Erat re-signs, Smolinski to join the Preds?

Martin Erat has signed a 1 year contract believed to be worth 875k.

With Ottawa looking to dump off Smolinski’s salary, Nashville is rumored to be one of the teams interested.First off, Erat returning instead of going to play in the Czech league or in Russia is great for Nashville. He’s coming off of his best season so far and seems to improve every aspect of his game each year, leaving Nashville with only one RFA to sign, Adam Hall. That shouldn’t be too hard to do.

An interesting rumor flying around the Ottawa Sun and is Bryan Smolinski being shipped to Nashville. Not much is being said other than the Sens want Smolinski gone in favor of bringing in a lower priced center, considering Smolinkski’s 2.25 million dollar salary. The only center Nashville would have to offer in that range would be Randy Robitaille who just signed for 475k, who would seem to be a good fit for Ottawa considering how fast he is.

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