Enough's Enough

This is seriously starting to piss us off. We, and I am shocked I did as well, received messages and e-mails from upset HTR members. These are the two complaints I’ve read today (and as of now):

It will only get bashed. I doesn’t matter to me. I was just trying to see if anyone knew anything. But you know what There will only be bashing….. no rumor talks…..Yeah so fuck it I’d rather not.

Racist remarks here, racist remarks there…whether it’s against Black’s, French Canadians, Jews, Asians, Euro’s or even Friggin Martians…..Mikster ya gotta do something, ban them.

Ok, now Trademan and DG will get to read them. It seriously pisses me off to read such things. It is pathetic that some HTR members on this site are actually ruining the site and making it grow much slower than it should. This site is the best at giving hockey fans the opportunity to write articles. That is why this became my favorite site. Now, some HTR members can’t even write articles because they don’t want to get bashed? They can’t enjoy using this site to write articles because there are some immature retards out there who ruin the fun?

Also, this racism crap is unacceptable. I didn’t see it myself and I am glad someone on this site spoke up and told me so. I am a European myself, and there is no chance in hell someone will get away with racist remarks. Nothing will happen now, unless Trademan and DG want to do something about it then I’ll be glad to join them. When we posted ideas and HTR members told us (the Staff) that with popularity -word of mouth- HTR would get better. Well, then how can we do that with people who ruin the site?

Enough is enough, you don’t like this site, then leave…especially if you keep criticizing too much. You want this site to get better, then stop being a bunch of immature jack asses. HTR members get to write what they want to share. I don’t care what team the article is about, or what player, the article will be posted. It’s pathetic that some fans on this site have lost interest in writing articles because all they get in return is dumb immature bashing comments. It’s a shame Leafs fans on this site always get made fun of. So what if some Leaf fans said stupid things, who doesn’t? Not all Leafs fans are dumb, and it’s just a shame that when there is a good Leafs article, someone just has to mention a dumb Cross trade rumor. Is that all you can say? Is that all you can show, immaturity? Enough is enough.