Eastern Conference, Round 1!

A couple of days ago, I made my predictions for the Western Conference First round matchups. Here’s what I think will happen first round in the East:

1 – Ottawa

2 – Carolina

3 – New Jersey

4 – Buffalo

5 – Philadelphia

6 – New York (R)

7 – MontrĂ©al

8 – Tampa Bay


My prediction: OTTAWA in 5

Yes, Ottawa’s been cold as of late, but they have had Tampa’s number all season long. This prediction is akin to my beginning of the year prediction that the Sens would not sweep the Leafs in all 8 regular season matchup (I told a friend that “the Leafs will win at least one game against the Sens this year”).


My prediction: CAROLINA in 5

Again, similar to the Ottawa – Tampa series, Carolina has dominated the Habs this year. While I would LOVE to see another Canadian team make it to the second round, I just don’t think les Habitants have what it takes to knock out the Canes.


My prediction: NEW JERSEY in 6

Who’s got an 11-game win-streak, one of the best goalies in the league AND has their offense clicking right now? Yeah. ’nuff said.


My prediction: PHILADELPHIA in 6

If Forsberg is back, watch out. Yes, Buffalo’s underrated (hey, I predicted they’d be last in the Northeast at the beginning of the season), but the depth the Flyers have on pretty much all positions is impressive.

And I’m going to close this out the exact same way I did with the Western Conference first round predictions article:

2nd round? Well, let’s wait for the first round to be settled before going there. A LOT can happen in just one round (who knows…injuries happen).

Disagree with my 1st round predictions? Let me know what you think!