East vs. West

With the end of the regular season approaching one can’t help but wonder who will be playing for the cup this year. The East is pretty cut and dry it will be one of Pittsburgh or Washington in the final.(Cinderella stories aside) The east outside of those two teams is very weak compared to the west.

The west is a complete crap shoot any one of the Sharks, Wings, Hawks, Canucks could be considered the favorites for various reasons. I have a tough time putting Phoenix in that group but with 100 points already they are a legit contender. The Predators, Avalanche, Kings, and Flames all have an outside chance if they make the playoffs and upset one of the top 3 in the first round. Personally I think at least one of the top three maybe two go down in the first round.

East Champion: Pittsburg (very close call between them and the caps)

West Champion: Chicago (average goaltending with that line up should be enough)

Cup Champion: Chicago (depends on goaltending for Chicago)

Darkhorse East: Sabers (Miller could steal a series or playoffs?)

Darkhorse West: Coyotes (need to avoid a 1st round match up with Detroit)

Whats your prediction?

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  1. mojo19 says:

    His knee injury slowed down his development. You think so Leafy? He actually had reconstructive knee surgery on BOTH legs, on two seperate injuries, two years apart. But being drafted 10th overall, Leafs fans expected him to be invinsible and never accepted the guy.

    Also when we drafted him he was listed as 6'2" and he grew 4 inches up until the lockout, so coming out of the lockout he was more adjusted to his big size and filled out his frame also.

  2. mojo19 says:

    No he didn't. Stempniak stopped playing in Toronto. Or maybe he wasn't a good fit with Wilson. At the time that we traded for him he was a point per game player in St.Louis about a quarter of the way into the season. Then a year and a half with the leafs and he scores at a half a point per game pace, and then goes to Phoenix and plays back up to the calibre he was at before. Fletcher can't help it if a guy doesn't play as well for the Leafs after a trade. The guy Fletcher dealt for is an awesome player, but the guy who showed up was not. Not Fletchers fault, blame Lee.

  3. bbruins37 says:

    Are you f.ucking retarded? "Neal is 22" actually is an argument. It means he has more potential, and will be around for longer. Not to mention he's straight up more valuable to a team than Kaberle is anyways regardless of age.

  4. leafy says:

    Stats are very important, but at the end of the day, you've got to use common sense.

    Signing Stajan to that contract makes little no sense in my view.

  5. mojo19 says:

    I would sign Stajan to that money, same for Matthew Lombardi in Phoenix and other guys of that calibre. $3.5 million isn't top dollar, its reasonable for a 2nd line player.

    But I guess where we'll never agree is that you don't think Stajan is a 2nd line player, I definitely think he is.

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