Dumont is now a FREE AGENT !

Hi, this is my 1st post on HTR.

Alright, let’s get down to the fact.

The Sabres rejected JP Dumont 2,9 millions contract that he won in arbitration. That means he is now an unrestricted free agent.

Should the HABS try to ink him ?

or wich team do you think he’ll end up with?

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  1. detY192003 says:

    First post and starts bashing leafs….your going to make many friends lol

  2. quick_stick says:

    I think the point is that if a Leaf fan mentioned hoping he would come to the Leafs, as the bashers would be all over him.

    Kind of a fruitless exercise, since trying to teach Leaf bashers to have perspective is akin to trying to teach mouse to pilot a 747…

  3. quick_stick says:

    Oh come on, be realistic. This is hockeytraderumors.com … If people thought before posting, then this site would get almost no hits…

  4. quick_stick says:

    You’d be lucky to get futures for Bonk… they guy has never come close to realizing his potential, chokes heavy in the playoffs and is overpaid.

    However, if they could move him for anything, they’d do well to replace him with Dumont. The guy has been good for a few years, scored 20 goals in 54 games…he’d be worth 2.5 mil to anyteam with cap space.

  5. quick_stick says:

    3 of those 4 guys aren’t worth their contract, so finding a taker might be a little tough.

    Abeisher is unmoveable…better goalies are UFA’s out there that would cost a team nothing, but cap space.

  6. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    I know that if I were GM I wouldn’t trade for those guys. no team has that kind of cap room. every team has 3 or 4 overpriced players that they want to get rid of.

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    and mogilney counts against the cap this year no matter what because he’s 35 now.

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:


    don’t forget you’re buyouts

  9. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Dumont gets 2 mil at least, Washington doesn’t want an overpriced player, they’d prefer the draft pick.

  10. nova_scotia123 says:

    oh it is not a forgoten one. hahaha

  11. Habroller says:

    Actually, I think he’d really be interested. It’s just the Habs that aren’t…

  12. Nemix says:

    Buffalo has the luxury of other wingers to replace him an at 3 million with half of the team unsigned.. he is expendable.. an so are the arbitrators. I thought the time where players hold thier team hostage was over

  13. captainjoefish says:

    ok i found out zhamnov will be held against the cap until the season starts then doctors will put him on disablity and he will not be held against the bruins caps and the insurance companies will pay his contract

  14. dcz28 says:

    Players (and agents) will always find ways to hold teams hostage for more money. Instead of holding out as they use to do now they just sign with Russian teams or ask for short term contracts to become UFA to pry more money out of teams for long term deals like Havlat did and Franzen is said to be doing with the Wings (he was a rookie last season and now is asking for a 2 year deal to test the UFA market). I think we are going to see more and more players playing that UFA card to get more money for longer contracts with teams and as the UFA age goes down it’s only going to get worst and more expensive to sign young guys to long term deals.

  15. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    yeah, but whose gonna wait until the season starts to be signed. it’l come in handy during the trade deadline, as Boston wil definetly be in the playoff hunt. Also I predict that there will be more sellers than buyers as even now people want to trade their own players. Antropov, Hatcher, Bonk to name a few.

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Carter is 32!!!!!!! and i think he still might sign in vancuver for a lower price.

  17. big_booty says:

    The first decent playoff-calibre team that offers Dumont $2 million will probably get him.

    Possible candidates:

    Anaheim – Brian Burke could make one more splash.

    Carolina – Jim Rutherford could score by making up the character lost in Ward and Cullen.

    Atlanta – Up and coming team, great coach, lots of cap room.

    Dallas – Definitely could use a character and a talent like Dumont. Bill who?

  18. Jenkinstein says:

    Another possibility is St Louis. They are way under the cap right now, are bringing inall sorts of talent to compete next year(Weight, Legace, Mckee) and Dumont wouldn’t mind playing with an old teammate from last year. Call it a hunch 😉

  19. 92-93 says:


    but i wonder if the leafs could or should get this guy? he’s 28, a winger, and has a lot of upside. maybe its better to try to get this guy then Carter? Dumont is four years younger, had 40 pts in 54 gaems (compared to Carter’s 55 points in 81 games). but i think the age is the most attractive thing.

    if they do sign him for 2.5-3 million it would mean that they would have to dump about that much if they want to remain within 1.5 million of the cap ceiling.


    they could go right to that ceiling.

    in any case, the first guy to be traded would be Tellqvist and his 500K. If I were JFJ I’d trade Gill or Belak but obviously that is not going to happen. More realistic is a possible trade concerning Antropov (since Tucker and O’Neill and 2 of Pohl, Suglobov, Williams could fill out the right side).

    other than that, i dont see how the leafs could dump salary without losing someone valuable.

  20. Connolly4mvp says:

    This is very bad for the sabres. Sure Dumont as a single player is not worth 2.9 million but the chemesty he had with briere and hecht is pricless. They were definently one of the best lines in the nhl.

  21. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    the only way that dumont, could sign in montreal is if the habs could somehow trade both ribs, and bonk, which as everybody know’s probally aint gonna happen. But if by some fluke of a miracle this did happen they would have the room to sign him, which imo would be a better chioce than ribs, not at centre, but higgins back with the two russians, and koivu centering dumont and ryder. hey it could happin, but it seems like a lot of fussing around to get a second line winger. I would like the deal espically as its gets rid of bonk, and his crazy contract

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