Early Stanley Cup Pool Info…

OK, here we are 7-10 games into the season. So let’s evaluate our current playoff picture.

In the West:





1.MIN v 5.LA

2.DAL v 3.DET

2.DAL v 5.LA

In the East





1.TB v 4.PHI

2.NJ v 3.BOS

2.NJ v 4.PHI

No, but seriously, these are the current standings. Obviously the final results will look nothing like this. But given the surprising status of the Lightning, the Wild, the Sharks, the Avs, and others, how do you think the current standings will line up with the actual standings come playoff time?

Does anyone believe Tampa has really found something here? Is Khabibulin Hart-worthy? Is Gaborik? Will Nobokov put things together? Will Colorado step it up?

Which teams will surprise us with their success at season’s end, and which teams will surprise us with their failure?

22 Responses to Early Stanley Cup Pool Info…

  1. mikster says:

    Wild are a tough team, they DO have a chance for the playoffs….if they keep it up like this and they will have to face a tough road once the other teams start playing their usual game.

    TB is also playing really well, but like the Wild, they will face a tougher road down the stretch. They need a better back up as well. First 10 games can show so much, yet mean so little.

    Flyers and Devs are the top two teams, Flyers being better in a sense that their offense is much better, though Gagne and Roenick should start scoring more.

    Devils lost against the Canes again. Defense was good, offense was good, but no finishes. Weekes is a tough goalie to beat, but it appears as if the Devils are cursed and have a real hard time beating the Canes, so what….it happens. They need to fix their PP, and it should definitely click when playing a 2-man advantage. If the offense can’t start scoring, then they will have a tough time beating good offensive teams that are also good on the defense.

    Boston sure is solid, good job Ftorek. Somehow, i don’t see the Bruins being a strong team in the long run.

    Pittsburgh, again…so great and strong with Lemieux, but very questionable without Lemiux.

    Detorit, as good as last season, maybe not as good…but close. Appear to be up for a repeat.

    Dallas is strong, but other than Modano and Guerin, who is really strong offensively? Not Turgeon and Young.

    As for the other teams….time will tell.

  2. Rushing says:

    Let’s see here. Dallas has played 10 games while only 3 have been at home. I think that’s pretty good to have a 6-2-2-0 record with 14 pts with only 3 home games.

    Tampa has played 9 games with only 3 home games. Their tenth will be at home against the Rangers. Currently their record is 6-1-2-0.

    Minnesota has played 10 games with only 4 road games(6 home) with a record of 7-1-2-0.

  3. Rushing says:

    Dallas is strong, but other than Modano and Guerin, who is really strong offensively? Not Turgeon and Young.

    Have you been watching their third line?

  4. saiklo says:

    The problem is that Detriot can lambaste any opponent any time it feels like it, they get all pumped to play Mario and thrashed the Pens, then they lost to Nashville.

    As long as they want the cup again, they will have it, hopefully the playoffs will shock us with an unexpected outcome.

  5. mikster says:

    Hmm….DiMaio 4 goals….as if he will score 20.

    Morrow and Lehtinen have also been solid with Dahlen.

    That’s a 3rd line? Should be 2nd. Stars got lucky to get Dahlen only because Ulfie’s wife is scared of terrorist attacks in NYC. Damn, Rangers could have really used Dahlen. What *beep* bastards….

  6. Rushing says:

    Hey, I’ll switch Young with one of your guys? How about that? LOL

    Hey now……..I almost had to give you a stike!!!! LMAO

  7. Rushing says:

    I guess that’s why Montreal, Nashville(second worst team in the NHL), and LA have beat them?

    They are not the same team that they were last year. It looks like their GAA is up as well.

  8. Tony says:

    i agree when Detroit wants to play, this team is the team to beat.

  9. ProngerBlues44 says:

    Considering Detroit has played three more games than St. Louis and the Blues have also used 5 goalies (will be 6 should Barrasso start Wednesday) I’d say they dont look too shabby. I was one of the first to say they would take 7th or 8th if they are lucky. Maybe I will eat my words and we see a 4th place St. Louis once again.

