Ed Snider Speaks Out On CBA Impasse

Ed Snider Speaks Up About CBA

Flyers Chairman, Ed Snyder, spoke up today regarding the labor impasse with some of the most lucid comments regarding the riff between the NHL and NHLPA.

Snider said:

“When Bob Goodenow says he wants the free market, well, I’ll give him the free market,” Snider told reporters. “A free market is no union. That’s a free market. You don’t have guaranteed contracts, you don’t have arbitration, you don’t have anything. When I got into hockey, you signed a player for a year and when he came to training camp, you signed him for the next year. That’s a free market.”

Snider’s words should have clout considering he built one of the most successful teams in the NHL from the ground up. Gary Bettman could only hope that the franchises he opened could achieve 1/2 of what the Flyers have in their first 25 years. Another reason why Snider’s words should carry meaning is that the Flyers are one of the “Haves”. They have money and can survive and make the playoffs EVERY year PROFITABLY without a cap yet Snider supports a cost certainty to help other teams be financially healthy.

Snider went on to say:

“I don’t consider revenue sharing a salary cap. Say, we have a pie. The players will get X-percentage of the pie. I don’t consider that a salary cap. If (revenues) goes up, you get that much more.”

This is where the players show that they are truly greedy pigs. The issue shouldn’t be over a willingness to accept a cap – it should be over WHERE a cap is set and how as the game grows the players make more money.

I am a publisher by trade. If my publication sells more ads and makes more profit, I make a bigger bonus. Unlike an NHL hockey player in the union – NOTHING is guaranteed for me. I MUST perform to make my living. If I am injured or sick – I am screwed. I MUST perform. The same goes for many small business owners and employees who work their asses off to be able to afford tickets. A fundamental flaw in the NHLPA’s thinking is that they OWN the teams. They do NOT (with the exception of Mario) and are lucky to be paid what they get. Moreover – the longer the lockout goes on the SMALLER the revenue of the league will be thus GUARANTEEING them a smaller salary in the future. THE NHLPA better beware, the NHL is going to try to break their union if they don’t get back to work. As soon as the 2004-05 season is scuttled, you watch, Bob Goodenow will lose the ONLY venue willing to pay his players, guarantee their salaries, accept misguided arbitration settlements and beyond.

Jerry Del Colliano