Eastern Conference, Round 1!

A couple of days ago, I made my predictions for the Western Conference First round matchups. Here’s what I think will happen first round in the East:

1 – Ottawa

2 – Carolina

3 – New Jersey

4 – Buffalo

5 – Philadelphia

6 – New York (R)

7 – MontrĂ©al

8 – Tampa Bay


My prediction: OTTAWA in 5

Yes, Ottawa’s been cold as of late, but they have had Tampa’s number all season long. This prediction is akin to my beginning of the year prediction that the Sens would not sweep the Leafs in all 8 regular season matchup (I told a friend that “the Leafs will win at least one game against the Sens this year”).


My prediction: CAROLINA in 5

Again, similar to the Ottawa – Tampa series, Carolina has dominated the Habs this year. While I would LOVE to see another Canadian team make it to the second round, I just don’t think les Habitants have what it takes to knock out the Canes.


My prediction: NEW JERSEY in 6

Who’s got an 11-game win-streak, one of the best goalies in the league AND has their offense clicking right now? Yeah. ’nuff said.


My prediction: PHILADELPHIA in 6

If Forsberg is back, watch out. Yes, Buffalo’s underrated (hey, I predicted they’d be last in the Northeast at the beginning of the season), but the depth the Flyers have on pretty much all positions is impressive.

And I’m going to close this out the exact same way I did with the Western Conference first round predictions article:

2nd round? Well, let’s wait for the first round to be settled before going there. A LOT can happen in just one round (who knows…injuries happen).

Disagree with my 1st round predictions? Let me know what you think!

10 Responses to Eastern Conference, Round 1!

  1. morrissey says:


    I wouldnt even be surprised if Ottawa takes it in 4 with or without Hasek. TB has looked sad all year long and still has no goalie.


    Ya u r probablly right in your assessment of this one, although Huet has not played against Carolina this year and who knows what miracles he could pull of against them. Also Montreal has pulled off first round upsets in the past 2 seasons. Not impossible that MTL wins but I wouldnt put money on it.

    #3 NEW JERSEY Vs #6 NEW YORK (R)

    I agree NJ in 6…. hot team with top goalie, could go very far


    This one I totally disagree with you, Philly is slipping, Forsberg is hurting… Buffalo will run circles around them. BUF in 6

  2. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    Buffalo will PWN Phily

  3. muckies says:

    Carolina is good, but they don’t have a very mobile defence and that Gerber-baby seems like he’s 1 period of Montreal swarming his crease and scoring on him and it could ruin his confidence. This guy will be under pressure and me thinks he’ll have head games to contend with. If Kovalev loads up that shot like he did a few years ago, Gerber will fold.

    Montreal’s team isn’t as good, but they play more disciplined hockey and everybody knows their role. I think Carolina will have a hard time staying out of the box and Montreals Power Play will allow them to split the first 4 games. then its anybody’s series. Allt hese ideas from the Boston series when Montreal used their speed up front to dance down low, it gives the Habs lots of confidence they can score. And Gainey’s a better coach hands down.

    …and Gerber coming into Montreal with the fans and the stadium so load and pumped up and him trying to keep his cool. He’s a long way from Switzerland.

    Montreal in 6. They get the momentum, and Gerber and Carolina fold under the pressure.

  4. UsedandAbused says:


    My prediction: Tampa Bay is 6

    I don’t care how Tampa looked all season. I don’t care that Ottawa kicked thier but this year. I think this team knows how to win, and I can see Ottawa choking. I could be wrong.. but it is just a feeling I have


    My prediction: CAROLINA in 5


    #3 NEW JERSEY Vs #6 NEW YORK (R)

    My prediction: NEW JERSEY in 6



    My prediction: PHILADELPHIA in 6

    I agree… I think Flyers will find thier game. Philly should win this won. They have the talent, goaltending, and depth. My only concern is their inconsistancy and the health of Forsberg. If he doesn’t stay healthy Buffalo will take the series. I know people will say but Buffalo dominated them during the regular season. Well the Flyers were decimated with injuries.. so that means nothing.

  5. UsedandAbused says:

    Only way they win is if they have better goaltending then Caralina. Don’t see them winning…

  6. UsedandAbused says:

    I think Buffalo will get physically worn down. They lack experience. If Forsberg misses a few games, then who knows.. but normally he turns it on this time of year.

  7. muckies says:

    I’d say Abeshire is better then Gerber.

    Carolina won’t be abel to score like they did in the regular season and take to many penalties. Montreal’s power play will get them through.

  8. zdeno_duchesne says:


    sens in 5


    yup, canes in 5

    #3 NEW JERSEY Vs #6 NEW YORK (R)

    devils in 4! new york looked like garbage last night against the ice-cold sens. madden’s going to shadow jagr and that’s that.


    flyers in 7.. poor buffalo.. you know they wont call everything in the playoffs. this makes way for the big team beating the little team.

  9. The_Leafs_Suck says:

    I like your predictions in the most part, they’re well tought out, except that Habs series. You see, I’m a Habs fan and I have to cheer for them and predict them winning their series (even if I know that the chances of that happening are slim).

    So here we go:

    Ottawa in 7: It won’t be that easy for the Sens, no Hasek and Tampa have solid scoring power, even if they underachieved this year, but I think it will come down to a tight game 7 where captain Alfie will make the difference

    Montreal in 6: Go Habs Go, ’nuff said

    New Jersey in 6: Most experienced goalie in the league, hottest team in the league, best offense in the league right now, that’s enough to beat a pretty solid NY team

    Buffalo in 5: I don’t know why but I have a gut feeling that this series will be very tight, with each game finishing with a goal difference but Buffalo will still take it quickly, but this series is still a very tricky call to make


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