    And by the way, GO LIGHTNING!!!! hehe

    ~Jeff P.

  10. NYRrule says:

    This is probably THE most useless article I’ve ever read on this site.

    Mikster…..don’t you screen these postings before they are published?

  11. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    I think it was posted more to get discussions going, rather than as an informational piece.

  12. NYRrule says:

    Ok but to talk about what the playoff picture would look like if the season ended today is ridiculous. The season is less than a month old! Maybe 3 months from now would make more sense.

  13. pantherboy says:

    I would just like to point this out to all you Leaf and Islander fans who always whine about who has the better team. As of right now both the Isle and the Leafs have a measly 7 points. Oh yea!!! While my much better, much greater team, the Florida Panthers have a crazy 8 points. ‘Nuff said.

  14. habs_88_4life says:

    No Montreal, what a joke!

  15. amok says:

    During the Stars vs. Canucks game a few days ago, someone (can’t remember if it was Jim Hughson or John Garrett) said that being reunited with Modano was a big factor in Dahlen returning to Dallas. Just thought I’d add it into the mix, as I’m not sure if they’ve been on the same line much. Maybe on the powerplay?

    And DiMaio is this year’s Stacy Roest. The guy had five or six goals just a few games into the season, ended up with 11. Not that the Stars really need DiMaio to score much. Just a nice bonus.

  16. amok says:

    I think these types of articles are the most interesting, far better than someone just copying a one paragraph story off of TSN.ca about some fourth liner who resigned, or one of the repeated stories about one of the usual suspects (McLaren, Dafoe, half the Leafs’ roster).

  17. mightylik says:

    Dahlen signed with the Stars saying he never wanted to leave when he was traded away to begin with. Plus, the Stars have much more than just Guerin and Modano. Lehtinen, Morrow, Arnott, Young, and even Turgeon are capable of scoring 20+ goals. Then chip in three solid defensemen who have offensive capability in Sydor, Boucher, and one of the best in the league in Zubov. Mikster is an idiot… friggin New York kiss ass. The Rangers are done, they suck like you. Red Wings suck!!!

  18. mikster says:

    Read all the papers numbnuts….all the papers say that Dahlen’s wife did not want to come to NYC for fear of terrorist attacks.

  19. meetak says:

    Minnesota and Tampa are coming close to having that “cushion” that may carry them into the playoffs.If Minnesota plays exactly .500 hockey through the rest of the season, they will finish with 89 points.Probably not enough.They need to play the rest of the season 3-5 games over .500 to have a serious chance of getting in.So every game they win now obviously takes pressure off them later in the season.

    Tampa, as of right now, would need to play 1 game above .500 to qualify, based on how many points got you in in the east last year.

    Now i think that you’ll need more in the east this year, and less in the west, mostly because those 2 conferences will be more even this year.

    Last year the east had 1260 total points, compared to 1321 for the west, or 61 points difference.So essentially, the west took 30 games away from the east last year.

    I expect that number to be closer to 10 this year, so effectively theres 40 points less to spread around in the west this year, and 40 more in the east.(this is speculation of course).

    However, if you want predictions of gloom and doom for Minnesota and Tampa , just look at the standings for the west last year at this point in the season: two of the top 4 teams were Edmonton and Calgary, and neither of them made it in to the post-season.

  20. Wings4life says:

    Heres how I think it will turn out:

    1.Dallas v 8.Edmonton

    2.Detrot v 7.Anaheim

    3.Colorado v 6.Minnesota

    4.Vanocuver v 5.St.Louis

    1.Ottawa v 8.New York (I)

    2.New Jersey v 7.Boston

    3.Tampa Bay v 6.Washington

    4.Philadelphia v 5.Toronto

  21. aaron says:

    Haha, nice try. On Friday, April 18th at 8:21 and 34 seconds, it was a nice try anyway. :p

  22. Wings4life says:

    ya.. I was hoping nobody would notice that. lol

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