anyone you really think on there that can put up good enough numbers all year to get them in the playoffs again? Steve Thomas and Oates are very close to the end of their careers, and would be 4th line gritty veterans on anyother team right now. Kariya is sort of over rated. Sure, he can put up alright numbers, which have slipped anyway..but he’s not a winner…

  19. Leb_Boy says:

    How come nobody thinks that the Ducks bought their team?? They got quite a few players this year. is it only they dont get harrased because they …actually i dont know why they dont get harrased.. ahh well

    lets go ottawa!!!

    p.s- did anyone realize that we cant post the great article about the “stanley cup pattern” anymore.. im gonna miss that article..and its all those Duck’s fault. taking out the wings…

  20. gladiator says:

    Ducks vs. Sens in the final. Go Sens.

  21. OilersRush says:

    One thing that is left out by all. When the off season started, and Adam Oates left Philly and signed with the Ducks, every one called him a money hungry guy who values money more then the cup. Well look who is laughing now.

  22. flyerfanofthepeg says:

    hey, lay off Primeau, he played his heart out this year, bash the others if you will

  23. devfanman4 says:

    Congratulations Leaf_Expert. You wrote something I agree with. I have to say, since you’ve returned you have been enjoyable. I have to say the Wild and Ducks will be a great series. So will the Devs/Sens. Two very similar teams who are both hungry to get to the finals. The Sens still have something to prove and the Devils want to erase what happened last year. Only way to do that is to win the cup. Everyone shutting off their TVs and doing other things are disappointed/jealous their teams didn’t make it this far.

  24. jon95616 says:

    I wouldnt say the Ducks bought their team…they made fair trades for Sykora,Ozolinsh,Neidermayer and Thomas…I wouldnt say they bought those players…nothing like New York buying Kovalev from Pittsburgh…

    The only thing I can think of to go along with your statement would be signing Oates as a UFA…thats about it…but they didnt give him an outrageous contract in reality.

    The Ducks arent quite as cost conscious as Minnesota but theres no reason to pick on them like there is with New York, Dallas etc.

  25. jon95616 says:

    Right on…

  26. jon95616 says:

    You really dont know much about the Ducks organizational depth do you?…they have more depth than LA, San Jose, Edmonton, Phoenix…so thus they will probably make the playoffs..thats all that were talking about…im not saying they will get to the western conference finals next year…

    dont forget Selanne will most likely sign with the Ducks in July.

  27. RangerSteve says:

    Ducks+Wild+Sens in Conference Finals=No Salary Cap. Goodenow already told Bettmen that he doesnt think a cap is necessary because of these teams with the lowest salaries making their respective Conference Finals…wow what a genious…

  28. MODANOSTAR says:

    This will definately be a fun series to watch. Both of these teams are fast as hell, and are very hungry. They also now have the knowledge on how to win against the best teams in the league and can take that experience into this series with them. My prediction is minnesota in 6, unless anaheim can score a couple game winners off the skate of the wild players like they did against dallas. LUCKY BAS**RDS!

  29. aaron says:

    LA and Phoenix have sh*t for depth. And SJ’s team got scuttled this season. Anaheim’ll be back before any of they are. They’ve got a lot of depth and youth.

  30. BabyLeaf says:

    The series will probably be a little dull…but I think the Ducks will take it!

    I’m so cheering for the Ducks!!!

    Go Ducks!!!!!!

    Oh and Go Canada Go!!…Totally killed the Czechs…bring on Sweden!!

  31. bender says:

    Sorry, if you would have noticed in my other replies, I love Primeau and I think out of all the guys I mentioned, he the one we can afford to keep. I should have actually said, that TOO many of these types slows down your team, makes your system less inefective, and hampers your lines scoring chances off the rush. Which you see the WIld and Duck types living off of.

  32. Lint07 says:

    I enjoted every moments of game #1!

    What a save by Giguère on Gaborik! Minnesota totally outskated Anaheim and I’m still saying Wild in 7.

    Is Giguère going to cool down soon? I don’t think so…

    btw, all the goalies left in the conf. finals are from Quebec (if you exclude Roloson). Brodeur, Lalime, Fernandez and Giguère. Something to be proud of…

  33. OldNord says:

    And three coaches are from Quebec too!

  34. Pock says:

    Just a bit of fatigue for Minny in game 1. They played alot of hockey in a short period of time. Damn there alot faster then i gave them credit for and they actually capitalize on most of there chances. A rested wild team will make for a better game two. Be hard to beat Giguere though.

  35. TC_4 says:

    Well, I’ve never once said neither team is a fluke. But, this is terrible hockey to watch, and it’s terrible for the game of hockey. I’m very happy that Oates and Thomas are going to get a shot at a Cup. Those two deserve one. That’s a ridiculous statement that “Minnesota is an aggresive team” whoever stated that. These two not only don’t put the puck in the net, they don’t hit. You can tell that the people that are excited about this series are soccer fans. That’s exactly what this sport is becoming, soccer. This is just awful for the game, one cinderella too many. Leaf_Expert, I’m a TRUE fan of the game, don’t ever tell me that I’m not, so in saying that, I’m NOT intrigued by these two teams, rather, bored out of my mind watching them. 5 periods to score one f’n goal, what the F**K is that??? I will commend both these teams(as I have before, and will continue to do with their success), but, all they’re doing to working the NHL, and showing us all how much things HAVEN’T changed. They clutch and grab with the best of them, and the NHL needs to look at this problem and fix it once and for all, it’s getting pathetic!

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